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Message Subject I;m a 33 degree mason ask me the secret
Poster Handle feather short
Post Content
why not tell us more stuff, that bumps your thread aswell
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 488957
Not one banker not one president of your nation nor any other nation controll that dollar bill other than who receives the light of god.For it has always been that away,your nation has not heard the words from the man who received the light of god dec 21 2006.These are the words your nation is over worked your spending has for seeded your ability to controll weights and ballence,you bankers with realistate has boggied your dollar bill your debt has forseeded your ability to be debt free in your life time.Your killing for oil production has cost you your nation.You have abused the people of all nations with your war,you have killed inocent people.Your independent bankers have abused the system,Your rises housing crises have forced millions in poverty,you have poluted my land my seas,you are the gargage that makes profit for the foreners around you. you have abused the right to have a dollar value,for it is you that will force billions into poverty.In your nation two weeks with no work will force coruption in all your promisd land.For these words i do speak to all nations.Your nation is on a fall,Again to gather the 22 leaders of faith cost less to train one soldier in these sinceless wars for thousands of years.May you as a nation learn random bar acks of kindness in these days to come.ATT Henry Paulson.Mountian altar pyrimad forms with all mas elements of the universe,for the hawk the falcon have been my guide.UNITY PEACE FREEDOM twoface.
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