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Message Subject I;m a 33 degree mason ask me the secret
Poster Handle feather short
Post Content
are you really a 33rd degree mason, message?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 489392
Yes dear one for i we are of all these things,Surpassing the wisdom of the mason brings great rewards.Great mountian surpasses the wisdom of the mason,for there be not one symbol,not know math of your earth have its wisdom,like ten billion specks of dust in line to great mountian,I have often told the mason to stay in its ball,and just injoy the ride.The secrets of the mason are both light and smoke ball,they work hand and hand.If you will notice the time capsules carved in stone,you will see the T with ball on top,Mountian altar pyrimad forms with all mass elements of the universe.In bowl formation they were to altar in sky,Down they came in smoke balls as carved in stone.When this event takes place the lights from the universe coeinside,for you have seen the triangel lights of great wisdom,These triangel lights also coeinside when bar rises from great mountian in sky,This is the altar of god,for it all is carved in stone.In my hands dec 21 2006 a flag i created for this great event,its timming a master peice,for all science,all math will verify its location,The hand carved in stone have more meaning than all,for your nation was traded,you will notice your president in anbar taking pictures of fake maya with four bars.These bars have great wisdom to the perfect ballance of your earth,for your earth will make its weight in perfect ballance each time bar rises from geat mountian in sky.Your bankers and real estate greed have forced many into never ending cycles of increasing debt.Debt that will not clear you in your lifetime.Your nations oil power have blinded you from great tech nology.You have been sold out by your own people.We you the nation of the united states of america must learn to pick up the fallen,for there will be many.I have devised a plan to bring your nation debt free,I these words i do speak in god i do trust only.You we I must bring the 22 leaders of faith together soon.In this meeting be the greatis day on earth.For this meeting will save your nation.On this flag are the leaders of faith,for it cost less to train one soldier in these thousands of years of sinceless wars.Hieroglyphics carved in stone is the universal language for all nations.I do pray you e-mail me to all nations leaders,i do remain two face.UNITY PEACE FREEDOM.
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