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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well at least I now know I'm not the chosen one! This humming thing has been driving me nuts for the past 6 months.

It all started one night when I was trying to sleep and I noticed a low frequency humming noise with no obvious source. I never gave it too much thought and eventually drifted off.
The next night there it was again, so I woke my wife and asked her if she could hear it, only for the noise to stop. After laying back down it returned so I asked her if she heard it. She hadn't so again I went to sleep.

Well this went on for a week or two with my wife thinking I was going bananas! I thought it may be my mobile phone as I use it as an alarm clock next to the bed, thinking maybe it was the signal coming and going and interfering with me somehow. Off went the iPhone and iPad for the night but still the humming came.
I decided that it must be something electrical so proceeded to turn off and unplug every electrical item I own. Would you believe it - it was still there in my head that night.

Over the next few weeks I noticed it came and went intermittently through the night, but it always came. Then, a while later, I noticed that if the humming was there in my head and i moved a little - it stopped! Now i was getting somewhere.

Over christmas and new year we went away to France and then Germany and the noise decided to follow me to both locations. This is how I know whatever is going on with me is not location based.

I'm now at a stage where I'll try anything. I'm going to see my GP as a last resort but I don't want him to commit me to an asylum!

Maybe it's a tooth infection,my fillings resonating with the magnetism of the earth or aliens trying to communicate with me somehow. Whatever it is, I'm not interested and want my quiet time back! ;)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10504059

Its not you. Its been happening here in the west of Ireland. Not every night, now and then over the past few months. Kept me awake and drove the dogs mad, so its not imagination, the dogs haven't got an agenda!
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