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Message Subject I;m a 33 degree mason ask me the secret
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I heard this thread sucks.

here's a feather OP indy

what's your secret?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 488961
For there are no secrets for it is carved in stone,And i am the only one that i know who can read them.hieroglyphics, this is the language of all nations, i am the allseeing eye of your intire nation,For i hold the flag of all nations.Now if you will take the time to count the bars on the back of your dollar bill.You will notice the number 13,When bar rises from great mountian in sky it splits into wavy lines as you see carved in stone in all ancient egypt.Mountian pyrimid altar forms with all mass elements of the intire universe.The hawk and the falcon have been my guide.For the feathers of your eagle are gone.For all nations hold them as you killed for oil production.So i came to god like productions thinking somebody might here me.You think you can e-mail Henry Paulson and tell him its time to collect some feathers? In every artical and paragraf and every book and every tv show you have heard be none greater than the words i have just writen.Dec 21 2006 not dec 21 2012.Do the math and history since dec 21 2006.For this flag reads UNITY PEACE FREEDOM.
 Quoting: feather short 487555

sorry you are a behavior controlled drone who thinks his mind is free but your just under one of many internal cohesion paradigms. The zionists will dismantle masonic power very soon, I predict... an implosion from within... ordo ab chao and suddenly the masons will be exactly what they appear to be from without - an organization that does good works for the community.; and no more political power.
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