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Message Subject Live feed of Obama's acceptance speech from the Democratic Convention in Denver
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thanks Pollyannuh!

I wish the freepers would go back to their own site (where we would be banned).

I've been inspired by the speeches and the atmosphere of this DNC. I know Gore will bring the house down. I can't stand being at this site when I'm feeling hope for a future for the first time in 8 years.

Steveie Wonder is just starting his set. whoa he's put some weight on.

Democrats are patriots. I'm sick of the treason of the ultra wealthy. They just twist the simple minds with racist hot buttons and lie (and cheat) their way into office, then immediately do the opposite of what they promised, while keeping their idiot followers in line with radio entertainers that fucking program them to blame anyone except the people actually DOING IT!

I'm sick to death of the republican style of smug lying shitheads who think they're cool c ause they're rich. The only thing worse is the fucking morons who are NOT RICH but still support them.

ARRRGH rant over...

now for some more inspiring clean politics of hope.

fuck fox news

fuck the billionaires

fuck the republicans
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