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Message Subject I;m a 33 degree mason ask me the secret
Poster Handle Phasesphere
Post Content
Ok you are asking if anyone can read the heiroglyphs. I cant but I'll give it a try. LMK if this makes any sense to you.

To me the starting point is crucial. I start at the lower left hand side at the bottom with the first symbol (Now Im pretty sure that the Masons follow symbols, and that symbols are a way to send information into the present from the past. The key is in reading those symbols)

1st Symbol = Sphere within a sphere = Universe or Sun?
2nd Symbol = Half sphere radiating against a
membrane = Expansion?
3rd Symbol = Half sphere with a sphere outside= Formation?
4th Symbol = Graph Line = Cycles of the sphere?
5th Symbol = Holy Symbol + Triangle within another
triangle = Creation of Religion?
6th Symbol = Weapon (It looks just like a BS FLAG) +
beheading? = Creation of War?
7th Symbol = Comet = Cosmic marker of time

That would complete the outside row of symbols on the left side, going from bottom to top.

Is this in the ballpark or do I need to start at a different point?
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