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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle Leila
Post Content
Same thing as many others...almost all in one ear. Ear plugs help some. Inadd ition to the hum, i feel almost a pressure.

Usually starts around 3:30 in the morning. Wakes me up e ery night now - been going on for a couple months. Doesn't seem to go away when i go to other bedrooms in my house. I''ve walked around outside trying to see where it comes from, but cant tell. The additional noise seems to somehow make it go away.

Really starting to drive me crazy..wish i knew what was going on.

In claremont, ca.
 Quoting: Me too 3305526

Wow, I could have wrote this myself! I am in Toronto, ON CANADA and am suffering the exact same thing--a constant humming noise that seems to begin at about 3-3:30am and goes on for hours, not ending till about 8-9am. The sound doesn't happen EVERY night, just on and off here and there - I'd say about a few nights every 2 months (that's when I've noticed it/it's woken me up, anyway. Could be more often, I guess...). Also usually seems to happen on weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun, with the occasional Thursday)...

I've even recorded it and uploaded it here (.mp3 format) if anyone wants to hear it and compare:

[link to www.2shared.com]

I do NOT have tinnitus (constant ringing in my ears/hearing damage), this is only sometimes, in the middle of the night. I also do not have any mental disorders, and am healthy as can be! I do live in a busy area (which includes a shopping mall) who I have complained to time and time again, but I can't even be sure it's the cause. The noise is extremely hard to cover (I have tried white noise and ear plugs with no luck--they work well for most other noises, but they don't seem to cover this frequency). It is safe to say that this noise is slowly driving me nuts....I really hope I can pinpoint it soon and get it to stop! :(
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