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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle lucidink
Post Content
Well, I've been to two other homes in the immediate vicinity (5-miles radius) and about 20 miles out into some pretty pristine wilderness... could hear it both homes loud and clear, and just barely the bush. This in the Murrieta, southern Riverside County area just north of San Diego County.

The next question is: how can we make this a 'media-worthy' phenomenon? I personally believe it is, as I can't imagine how this isn't absolutely deteriorating the quality of life for the residents of these areas (whether consciously or not). I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who is an environmental researcher at a local university- his claim is that certain pervading frequencies not only affect our immune systems (for the constant low-grade stress and sleep problems) but also affect the animals. It has been shown that farm animals are less productive and tend to live shorter lives while constantly bathed in certain sounds. I'm personally going batty living here and am currently trying to figure out how to move asap... and I'm not being dramatic- it's making me miserable.
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