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Message Subject Is mix of PIT BULL and CHOW CHOW a dangerous mix or not?
Poster Handle himself
Post Content
Both of those breeds are agressive.
Dangerous mix imwio.
I will not have a ChowChow for any reason/ too likely to bite people and get you sued.

Pit bulls are bred to love to fight.
Owners make them dangerous to people.

My pit bull loved to get his tummy tickled.
He loved people but also loved to fight with other dogs.
His constant companion was a doberman.
They ate and slept side by side, and fought all day long like the 3 Musketeers.

A pet/friend Minnesota timberwolf would watch them fight.
bark out and both would sit.
He would get up and touch noses with one of them.
They then went through the fight again with the wolf taking one part and showing what they did wrong.

He then sat and watched again as they repeated the sparring, doing it like he had shown them.
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