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Message Subject I;m a 33 degree mason ask me the secret
Poster Handle feather short
Post Content
Ok you are asking if anyone can read the heiroglyphs. I cant but I'll give it a try. LMK if this makes any sense to you.

To me the starting point is crucial. I start at the lower left hand side at the bottom with the first symbol (Now Im pretty sure that the Masons follow symbols, and that symbols are a way to send information into the present from the past. The key is in reading those symbols)

1st Symbol = Sphere within a sphere = Universe or Sun?
2nd Symbol = Half sphere radiating against a
membrane = Expansion?
3rd Symbol = Half sphere with a sphere outside= Formation?
4th Symbol = Graph Line = Cycles of the sphere?
5th Symbol = Holy Symbol + Triangle within another
triangle = Creation of Religion?
6th Symbol = Weapon (It looks just like a BS FLAG) +
beheading? = Creation of War?
7th Symbol = Comet = Cosmic marker of time

That would complete the outside row of symbols on the left side, going from bottom to top.

Is this in the ballpark or do I need to start at a different point?
 Quoting: Phasesphere
Yes you can start with the light of god,for first there was light secound there was art 3rd there was language fourth there was math.With grid speed of light being 144 thousand a light callender will increase your ability to understand that symbols and art,language,math,only verify dec 21 2006 in sequence to the maya as the saudi question its date.Hieroglyphics is the language of all nations it works hand in hand with the allseeing eye,This is no bs flag,to say those words be like digging your grave with your own teeth,To gather the 22 leaders of faith cost less to train one soldier in these sincless wars for thousands of years.
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