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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You merely describe the well-known and researched 'masking' ability of the human ear/brain mechanism...when louder or more nearby sounds are present, the whole focus is shifted and the new, loud, nearby sound and ALL other sounds seem to fall away...

...Some well-practised in meditation can focus SO strongly upon a point or object, they can turn off their ears! I'm not yet to that level...
 Quoting: Gannon

I figured it was some sort of built in physiological mechanism--- and it's just a big tease, as I find myself humming for a few seconds at a time just to get some relief. What's more, having now heard this sound for some time and really gotten a beat on it, it's as present as ever... I've trained my ear to hear and my mind to be agitated by it (not a healthy combination- but probably necessary for my survival and long-term well-being).

So far, I've confirmed the hum in locations well over 200 miles apart...how far do you want to go in your triangulation calculations?!

 Quoting: Gannon

As far as triangulation goes- we might consider getting more serious about a 'map'. In order to do so we need to determine whether or not we're experiencing the same phenomenon (and not just experientially or subjectively). How can we measure this hum? Can we collate our data? Is the EPA aware of this? To whom do we make official complaints? Should we start a website that is purely dedicated to this specific form of noise pollution? Can we organize and channel our response in a calm, orderly, productive fashion? The message boards are a great start---
it's clear there's something yucky going on--- the next step is doing something about it, or not doing something about it.
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