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Message Subject GOD loved his homosexuals, that he gave his only begotten son.
Poster Handle anonymous coward
Post Content
God is a joke. There is no god.

All religons are fictions, but the chirstian religion has the shittiest god of all religions.

The christer god, their devil, their hell, and their heaven are all imaginary. Their religion is a fraud. It's a cult of mindlessness.

What a monster the make believe bible god was anyway. According to their old shit bible, their god slaughtered all the first born babies in Egypt one night, including all first born animals.... What a blood thirsty monster piece of shit god.

Then that fuck slaughtered every living thing on the planet including all plants and animals. What low life scum bag god the christers worship.

It's just a joke god though, its a no show god, it's a nothing god, its a never was god.

No supernatural god actually exists.

The money churches rake in tax free is real though. Christers claim they have an all powerful god, but their ALL POWERFUL god is powerless without their MONEY.

Course with trillions the christer god has collected tax free, it hasn't actually done a single verifiable fucking thing. Examples:

1. It has never in history healed a single amputated limb back on even one single amputee.

2. It has never verifiably healed a single open or visible wound on the spot.

3. For 6,000 years it has been called to appear trillions of times....... but it has never EVER......not once appeared IN PERSON.......Not even for one minute. Not EVER.

4. It loves to slaughter and starve little babies to death.
world wide. millions of babies starve to death every year.

5. The bible god loves abortions, because it has never in history...... stopped even one abortion.

6. the bible god obviously doesn't actually DO anything.......... Thats because it doesn't really exist.

It's only a make believe god. Nothing more.

The devil, working for free, kicks gods dick into his throat ever minute of every day. Gods trillons are uselss to it.

Bottom line: The bible god is only a nowhere never was make believe god.

christers have nothing but dumb blind stupid faith in a non existent supernaturla being..... Losers
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