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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle Mickeyblue
Post Content
I reside in northern California by Folsom Lake in the foothills. I have been hearing this since sometime last spring. I am hearing it now, at 11:03a.m., I heard it last night and this morning, I hear it daily and ranging from lower intensity to higher and at night.

I too sense I hear it more right ear which puzzled me but the nature of it may lie in the answer in how we are hearing it. I had had tinnitus since the 80s from two head injuries, breaking two windshields with my head over a two year span.

My tinnitus is very active and loud but does not interfere with my experiencing the 'hum'. I say experience because that seems more apt. I thought due to the sensing of vibration along with this that if I put my ear against the door I would feel vibration but that is always absent.

Yes, it wakes me up as well. Only once did my husband ask me about two a.m. "do you hear that"? I said yes and he said he thought our generator must be running, that we must have lost power. I went and checked and it was not and told him that is what I hear constantly.

I rejected the boring due to how long this has been ongoing and think it may likely lie in geoactivity dealing with 'tension' in the undrlying granite or something like that???

I do have a close transmitting, receiving, 90someodd foot tower that had more stuff added to it this year??????? I had heard that 'hum' but it is nothing like this and if you get around it you ware warned to stay 15' away from it.
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