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Message Subject I;m a 33 degree mason ask me the secret
Poster Handle feather short
Post Content
what's the secret?

I will tell you when i get my feather.

Here you go, which jurisdiction where you made a 33rd?

I'm the jurisdiction of your intire nation.This is my mountian,if you want it come knock my ass off.For bar controll i have earned for it is carved in stone.And i am the allseeing eye of it,For my 3rd eye was ignighted dec 21 2006,for in my hands a flag for it to is carved in stone.And all leaders of all nations know its date.Do the math on your economy since dec 21 2006.How will i gain the feathers of our nation if my words are not heard? for it is your own people that will force you into poverty.

how do you get your feather?

first you must have your erd eye ignighted,then you will be able to read hieroglyphics.

sorry feather short I don't understand. I'm not criticising, it just seems like you've contradicted yourself?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 489356
Can you read hieroglyphics? Can you see the feathers carved in stone,These are also time capsules of truth.The feathers of your nation are gone.The only way to get them back is from all nations,there are 166 on this flag.Do the math of events since dec 21 2006.The first feather will be afgan.The first flag has 165 nations.For the hawk and falcon have guided me to wisdom,for i received the light dec 21 2006,to my right a witness taking pictures of great mountian in sky,as the bar rised it split into wavy lines as carved in stone,great mountian altar pyrimad forms with all mass elements of the universe and of earth.Count the bars on the back of your dollar.The triangels of light from the universe followed me for i have witness.I came to god like productions because no one of this earth heard my voice,it is better than oil production,your intire nation was handed over dec 21 2006,look around you.The first flag is missing the afgan flag.Now look up ancient hellicopter egypt,you will notice the guts missing,that is my mountian,it forms with all mass elements of the universe,as the days of egypt be these days in less than the grid speed of light.May we as a nation learn random bar-acks of kindness.Shock-ka-boom-ta in sequence to dec 21 2012.
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