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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle hadit
Post Content
Yep Ive heard it for 3 and half years ( am in NZ )Am unable to cope.Gets louder and louder as it gets later in night still there quietly in day.Cant sleep.But made a sea noise cd and put that on in head phones each nite and it blocks lots of it out so I dont go mad.Its not electricity.I cant sleep.I am fighting a law suit against a firm or 2 here.Are any of you up against the system for any problem they caused you.The world banks control every thing else (if you look on u tube at "This is the truth 2012 video".Maybe this is another way to dumb us.No sleep no will,no energy to fight.Or is it the magnetic field changing?or is it a warning from God to get ready for Nibiru? I am am so tired of this world.When can we get back to a normal life.Ever?
We need a world rights conference to stop this crap.We have a right to sleep at least.
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