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Message Subject thoughts on Jack Van Impe?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Is this about the women are bad drivers thing still?

A few are good drivers, but the majority suck for the reasons supplied earlier. I know a few good women pilots but they were raised in a Cessna, and really fly by feel, as in listening to the engine. Women are instinctual feeling creatures, which do no blend well in the world of men and machinery. If you think that is mocking his creation, well that's a little tardic on your part. Also, women are the weaker physical vessel. Thus they are the 'weaker' sex. God Himself said so.
 Quoting: Sara-Ka-El

No. It's not "about the women are bad drivers thing".

You give no reasons worth consideration, only inflammatory conjecture, over zealous notions and your own unchecked emotions. It's good to hear that you can give these women pilots their kudos, which I am sure takes a lot of you. Just thought I'd humor you a bit. Humans are humans, male or female. There are some world class chefs that are male, that can cook circles around 90% (or more) of the women out there, even though cooking is a predominantly "female" job according to you gender job-specific labelling godtards. On the flipside, there are many female fighter pilots that meet or exceed the mark in their job description. There are female combat medics that serve more thoroughly and diligently under harsh conditions than males. So far as women being "weaker" and "instinctual feeling creatures" well, that is more of your opinion. Who said mankind's world is right? Who said mankind's creations are righteous ones? You are as strong or as weak as you believe you are. I hold no reverence for a your "god" that limits me and an equal human to any other human, regardless of sex. So, you do not speak for me, or anything I stand for. You can take your sexist garbage and use it as a tampon. Maybe it will check the filth that spews forth from your sorry being (I am assuming) regarding your *own* gender.

"God himself said so". LOL. Cute. Can you put your life savings on it that "god" is a male or a female? May I ask you ONE question? Why would an all loving, all knowing and All powerful "god" create beings in it's image and sanction the second class citizenship of half of them? The HALF that brings life into this realm? Seems to me that is the half that is most divine in it's essence, and a thing to be revered...since I am sure that even a thing such as yourself, be you male or female, sprang forth from a woman's womb and her suffering at your gestation and birth. Of these things, it seems you aren't even worthy...nor grateful for.
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