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Message Subject I;m a 33 degree mason ask me the secret
Poster Handle Enlilson
Post Content
U have earned a bsflag

Make a claim and not backing it up makes you a wantabe...... I would also agree with the poster that said there are no 33rd here on GLP. Why! because most of them are so old and cantankerousness that they would flip out if they stopped by for a look see.

It is ok that you not understand your motto says it all you must wanta be a big man,its ok there have been many beetles for they to are carved in stone,a good start for you is the back of my ass as a dungun ball collector,if you will notice carved in stone that as bar infront of that beetle,i controll that,if you wanta climb you gotta get through the bar of wisdom,it splits into wavy lines as you see carved in stone.Theres more knowledge on the trash of your ass than you have,look around you,those trash collectors got the wisdom of your ass,its ok i was a beetle two once.I will debunk your fuctard ass for a thousand years your time not mine.Nothing worse than a fuctard speaking that cant read hieroglyphics,trying to debunk with a pile of shit in his mouth.
 Quoting: feather short 487555

The questions presented to you were very simple. So you got caught making stuff up -- big deal. To go and get all nasty just makes you look like a GLPriss. Take your lumps and try again on another topic......END OF STORY.
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