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The Conservative Republican Mind Tricks - "Brainwashing America"

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United States
09/02/2008 02:07 PM
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The Conservative Republican Mind Tricks - "Brainwashing America"

I originally posted this in another thread, but it deserves its own attention.

Powerful Psycho Semantic and neuro-linguistic techniques taken from psychotherapy have been very successful in redefining the perception of many Americans.

Cognitive/behavioral psychotherapy is used to broaden fixated and constricted cognitive frames and associated behavioral choices. However, since the mid 1990's the same techniques have been used by republicans to restrict rather than expand perception cognition and behavior. Since 2000, the use of these methods has exploded.

The primary process involves reframing. Just about every issue debated in America today has been reframed from a conservative rather than realistic perspective.

Example: from the 1940's until the mid 1990's approximately 67% of Americans consistently supported an estate tax. However, in 1996, republicans began reframing perception by re-labeling the "estate tax" as the "death tax". Within 3 years, support for "the tax" was reduced to 30%.

What happened? The only thing that changed is the label. That, in turn, changed the attached associations, value judgments and emotions. The implanted perception now contained the negative associations that come to mind when one thinks of death; and since everyone dies, the false construct that everyone will be effected by "the tax" was linked as well.

In the same manner, Liberal was reframed and attached to everything negative and conservative has become reframed as representing everything good. The actual definitions do not support this as being the case.

Moreover, Corporate welfare bailouts (something conservatives would never support) gained overwhelming conservative support simply by relabeling the bailouts as "liquidity backstops".

Unnecessary war was reframed as an iminant national security treat.
Gun control of any kind means "they" want to take away your hunting rifle.
The term "pro-life" has been reframed to be associated almost solely with abortion, while restricting any association with war, health care or capital punishment.

Even peoples concept of George W Bush was reframed from a business failure, a below average Yale graduate born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and a cheerleader, into "a regular guy that I see myself having a beer with". All they did is buy him a mountain bike, a pick up truck and a ranch and took some pictures of him "clearing brush". And PRESTO CHANGO - The Dubbya we all know and love.

Then of course there is torture. The Bush administration didn't want to be associated with torturing people, so torture was reframed as "enhanced interrogation techniques". All of a sudden nobody even knows what torture is anymore and 1/2 of America supports simulated drowning.

Currently the presidential election is being reframed into a single plain and simple question " Who is more ready to be commander in chief on day one?". All the intricate complexities and diverse responsibilities of being president reduced to 12 words. In other words, an extremely restricted and inaccurate perception of what it means to be president.

When reframing is used to produce a broader and deeper cognitive representation of the real world, it is called therapy. When it is used to reduce understanding and restrict perception to a single applied ideology and is done without express consent, it is called manipulation.

How else can republicans expand the size of government more in the last 8 years than in any other 8 year period in history and still be seen by half of America as the fiscally responsible party.

Howe else can real conservatives be convinced to support the party that gives out no bid contracts and passes and defends laws against the government negotiating drug prices with the pharm companies.

How can the party that controlled the government for the last 8-years be seen by 1/2 America as "the party of change".

Believe it or not - they continuously frame themselves as true conservatives, then behave differently once elected.

Millions on Americans are being reframed to perceive the world in a more restricted and therefore less accurate view. The very roots of many problems for which people seek therapy to improve have been implanted to constrict personal growth and development. Is it any wonder mental health stability in America has declined significantly since 2000?

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated into the collective.

Then there is the false dichotomy. It helps create in-group, out group identification and conformity. For those that adopt a dichotomous world view, the world is viewed in a single extremely restricted and tightly controlled manipulated perception. And, if you don't conform - then you are "one of them"


"You are either with us or against us"
"You either support the war, or you support the terrorists"
"you are either against abortion or you support murdering babies.
"if you don't agree with a conservative position, you are acting like a liberal"

You no longer have to wonder why America is so divided.

Fortunately, some people just refuse to get on the bus and relinquish their ability to learn, grow, develop, or use reason in attempting to understand the world. They prefer to think for themselves. Their analytical minds are very active. They don't passively accept anything as being true and accurate on it's face, particularly anything political regardless of the source. Therefore, restrictive reframing doesn't work because they don't have a strong attachment to any ideology other than the ability to reason.

Furthermore, strong in-group/ out-group identification provides a much greater probability of applying hypocrisy and double standards. You can now judge your "in group" with very different standards than you use to judge "them" - the out-group non conservatives. And, if it doesn't come from the mouth of the in-group, it must be wrong. Due to prejudgment, it is simply ignored.

In general, republican cognitive manipulation has caused a de-evolution of the American psyche. Too many Americans are being inhibited from reaching their full potential. Their thinking has been boxed. It's no wonder America has been falling behind the rest of the world on every measure.

The good news is you can learn to recognize manipulative communication and tactics. Once you can do so, you are less likely to buy in. You may even begin to loosen you attachment to a single ideology and may begin to move toward self-actualization once again.

By the way, don't look at the waving flag and psychedelic color changes in the RNC convention backdrop. They are specifically designed to induce a trance state that shuts down analytical thinking and open the subconscious to perception shaping.

Also, understand when a major political move like announcing a VP candidate is done on a Friday afternoon before a 3 day weekend, it is done so for a specific purpose. The republicans flooded the media defining and creating an emotional attachment to their VP candidate for 3 days before the opposition was able to mount a response or anyone in the media was able to present anything negative. Anything negative will now likely be ignored.

Once something is established in the belief system of a self identified conservative, it is highly resistant to change even in the face of overwhelming evidence. The Conservative congregation has cult like qualities because they have been similarly programed.

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United States
09/02/2008 02:12 PM
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Re: The Conservative Republican Mind Tricks - "Brainwashing America"
mainstream media=brainwashing/programming

that's why they call it programming or watch this program...they tell you they are going to do it!

Interpreting Media (NLP) - 1 of 3
[link to www.youtube.com]

~we(me,kalindi,nimai and our unborn) need some help.
[link to blogs.myspace.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 493136
United States
09/02/2008 02:15 PM
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Re: The Conservative Republican Mind Tricks - "Brainwashing America"
Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/02/2008 02:25 PM
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Re: The Conservative Republican Mind Tricks - "Brainwashing America"
Hippie/commie NIT_WIT
Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/02/2008 02:35 PM
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Re: The Conservative Republican Mind Tricks - "Brainwashing America"
People who are easily affected by brainwashing usually belong to the 2D group:


The second dimensional focus is attracted to conflict of various kinds. Conflicts that, interestingly enough, 2D people never attribute to conflict, but rather, they proudly wear it as a sort of righteous badge that says their side is right and the other side is wrong. Dichotomy, that so characterizes the 2D type of person, is the thread found running through every aspect of their lives. It is the 2D people, because of their ignorance of universal law, that have caused, (and are causing), most of the problems that plague us today.

The Second Dimensional focus is easily spotted. For example, if a religion has, as its foundation, a dichotomy between "good and evil", then it is a 2D philosophy that fits nicely with 2D people. We find this same 2D conflict in everything from government to movie critics. 2D conflict goes unnoticed because it is considered normal by the 2D people who run everything, and say what is normal and what is not.

2D people are always in the right. Many times they title themselves as right wing or the righteous verses the left (or wrong side). 2D people are busy defending themselves from their weaker discarded opposition, by building ever larger prisons. Even the mention of some sort of problem with their actions, and they will vigorously deny it, at the very least, and imprison or kill you in the more zealous countries. 2D people use 1D people. They will also use 2D people if they can get away with it. The main spiritual lesson for the 2D person, is to become a 3D person.

[link to www.time-travelers.org]