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Message Subject Judge: Denver CAN Restrict PROTESTS.... BYE BYE FREE SPEECH!!! Hello 4th REICH!
Poster Handle milehighmike
Post Content
Free Speech is NOT absolute; you CAN'T yell "fire" in a crowded theater for instance. I don't see anywhere in the OP's article where anyone is being "silenced", so STFU about "BYE BYE FREE SPEECH!!! Hello 4th REICH" you freakin' drama queen!

Just because they can't "rape and pillage" as they please in Denver during the DNC doesn't mean that they can't speak their minds!

You do realize that you're defending putting people in cages right?

Just making sure.

Hardly, but where does your "free speech" end and mine begin?

I have a feeling that when your founding fathers said "freedom of speech" and "freedom to assemble" that they meant the exact OPPOSITE of a people who would let the government put them in cages.

Nobody is preventing them from "assembling" or "speaking" that I'm aware of. I will concede that they are limiting the geographical area(s) where this can take place, for a variety of reasons.

So basically you are saying that free speech isn't free...lol..that it's okay to speak your mind, as long as you are caged first far away from the impressionable sheep.

I said NO such thing, nor did I imply that.

So by your logic it is also perfectly acceptable to ship people to the desert too, right?

Nope, again thank you for trying to put words in my mouth, but I'm quite capable of saying what I mean!

And then they can say whatever they want all day long, as long as the government tells you where to say it...

Quit being overly dramatic...I live here in Denver and would LOVE the city to look just like it does now after the DNC dog-and-pony show leaves town, thank you very much!
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