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Message Subject I;m a 33 degree mason ask me the secret
Poster Handle feather short
Post Content
Tank fire motrin flame no smoke wavy line carved in stone,For it is writen in hebrew never never never say that in less you have seen it on the stones yourself,for i have been seeing it as it splits into wavy lines as the great bars of wisdom rise from great mountian in sky.For it is carved in stone as a miss interpatation of water.Another gramer mistake of the hebrew text.Although the number 351 plays tune to the universal one.All copy rights reserved on this flag for 351,Now yall ready to get some feathers back? dec 21 2006 was nearly over two years ago,you tuned in to the forth place math yet,you need a ten key calculater to see your nation as it takes a fall,are you ready to make difference? Listen to this you old blind forts,To gather the 22 leaders of faith cost less to train one soldier in these sinceless wars for thousands of years.Two face is the name.
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