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lightworker Report for August 30

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User ID: 493997
United States
08/30/2008 01:58 PM
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lightworker Report for August 30
Hello Dear Lightworkers:

Things are literally getting brighter!

My Higher Self I Ching reading today is Brightness! The dark clings to the Light, enhancing it's brightness. This leads to nourishment of all life on Earth!

The former dark members who have joined the Light are now enhancing the Light through their intimate knowledge of the ways of the remaining dark. And this is speeding up the nourishment of all life on Earth through the announcement!

My Higher Self Tarot nows shows Judgment among the cards for the near future. Judgment, you will recall, is a herald angel awakening the dead to new life. What better symbol for the announcement?

All things come to those who wait with joyful expectation.

The more fear we can transmute into Love, the faster the announcement can happen.

The fear based storm, Gustav, is now a major hurricane headed for the Gulf. Let's lovingly invite this energy to enter the Gulf of Mexico vortex and become Pure Unconditional Love to bless rather than terrify all life on Earth. Remember, the Weather Angels can assist you and continue to work with this storm 24/7 if you ask them to.

The fear based storm Hanna is in a good position now to start heading for our mid Atlantic vortex. The media spin is that this tropical storm will become a hurricane and hit the Bahamas. Let's invite Hanna to a more benevolent destiny!

Let's lovingly invite this energy to enter the Atlantic vortex and become Pure Unconditional Love. As with Gustav, the Weather Angels are just waiting for you to ask for their help in sweeping Hanna into the vortex.

Last, but not least, let's transmute the fear in Gaia, the mass consciousness couple and the illuminati couple by giving them hugs of Pure Unconditional Love and telling them We are All One. I Love You. The Guardian Angels and Higher Selves of Humanity can assist you and continue to bless Gaia and the 2 couples 24/, if you ask them to.

Remember, friends, you are the Focalizer. Set the energy and ask the Higher Dimensional Helpers to keep the energy going. They are happy to help if you ask for their help.

The Lightworkers' guide to optimal expression:

Lightworker Central
[link to www.heavenly-light.us]

Dear Lightworkers. We are becoming master alchemists.

By sweeping the western and eastern hemispheres of Earth with our Golden Brooms into the Pacific and Indian Ocean vortexes, we are changing the lead all fear based energies worldwide into the Gold of Pure Unconditional Love.

By embracing Gaia and the 2 couples representing Humanity in Pure Unconditional Love, we are changing the lead of fear into the Gold of Love.

By envisioning the future we choose to create out of love for ourselves and others, we are changing the fear based movies of the dark cabal into the Golden Age!

What a joy it is to work with our Higher Dimensional Helpers as master alchemists to bring forth the Golden Age!

Thank you, dear Lightworkers, for participating with me in the Lightworker Project!

We Are All One. I Love You,

Wisdom Paradise
Personal Sovereignty Master Guide
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Lightworker Central
[link to www.heavenly-light.us]
Our Love ripples through the Ocean of Consciousness which is our world.
Let your Light Shine!
You are a wonderful Person
Deserving the Best Life has to offer.