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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle AspirinGuy
Post Content
Like so many of the "hum crowd" I was intent on finding the external source of the unwanted noise, a low frequency hum. It was August 29, 2012 when I first started to document the intermittent on-off episodes. The hum could be described as blowing across the top of a bottle or or the darth vader sword. It never varied in pitch and would sometimes seemingly go away for periods of time. Of course it was most noticeable during those times of solitude with no other sound sources. It was in my left ear only, a fact which should have indicated the source was not external.

Convinced it had to be external I reported the house hum in a handyman forum and ignored the respondent who suggested tinnitus. However, after 10 days or so I began to explore this possibility.

Long story short: Upon reading aspirin is capable of causing and diminishing the noise I began taking 81mg every other day. Within 10 days the hum was fading and by 2 two weeks it was gone. In order to confirm aspirin responsible I stopped taking it and within 5 days the hum was beginning to return.

I then started the aspirin regime once again and the low frequency hum in my left air was gone after 10 days, with the only difference being a daily dose of 81mg - not every other day.

For those who may want to experiment using aspirin as a noise management remedy I suggest you research SOAE (spontaneous oto-acoustic emissions), also known as OAE and SOAEs. Some classify this noise source as tinnitus while others do not, but this condition involves cochlear involvement, and CAN be measured by sensitive instruments. Studies suggest a mere 3 or 4 percent of those with ear noises have SOAE, which frequently respond to aspirin treatment. The amount of aspirin required to stop the noise varies, but a conservative, low dose approach is suggested.

If your hum is due to SOAE you could experience relief shortly after beginning an aspirin regime. I suggest starting at a low dosage of 81mg per day so as not to risk significantly compound existing tinnitus - if you do not have SOAE. You will find an abundance of information on this topic by researching ASPIRIN SOAE. I can be contacted at grkow at aol. If you are in a hurry to test the aspirin treatment you may want to try a full dose (320mg) daily.
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