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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
About a week ago I awoke and couldn't quite fall back asleep. There was this noise that sounded like humming, almost like a fan. I have two on here every day/night to keep the room cool as the sun fills it for the first hours of the day. It seemed to be above that sound and mostly in my left ear. A few days in a row I had a massive headache that wouldn't go away along with jaw pain(my hinge is slightly off since I was 10 due to a very long fall where I landed on my feet and jarred every joint). I've also had a light case of Bell's Palsy a few years back that affected my hearing on my right side. When I got the headaches I kinda attributed it to my monthly friend but for two nights in row now I've awoken to the humming sound and while it used to go away when the world woke up around me in the morning (traffic noise, fans, kids, husband, radios, tvs) it hasn't today. I read the site about the phenomena of humming but it doesn't give me too much insight.

I will tell you I'm very sensitive to sound. I can hear very low and very high sounds. I've just been more sensitive lately. According to a site that checks levels I'm around 20 years old LOL! I wish! But I really am sensitive unless I'm around a fan, running water (rain), or snow static (radio or tv). Usually a fan drowns out everything and this humming is above it. I also noticed that talking will make my head vibrate.

In having B.P. I'm very vigil about checking for signs that it might return. I've been taking my vitamins and trying to enjoy my vacation from work. I don't think this is that. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has been hearing this in the tri-state area and if so for how long. Do you think it's a precursor to something big, like an earthquake? Has anyone reading this experienced humming and had something big happen near you after you heard it?

Thank you.
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