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Message Subject Bush give green light to atack IRAN. It will starts tomorrow 19. !!
Poster Handle anonymous
Post Content
iran will agree to embargo.....have your noticed iran does not get sunni support for thier adventures in nuk techology..because the middleast fear a nuk capable iran..iran wil not sit down gulf of hormuz..nor fire on armadas...nor destroy the american U.K France Canada fleet..because Iran has already figured in "The Israel Quotion" ISRAEL ALONE CAN TAKE OUT syria Lebanon and Iran if need be...Israel is allied with many middleast countries..who want a peaceful productive oil industry ..in the middleast.which is a mainstay of thier economies......middleast countries are aware Israel has offered PAlaistine numerous opportunities for peace and prosperity but Iran pays palastine to roil tensions in Israel.....israel is allied with neighboring Egypt ..Jordan Saudi Kuwait UAE ....the world has said "NO" to a Nuclear Armed Iran....NATO And Israel Has backed America ...
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