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Doubt thrown on Bigfoot discovery/ Hoax video revealed

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United States
08/15/2008 08:06 PM
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Doubt thrown on Bigfoot discovery/ Hoax video revealed
August 15, 2008 - 7:58AM

The two men who claim to have found Bigfoot have admitted to filming a hoax video with a fake scientist, but they still claim they have a real Bigfoot corpse in the freezer and will reveal all at a press conference.

News that the legendary ape-like creature has been found has also kicked off a frenzied online response, with the story covered in newspapers around the world and generating so much interest that some blogs and websites devoted to Bigfoot have crashed.

Two US hunters, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, last month said they had discovered the body of Bigfoot in a forest in northern Georgia, a south-east US state.

They've promised to reveal all about the find, including "DNA evidence and photo evidence of the creature", at a press conference in California today (early tomorrow, Australian time).

However, it's been revealed that a video filmed by the pair, featuring an interview with a "scientist", was a hoax.

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