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Message Subject I;m a 33 degree mason ask me the secret
Poster Handle feather short
Post Content
what I meant was, you say you'll tell the secret when you get your feather, I asked (under previous id no 488957) how you get your feather and you said when you have your 3rd eye ignited, which you say happened on december 21st 2006 so this is why I don't understand. please explain
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 489356
What i meant to say was my third eye was ignighted dec 21 2006,now its time to get the feathers back,starting with afgan.From a to z on first flag the afgan flag is missing.Now we need the feather to put back to fly again.This flag has a tree its roots are 13.For there are 22 leaders of faith on this flag.To gather the 22 leaders of faith cost less to train one soldier in these thousands of years of sinceless wars.With this flag in hand i recieved the light that ignighted my 3rd eye.Now right were i recieved the light is a bow case it reads roots,next to that are guns in the ground all the way to there stock,next to that my conue,next to that a pole,on that pole is a camera,on that pole is a flag,next to that are peace pipes from the great suns mound natchez miss,location red river,blackhawk,For i have camped this area for some 19 years.next to that pole is also a cain.That cains says al white.Now blackhorse crossed yellow line three times,And my ass is the paint.I hold the weights and ballance of this nation with my yoke,you can carry conue with it,you can bull a bull with it,and use for weighing in with.This flag is not for sale are resale,All copyrights are for 351,Now is there anyone who can read hieroglyphics? Because i can.There are no more secrets,my words come from the light of god dec 21 2006.For finnaly a witness was taking pictures of great mountian altar pyrimad in the sky as bar rised from mountian it split into wavy lines as carved in stone.Mountian altar pyrimad forms with all mass elements of the universe and of earth.Now i came to godlike productions because no one has heard my voice about this war.My first discusion was the housing market and the number 13.And this is what i got to say for the fuctard who hacked my computer.You have held the words of a man of truth to his nation that he loves.You are no different than a pig who eats everything.Fuctards like you cost nations trillions.I remain TAH in god i only trust.
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