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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For the past month or so I have been hearing a very low level humming sound. No one else hears it and I'm starting to wonder WTF is going on. I hear it mostly at night and early morning, because I'm guessing it's the quiet time of the day (night).

This humming is not constant, it sounds like an electric motor trying to cycle. I've turned off all the curcuits in the house so I know it's not from within the house. I can even hear it when I'm out in the woods or at the neighbors house.
It's really starting to bug me out!

And no it's not tinnitus.
 Quoting: bugging out 433091

This may have already bee a reply, but;

I first heard (or felt) the "Hum" in Beaverton Oregon around 1990. To me it sounded like a large train engine idling nearby. It could only be heard when it was quiet as any sound would cover it up. At that time there were doing the tunneling for the rapid transit near route 26. I attributed it to that. Boy was it annoying. It was so loud at times it would not allow sleep. This continued through 1997.

I moved to Round Rock Texas after that in 1997 and had the exact same thing. 1997 through 2002

I moved to Virginia in 2002 and have heard it as well, though not as constant. It now seems to be a constant high pitch sound some what like the fly back transformer of a TV, though there are times the low pitched sound comes and changes in intensity and pitch.

I have investigated all sorts of things from "The Taos Humm" to tunnel drilling, to HAARP, to submarine VLF communications. Unfortunately the Government is reluctant to give details and the usual answer is a "Shrug".

The best way to block the hum is fan noise. Ear plugs do not work as it seems to be internal, and predominately in one ear not the other. As other have mentioned most folks can't hear it. I remember reading an article on it and it seems to be worse in multilevel houses on the top floors.

Perhaps we have a scientist here on GLP that is in to VLF and the measurement of same...

Good luck.
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