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Message Subject I;m a 33 degree mason ask me the secret
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
what's the secret?

I will tell you when i get my feather.
 Quoting: feather short 487555

Here you go, which jurisdiction where you made a 33rd?

I'm the jurisdiction of your intire nation.This is my mountian,if you want it come knock my ass off.For bar controll i have earned for it is carved in stone.And i am the allseeing eye of it,For my 3rd eye was ignighted dec 21 2006,for in my hands a flag for it to is carved in stone.And all leaders of all nations know its date.Do the math on your economy since dec 21 2006.How will i gain the feathers of our nation if my words are not heard? for it is your own people that will force you into poverty.
 Quoting: feather short 487555

how do you get your feather?

first you must have your erd eye ignighted,then you will be able to read hieroglyphics.
 Quoting: feather short 487555

sorry feather short I don't understand. I'm not criticising, it just seems like you've contradicted yourself?
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