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Message Subject What is your favorite position?
Poster Handle Enaid
Post Content
So I take it your getting laid tonight Enaid? Trying to get some ideas perhaps?

Aw hell, I've been married more than 20 years! I'm lucky I get it whenever I want it. All I have to do is grab him and throw him on the bed. Literally. LOL He gets this really funny look on his face when it happens. LOL

No - I've just had a few to drink and I don't normally drink. So - I'm slightly buzzed and felt like having some fun.

Under my conservative appearance - I'm really a naughty girl at heart. Even contemplated writing some erotica.

ya, why you want me to, im fairly good with words...

here lets see. (no offence to your hubby)

As you opened the door and saw me, this fire erupted in your eyes and I knew the fun was just about to begin.

I took your hand and led you to the couch were I slowly caressed your breasts. You could feel the subtle breeze of my breath on your neck and as you slowly closed your eyes i slid my left hand under your dress and in one smooth motion, removed the clasp on your bra..... As I pulled your bra off, i gently bit your ear and you moaned ever so slightly. The sweat beaded on your neck as I pulled your dress down and licked your right breast. gently biting and licking. You grabbed my belt and with a vicious SNAP, pulled it from my pants.....

well, you get the picture....that get you going? chuckle
 Quoting: Paradigm

THANKS! Whew. I'll cut and paste and save for later recreational reading. LOL
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