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\\\\\\\\ "COMMITTEES OF SAFETY" /////////////////

Sui Juris O'Bibble
User ID: 506549
United States
09/19/2008 09:26 PM
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\\\\\\\\ "COMMITTEES OF SAFETY" /////////////////

We invite you go to the web site [link to CommitteesOfSafety.org] which recently went online
...it's well planned and its goals are laudable ! These Committees of Safety are being reactivated to:

"Support Our Public Servants in Performing Their Constitutional Duties and Obligations."

Please seriously consider becoming a local coordinator and entering Your county in Your Republic / State
in our register. Note that eleven plus Republics / States (12+ Counties) are represented already… and growing. The goal, of course, is to get all 50 Republics / States and our 3150+ Counties represented.

These COMMITTEES OF SAFETY, from the local county level, WILL assist America in, among other
things, Ensuring the "SAFETY" of its Sovereign, living Men and Women and the Sovereign Republics of
the Union, ...and that;

1) True Justice is Protected, Administered, and Sustained Across All of America through, among other things, Constitutional Common Law Court venues and "Jury Trials" made up of Fully Informed Constitutional Juries that are NOT Manipulated Or Tampered With By Any Judge Or Other Public
Servant; and

2) That the Security of Our Constitutional, Sound Money System is RE-IMPLEMENTED and Sustained which will, among other things, assist in elimination of premeditated, destructive, and debilitating inflation; and

3) That ONLY Lawful, Constitutional Legislation is written and passed by any of the legislative bodies of our 50 Republics / States AND at the national level; and

4) That the COMMITTEES OF SAFETY Shall encourage other local issues to be discussed and examined AND encouraged to be decided by the members of the local county.

Join us on our weekly national conference call every Wednesday night 9-11 PM EST.
Call in (505) 715 - 6522 or listen live on www.Revolutionbroadcasting.com . The call
is co-hosted by Walter Reddy and Dr. Edwin Vieira. We will be available to answer
any further questions you may have. If you have already become a member or are
considering becoming a member, please join us !

Thanks for your consideration,

harvey: [w]

Sovereign by the Creator, a living man, standing on-the-land known as acton, middlesex county, massachusetts state, Sui Juris
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 507129
United States
09/20/2008 11:55 AM
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Re: \\\\\\\\ "COMMITTEES OF SAFETY" /////////////////
Just a friendly...

harvey: [w]
User ID: 507129
United States
09/20/2008 09:36 PM
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Re: \\\\\\\\ "COMMITTEES OF SAFETY" /////////////////
Join us and become part of our "patient gradualism" as we reclaim
the power of living men and women standing on-the-land known
as "your" county, "your" Republic/state and your
United States of America !