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08/26/2008 07:46 AM
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POLL: Do you agree that vaccines are a problem?
 I don't know enough - need guidance/info
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1. “Applying Diagnostic labels of clinical symptoms and signs does not explain the underlying pathophysiology that has caused the clinical [diagnoses]… the common variable to these pathological responses to vaccination is an “invisible” systemic vaccine induced impairment of tissue oxygenation….which I can now see and demonstrate for all....This systemic process causes much disease.
Dr. Andrew Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD 6-13-08

2. “There is a way to prevent vaccine induced adverse events, including death, autism, disability, morbidity, chronic illness, and more…in humans, pets, and all mammals.”
Dr. Andrew Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD 3-16-04

3. Before one provides solutions, we all have to acknowledge there is a problem.

4. As soon as the CDC, FDA, IOM, HHSC, WHO, National Academy of sciences, Vaccine manufacturers, State legislators, Vaccine Injury Courts, and Judiciary acknowledge this problem is real, I will provide what is needed to solve the vaccine problem: I say this because the problem has already been solved…it has not been implemented, and you have not heard of it, since we the experts contend there is no problem.

5. In some ways vaccines can be helpful; in some ways vaccines can be deadly. One would think the world would be interested in knowing why.

6. The pharmaceutical industry, and the medical establishment power nodes it controls, has everything to lose, if the discoveries that show proof causation for vaccine induced brain damage (including autism and sudden infant death) become public knowledge. I now have that knowledge and the means to bring this to light – en MASS.

7. CNAPS Medical Devices Inc. & CPAN – Care Please Autism Network Inc. has answers, as well as solutions. These answers and solutions cannot be provided, successfully, if we (as many people as you know) do not unite under a common, united force.

8. Our entire free-enterprise system of health care is at stake. This is no game. “They” are playing for keeps.

9. Do not wait for some Doctor to tell you “your mother is dead” or “your daughter is dead or autistic by coincidence with vaccine administration.” “We did all we could to save her. There was nothing more we could do. She has the best treatment medicine could give her. Sorry!” This is not true. “they” did not do everything they could have done, because they never have you or her a chance to find out if an alternative treatment could save her life.

10. There was something more that they could do. There was something they could have done differently, but they wouldn’t send you to their competition when they are entrenched in their own, albeit incomplete, “Germ Theory” medical model of human disease.

11. Think about it, if the “Germ Theory” is correct, then why does asbestos (an inert fiber) cause lung cancer (mesothelioma)? Why do prions (a non-living protein) cause mad-cow disease (bovine spongioform encephalopathy)? When we vaccinate (inject) children with 44 doses of foreign agents into their bodies, containing more than 150 foreign antigens, by the time they are 6 years old, and beginning within hours of birth, is it any small wonder that many of these children are now afflicted with chronic illness, allergies, neurodevelopmental disorders, learning disabilities, mild to moderate brain injury, and many deaths?

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United States
08/26/2008 03:22 PM
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It would be greater still if we all agreed that pharmaceutical companies are whores for profit and we need the MOUNTAIN of DECEPTION TO MOVE ASIDE-stop obfuscating the truth

If we can agree on this, that mountain will move-even if it takes turning it to lava first.

take care

forced quarantine and vaccinations are looming nearby-stasi type operations are underfoot, most planned in advance.


obvious what that means, too few research the truth-believing the hype in pharma commercials-programming the kids to "need" a pill to fix every ill.(while penalizing many for natural cures)

fortitudo et spes

When Japan happened I responded: "The Excrement Has Impacted the Rotary Oscillator." and clearly it has.
Thread: The Excrement Is Striking the Rotary Oscillator
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'Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.’
- U.S. government mind manipulator, Dr. Jose Delgado, Congressional Record, No. 262E, Vol. 118, 1974
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