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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle lucidink
Post Content
Been hearing it in Murrieta, CA since I moved here 9 months ago... I've become increasingly sensitive to it... listening to it right now in fact, over the fridge, my computer and the buzzing of florescent overheads... it's a horrible noise. I've tried to meditate with it but there's a strange 'off-stereo' effect to it. It's slightly disorienting, like it doesn't cycle at my left and right ears perfectly... there's definitely a stereoscopic distortion that makes it difficult to get comfortable with. Someone said it sounds like a lightsaber in the distance... I imagine one a few miles long and a thousand feet wide some 15 miles in the distance, hovering above the horizon. Can't sleep through it... must turn on a fan with a similar tone. I'm considering moving bc of it... it's truly making me irritable and unhappy. It's not just the nuisance of its existence, but the quality of its sound, or lack thereof.
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