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The Hebrew Exodus

Cowardus anonymous
User ID: 275333
United Kingdom
09/07/2008 08:43 AM
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The Hebrew Exodus
Here is a site I recently ran across, regarding the Hebrew crossing of the Red Sea, and showing apparently sunken chariot wheels, as well as various stone inscriptions, from that event.

I just found it interesting, and thought that maybe others on here would, as well.

[link to bibleprobe.com]
3rd Day Rising

User ID: 480668
United States
09/07/2008 08:50 AM
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Re: The Hebrew Exodus
I have known about this for a couple of years. Buy the book "Exodus Revealed and the DVD "Mountain of Fire - The hunt for the real mt Sinai". Both are awesome and Mt Sinai is actually in Saudi Arabia, not on the Peninsula. The evidence is staggering and irrefutable. I plan to go diving there next summer