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Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies

revealer of the deceivers
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08/20/2009 03:18 AM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
Babaji sometimes plays with His disciples like a mother plays with her child. Sometimes a mother wants to see her child cry, so she hugs him very hard. Babaji also does this with His disciples.

This is very, very sick. This is dark sickness in it’s expression.I can’t imagine a mother wanting to see her child cry. I’ve met mothers who would rather not have their child cry.
They call this love???
This is not a kind of high light frequency love display……it is however a dark matter display of their strange and sadistic sick version of love.
He says he sometimes “hugs” a person very hard to make them cry. Is this metaphor for bringing a person problems to see his child cry? This is his idea of a mother playing?
Of god play/lila?
You have to decide what your definition of love is. For me this is not the Jesus/Heaven love I experienced AT ALL.

This is the man/god/creator you are worshipping.
Ask yourself why.
What are you like??

Babaji has come to change the world - not by fighting or with weapons and armaments.

No, he has his illuminati and political goons do that for him. Then after nuclear bombs are dropped he’ll change what’s left over into his sick paradise. He did say that he came to destroy the world and unleashed his powers to do so. He said that he has something more powerful than the destruction of the armaments – the chant bomb. But wait, he earlier said he will use the weapon called the Danda !! Now he says it’s not by fighting or with weapons or armaments. In my case it was through mind control programming of a very pernicious and insidious nature, which he himself did, and got his colleague Amitakh Stanford to do as well. My consciousness was frozen inside my body as I watched myself aware of this but unable to do anything about it.
I guess he’s right, he didn’t need fighting, weapons or armament after all; he used old fashioned shamanism entrancements and modern technology of mind programming; however the modern word we use for that is still a weapon which is called “silent sound” and “less lethal weapons”.

He transforms by changing the hearts of people through a simple
method - repetition of God's Holy Name. The vibrations of the Name will change
the world.

Then why doesn’t he change the world and heal the hearts of people? Because he loves his game. He loves to see his children cry and suffer. He loves it and he has said so. He also said he loves destruction, which is why he won’t heal people or that would get rid of his sadistic game.
The name will change the world into his idea of paradise, which is a different kind of fascism and sickness. It will not be light source living, although people will be so impressed by the change to mid range dark powers from having no powers that they’ll embrace it as a miraculous lifestyle. His definition of “transformation by changing hearts” isn’t my definition of what I experienced in Christ Jesus at all.

There will be universal understanding - one nation, one family. This is
Babaji's intent and it will soon come about.

he’s described his version of unity. His version of unity is deceptive because it means that he gets complete control. His intent is to control… maintain. He is the maintainer shiva.

I’ll pass and opt for a Jesus version of unity. Christs version of unity, and his intent behind that is not destructive but very different than his dark matter source version. Baba tries hard to duplicate the light, and to even convince people that he is the real light – but him saying it doesn’t make it so. This is spoken of in the bible as Lucifer, son of the morning, fallen angel who defied God and wanted glory to himself. You need only to find out for yourself by opening on aligning in high light source matter frequencies/Christ experience; that surpass any dark frequencies. Align in body, mind, spirit, emotions and actions. Align in the *other* source truth, clarity and love and glory. Then experience the difference yourself. Then you will know the real truth behind his lies and his “fake light’ agenda. It’s an agenda that keeps the dark matter in operation and tries to prevent it from being ‘gone’. This is futile on his part however. But he tries none-the-less because he has succeeded in the past many times before.

Great armaments have been made, which can destroy humanity and most of the
earth. But there is a greater protection sitting before us and He has given a means of protection more powerful than the atomic bomb. Those that want to kill will be destroyed. You must concentrate on the name of God and the instructions that Babaji has given you. Repeat OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA and you will receive Babaji's Blessings.

He says he has unfathomable powers to change hearts… why not start by changing the hearts of those who make those armaments? It is part of his game, and he has no power to change hearts of this particular nature because the elements of his creation are volatile and uncontrollable therefore he DESTROYS.

I didn’t receive his blessings; instead he brainwashed and froze my mind in a way that I literally was consciously aware of and yet frozen to do anything about…until I reached out past him to that *other* energy which I knew was out there. When I countered that energy by going into high light frequency I have received the great blessing of truth which has indeed set me free.

It’s very strange that he says, “those that want to kill will be destroyed.”
Do you understand how absolutely heinous and diabolical this sentence is?
He is saying, “if you want to kill I will destroy you.”
The killer is killing the killer. He doesn’t like killing so he will kill.
This is psychotic and yet people accept it and call him TOTAL love!!!
If he is against those that want to kill then who will kill him???
Since he also has said that he wants to kill over and over again… it’s part of his game/lila he says. He fits into the category of the one who should be killed by his own definitions.
But, there can be only one person in the killing/destroying control throne and it’s him…god/shiva/Lucifer/bubba. That is over now.
The truth has set this psychotic imprisoning lie free.

And amitakh the self proclaimed Divine Mother is his lying pawn.

At this point Babaji began to give instructions to Shastriji about what should be said:
Prabhu's mood now opposes non-violence. Non-violence is now contaminating the world. Non-violence of itself should be removed from the world. Culprits must be punished.

He has said before that he doesn’t like violence. It’s a bad thing to him. Here however he says he doesn’t like non-violence and the people who practice this should be punished or removed because it’s contaminating the world.The truth is that non-violence from the place where he’s speaking represents and ascension into a different kind of energy – a genuine peace which transcends killing and destroying. This is a great threat to his world since it’s all about destroying and creating through more destroying.
Non violence is CONTAMINATING the world?
What, with PEACE?
His definitions of peace is very different than mine from a base level of intention, message and goal and execution… therefore his creations cannot be peaceful… he doesn’t really want peace…. He speaks from both sides of his mouth at the same time.
This confuses many people when the words are combined with hypnotic trances.

Non-violence of itself should be removed from the world?
Culprits must be PUNISHED??????
He is calling peaceful people --- people who want non-violence as opposed to violence CULPRITS? Not only is he calling them culprits but culprits who MUST BE PUNISHED !!! He wants the NONviolence removed and therefore those who spread such PEACE must be Punished ???

This is not the Christ Jesus energy frequencies I experienced when I aligned in the *other* matter source. NO, it is very, very different. The messages, intentions, and therefore the creations and results are very different.
Do NOT BE DECIEVED BY the lies he brainwashes you with.

For security we must employ strength. Babaji wants some violent people so that others may grow in wisdom and discrimination and learn to make decisions.

This is the God you're accepting?
this is the creator and it's why the world is a mess from his sadistic insanity.Now here he says he wants some violent people, but earlier he said he wants and end to violence. This is worthy of going past his dark matter lies which he passes off as “truth” and aligning in light matter source/Christ experience truth in the highest degree which surpasses the dark lies. That is a way to get clarity about his strange ideas.
This is completely sick. By having some violence he hopes that others will grow? Violence always produces emotional drama and often/usually physical suffering, but definitely emotional and mentally suffering.
Is this what he means when he said, “he likes to hug his children tight so they cry? He likes to see them cry and suffer?”
Jesus and the God Source I experienced would never teach this. If you ever find this teaching you can be sure it was originated from this Shiva/Lucifer.
It is sadistic plain and simple. His intentions of creation become clearer and clearer.

Now you see a sweet form of God, but in the future you will see a fierce form of

Earlier he said he wanted to see the revolution done peacefully. He will be fierce so I guess that’s it for peace. He is mind manipulating to use fear to psyche people and make them dependant and obedient to him. He’s anything but sweet. His sweet/fierce is emotionally bi-polar and can his intentions produce anything else?
This is the God of the old testament… the fierce, angry, jealous god… it is Shiva one in the same. The 1008 faces and names of Shiva as spoken in Hinduism.
It’s the god of the old testament who loves sacrifices, blood sacrifices or personal sacrifice,,, and bubba is all about people sacrificing their life as he’s mentioned it over and over so many times ad-nauseum.

Jesus and the God experience *heaven* which I experienced is nothing like this.

Peace will come only after a Kranti (destruction/revolution). Babaji says a
Kranti will come very soon and in the twinkling of an eye will spread over the
world. This is why Babaji cautions us again and again to be alert.
During this Darbar a glance of future events is given.

But earlier he said not to concern about the future.
The fact is that he delivers messages about the future with the intent and purpose to make people afraid and tell them to repeat the mantra so as to keep his kingdom in place/maintained.
The fear is so strong in his messages. Fear is a psychology tactic !!
It didn’t work. One person at least (and more) have broken his heinous program with the truth behind the lies.

There will be destruction in the Punjab, West Bengal, and other Muslim countries. Some countries will be obliterated -- nothing of their future will remain.

So much for his lovely idea of doing it peacefully and his unfathomable power to create peace. No, in the end his intention is loud and clear --- he loves obliteration/destruction. That is his intention although he lies to people and tells them he’s loving and peaceful. He’s a god and has all power, yet he uses it to mess with people’s minds by mixing them up and confusing them saying he wants to do it peacefully and then going on to describe the obliteration. Then he previously says that it’s bad people who do this, but he says it’s him who brings the revolution for change.
He is a sick, sick being.
Transcend and ascend from his lies by going into the Christ energy of high light matter frequencies and opening to the truth that transcends his lies and confusion.

Most parts of America will be destroyed. Russia will survive.

Of course Russia will survive. He uses the then advanced electrical mind programming in place at that time by Russia to do his work while using Russia as a scapegoat. (example the woodpecker signal.) Russia gets cut some slack by surviving the destruction. Interestingly it’s Russia who ends up killing him in the end; even though he knew it would happen he could do nothing about it because their technology overpowered him.
He doesn’t want to mention that because then he would risk having his followers lose faith in him as the powerful god and it would uncover the real truth behind him as shiva/lucifer. This is why his words are filled with fear. He knows he is limited and that his game is at an end on all levels. He fears to maintain it in desperation.
revealer of the deceivers
User ID: 752390
08/20/2009 03:26 AM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
In the times of the Pandavas (Lord Krishna's time), a Rajsuya Yagna* was
performed and Russia was not affected then. In the time of Lord Rama, an
Ashwamedh (similar to a Rajsuya Yagna) was conducted and Russia was not
challenged. Somehow, due to the Grace of God, Russia is always protected. In
Siberia, there is a temple community devoted to Hanuman, where Hanuman can
be seen depicted serving Ram and Sita. Somehow there will be peace in Russia.

If he had the ability (due to the Grace of God/Shiva/Bubba/Destroyer) to save Russia and protect Russia, as he said before he has all power; then why not save all the countries?
No, he has not got that kind of power and he is lying to convince you that he has. The elements he creates with, and the intentions that create, are insane and therefore they create things that are volatile in nature. As dark matter expands so does the insanity as part of that creation.

* This was a religious ceremony followed by challenges to surrounding countries and kings with the intent of gaining supremacy over an enlarged empire.

13 MAY 1982
Babaji spoke briefly to an evening Aarti crowd on May 13, 1982. At the time he
spoke, a fierce rain storm was subsiding. Unseasonable rain and cold wind
storms had been sweeping through the Herakhan valley for two days, and Babaji
was emphasizing what he had said about the weather in private to a small group
of people the day before. Babaji asked Om Shanti to repeat what He had
previously said, and then prompted her when she began the recitation. What
follows is a composite of Babaji's statements, rendered with the help of Om
"The temperature at Herakhan will become like Badrinath**. Snow will
cover the mountains, valleys and the banks of the Gautama Ganga. You
can't imagine how cold it will become at Herakhan. Below Bareilly, people
will die from the storms and floods. The atmosphere will change
completely. There will be so much cold that people will die.

So much for peaceful revolutions. He says he’s got all power, but apparently he’s messing with you to make you believe that he wants a peaceful revolution when here he states exactly what it’s going to be and he isn’t going to make it different as much as he tells you he has the power to do so, him being the god/creator and all.
If he has all power, and has unleashed the “elements” then why does he kill the people?
He said that many people will die.
He also said he has all the power, therefore he is the killer !
He DID unleash the elements,,, these bad elements,, when he used ugly intentions to create using unbalanced ratios of matter energy THAT created bad elements and by-products. That he did get right in his first paragraph of this message when he said that HE unleashed the elements to do their WORST. He unleashed them in more ways than one.
What he fails to do is clarify and give the details of the truth.
He unleashed the Bad elements when he created unbalanced and with hurtful intentions.
This has caused a spiraling effect, like a vortex, in creation on this sphere. When he says that he comes to destroy the “bad” elements he forgets conveniently to explain it all to you in a sequence… but he did say he unleashed the “”elements””.
Yes, he did… Lucifer/satan/shiva created with elements that were not proportionally balanced and his intentions are not anything that is what I know in the *heaven* I experienced. He also was correct when he said, “he’s playing a game.”
Do you understand?
Ask yourself, why would you serve and worship a god who unleashed elements to do their worst?? This ‘WORST” is not my definition of love, or total love, when compared to the Christ matter love and the creation I remember in that experience.

Those who repeat OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA, who are righteous, and those who are
God-loving, will be protected."

It’s a Fear tactic to keep the cows and sheep in proper line. Keep them chanting the words that give energy to keep the dark matter program running and stop people from learning the truth that goes beyond his lies. Their fear of NOT being protected is a psyche fear tactic at its’ sickest/worst. When he said he unleashed the elements to do their worst he was being honest. This is not anyone I choose to worship and praise.
I have made my choice.

**Badrinath is a sacred pilgrimage temple in the high Himalayas.
Babaji again spoke briefly to the evening Aarti crowd on May 14. Four Italian
devotees were to leave the following morning and Babaji had personally
arranged to have them taken to the Dam site (where a road starts) with horses.
"Italians come here in great numbers. Their devotion is great. If two hundred
Italians were at Herakhan, it would cause a revolution in the ashram.
"Today the Italians are a great disappointment. Now they are lazy and all they
want to do is sleep. They don't like to work. I want horses of a good breed, ones
that are always alert and work hard. Some horses are so alert that they do not
even sleep at night.
"Italy has degenerated from what it was during the Roman Empire. Now they have fallen.

What?? During the roman Empire they worked hard because they had to in order to get food from the fields – there wasn’t a standard of extreme luxury as we have now. They worked from sun up until sundown just to get things done. And of course that’s what he likes (again, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with hard work and I’m not condoning laziness either) However, the Roman Empire time was far from the pinnacle of truth and light and good ethics. The roman empire was in the middle of seeking out world power control and dominance. It’s that kind of hard work which keeps a country in power and dominance. His comparison is appropriate to his WORLD DOMINANCE theme throughout his message, so it’s no wonder he sets the Roman Empire up as a shining example.
Now, if he said, “keep yourself busy in attaining or maintaining the highest form of lightsource frequency INTENTIONS, creations and interactions – then the world would be transformed to peace.” However, that’s not what he wants because it would be transformed out of his dark matter energy. No, he wants people to work hard so as to be distracted from knowing the truth and experiencing into *the other* matter frequency life. The light of Christ energy/frequencies permeates through any action or inaction and it’s not a matter of “doing” and work, because there is no need to keep a person distracted and there is no ‘bad’ to be concerned about falling into. His frequencies and energies are self explanatory to those who have been in *the other* experience.

I want the future generations of Italy to be better. All Italians must be ready for revolution. The impurity which has cropped up must be rooted out. I want you to understand what I am teaching.

Oh I do, I really do understand what you’re teaching. In light source – the God source I experienced in heaven -- there is just…. Love, peace and truth… and nothing of lower variations which would make a “god” concerned over idleness.
This is a false god.

High light source matter frequency truth and love is my only God and guru/teacher.

This one is a fake imposter trying to deceive people to believe that dark matter source is light source frequency. It isn’t a question that they must all have come from the same source, created by the Same God, therefore dark source must be ok. It’s a question of the way in which it’s used here as predominant source creation. – the proportion and ratio along with intention !!
Do you understand?

"I want you to cooperate in spreading the word throughout Italy that a revolution is coming. You must publish it in all the newspapers and broadcast it through the
media. Tell them a revolution like Mussolini's is coming. You must all become brave like Mussolini, soldiers for your country.

What??? Mussolini was far, far from high light matter Christ experience. This is the example of who he wants his devotees to become like? I wouldn’t use Mussolini as someone to hold as an example to become like. Wow ! just wow ! And people fall for this god because he has created this world they live in and believe therefore that he must be good. They make him their god instead of high light frequencies, and in doing this they then make dark matter electrical frequencies their god. They become slaves to that.
This is done now. It’s over now. His dark reign is ended torturing these souls and making them believe that he is the god even when he tortures. Shiva is an example of the original case of Stockholm Syndrome. (Stockholm syndrome is a psychiatric disorder which usually happens when a person is kidnapped and then dependent on their kidnapper, then they make the kidnapper their hero and serve him. This was recently seen in the 70’s with an American woman named Patty Hearst.)

"You must all consider yourselves soldiers of your countries, and spread my word
by every means available, throughout the world. Repeat OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA
and pursue your devotional practices."

Now you can see that it’s no wonder he continues to go back and forth by inducing fear and then giving a solution to chant the word that will save his creation. Fear and obedience, fear and obedience… sounds awfully similar to other writings from other so-called Gods and belief systems. Well, like he said, all the belief systems lead back to him, and now I can see why.
He is Shiva/Lucifer one and the same.
The truth behind his creation has people worshipping HIM as the god creator.
It is Jesus who is trying to HEAL this creation that Lucifer/Shiva has made.
He doesn’t mention that. No, he wouldn’t. That would end his sadistic lila/game.

21 JUNE 1982
I congratulate you all for the progress you have made in the universal service you
are doing here. The work is not only for individual progress, but also for the
progress of mankind. You must continue this development.

A little praise now and again helps his cause.
Progress of mankind = keeping his sadistic game/lila of suffering going and him as the king/god/creator/maintainer/destroyer of it all.

From this place-Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham-the whole world is blessed.
Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham is not the property of one person, it is the property of all mankind. Progress made at Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham benefits the universe. You are fortunate to be in Herakhan, because even the gods long to be here. Humanity is making a grave mistake by misusing non-violence. Time and again I have said this to you.

Again, this non-violent peaceful person is a real threat to his kingdom and godhood. He NEEDS violence because that’s the intention that is present within him to destroy.
It’s not an intention of peace; because he said he has the power to change all hearts and man PEACEFULLY. No, he doesn’t like non-violence peace too much; he likes a little sadistic play of violence in his destruction.

You have come into the world to work. You must always be eager to work. The
one who is idle is like a dead man. You have come to this world to live, nor to die.
Work which [b]I want to accomplish is to remove the misuse of non-violence.

Yes, this is a serious threat to him indeed. Again, if people misuse non-violence and become peaceful (full of peace) then their results will reflect that peaceful intention, and so will their goals and execution of the goals.
Then what would happen to him as DESTROYER? What would happen to the Shiva destroyer game who eliminates people by unleashing the WORST elements and kills 75% of the people and land?
No, destruction needs some violence, which is why too much peace is a threat to his game.
Is this the kind of god you wish to worship?

People have become lifeless and their blood has become like water. You should
be brave and courageous-afraid of nothing. You should not be afraid of being
burned by fire or drowned by water. If you are brave and courageous, nothing will
harm you, not even the atomic bomb. You must be fearless for yourself and for
all humanity.

He counters the previous inducement of fear with the command to be fearless.
Earlier he said that he has all power to protect and change everyone; therefore what would bravery and courageous traits have to do with this protection at all?
This creates quite a manipulation in the human psyche.
He is sick and if you want to be sick like him then follow him. if you don’t then go beyond him and leave him and align in light matter source where that energy/Christ Jesus energy, transcends his sickness and that dark sickness will disappear into a harmonious balance; because there’s no one there to focus attention on the creation of sub atomic molecules (and the intentions needed to create with that all) to keep the game going .
revealer of the deceivers
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08/20/2009 03:34 AM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
I do not recognize castes and races. I behold only one humanity. I am working for
mankind while here.

This sounds really nice. However, he isn’t working for mankind at all, he’s working to remove the bad elements (which are a by-product of the elements which HE unleashed to do their worst) which become too rogue of dark matter, and to get mankind into a fascist state so he can have control again and keep it in a proper controllable line. He’s working for his own agenda to be king and he needs a kingdom to rule. He’s working to keep his paradise protected and maintained. ((His idea of paradise.)) He earlier said he comes to maintain it. It has nothing however to do with mankind and helping them be in the highest form of light life that they can be or he would be teaching people the real truth and helping them align in *the other* matter; and he would be CHANGING THEIR HEARTS WITH THIS GREAT POWER HE BRAGS HE HAS. He isn’t doing that, he’s setting the intention and course for destroying 75% of all.
I’ve seen the high form of an energy and intention and what he suggests isn’t the same as my experience. His is a high dark order of a fascist god who wants to keep his dark matter creation in tact.

Over half of my work is finished. There are devotees working all over the world. I will complete the rest of my work while here.

It didn’t happen. He died before it happened.

25 JUNE 1982
Babaji had asked the Italians to sing an Italian song. When they made no
response, after a little time, Babaji spoke:
You must all sing bhajans (devotional songs) wherever you are. In your countries
you should assemble at least weekly for bhajans and kirtan (songs repeating
God's names).

It helps keep the energy of his creation going so no one can rise above it, so it isn’t destroyed or put into a form that isn’t in line with how he’s dictated it should be.

I emphasize work - karma yoga. The real bhajan is to do work. An idle man is like
a corpse. You must work.

More of the same. When I first read this ALL the fear and ugliness caused me to stop reading. I also was still so mentally programmed in my head – frozen and immobilized – and was aware that I was frozen and watching as I simply couldn’t read anymore of this fear but also couldn’t take right action by walking away altogether. I ended up only going into his frequencies, which aren’t high light/Christ energy at all. Plus that I was on the Amitakh Stanford message site which caused me to mentally freeze as well, and my concern over that pushed me toward Baba for help (whom I saw as the lesser fear inducing of the 2.) The 2 worked together to keep my brain programmed and my soul trapped from getting at the real truth.
It didn’t work.
I busted their programs and my soul went past them, into the experience which I refer to as my Jesus experience. This is when I saw that the intention, energy and result that Shiva/Bubba plays with is very different than that of the *heaven/home* I experienced.

Make ashrams. As there are islands in the sea, you should make ashrams in the
ocean of the material world. Do not make small ashrams, like individual huts, but
big, central ashrams, where many people can gather and learn to work together.
All of you have worked very hard here, with love. Those who dedicate
themselves to universal service are fortunate and great.
Morning and evening you should spend time reading the scriptures and the
literature of Herakhan...

Keep your brain well programmed -- he doesn’t want the program to fall away. Find time to do that in between your busy work and your ceremonies, prayers and chants and rituals and selfless service. He does like his people to stay busy that’s for sure.

Everyone here is a soldier of Herakhan. Be dutiful for the sake of duty. Be
prepared to make sacrifices. Do not fear the floods and flames of life. Be alert
and prepared to face changes. Give this message to your countrymen. The time
has come! Do you understand? Be alert!

I am a soldier for the REAL truth and nothing else.
My soul made its decision long ago, which is why I recognize this Shiva/Lucifer and the detailed game he is playing here.
I am dutiful not for the sake of duty, but for the sake of aligning in what my essence is; which is high truth frequencies and that which it expresses and creates through intentions that reflect THAT. I do not need a pep talk of hope and faith against fear of dark matter experiences in life; I need a person to admonish the difference !!! He cannot because he serves and creates through dark matter electrical energies and wishes to MAINTAIN THAT.
I will give the TRUE message of truth to my countrymen – not his sick and twisted version. Yes, the time has come. I understand --- does he?
Yes he does, which is why he’s in so much fear.
He has no real control of any of the *elements* he unleashed, or the *elements* he came to put in proper line; no, these elements are dark matter energy, created through his diabolical and twisted intentions ; and he has NO control over them, which is why he confuses you by saying, do not fear the floods and flames of life… why not just CHANGE THEM as he said he has power to do? He cannot. The elements he works with are volatile; like a herd of wild horses that he can’t break; and so he kills the people whom he can’t conform to his control;; but there are MANY things within the spiral of his energy that HE CANNOT CONTROL; so he says to not be afraid of the change that will come (he can’t control certain changes that are put in motion) so the best he can do is tell you to be brave, courageous and don’t fear. (but then he puts so much fear in your head that you are then forced to obey him out of that fear.) it’s all part of the mind programming techniques.

29 JULY 1982
Those who come here should not be lazy. You must be prepared to work. I want
very much that everybody be brave, active and hard working.

If he’d spend as much time preaching to people to be focusing on aligning in *the other* matter source frequencies, instead of aligning to him as their god and the frequencies that help keep that in creation,, then he would have people who transcended and wouldn’t need to be reminded to work or not be lazy, or wouldn’t need to be reminded to be brave because THAT state would automatically BE their nature.
But, he won’t teach you the real truth and instead teaches that HE is the one to go to, the God/creator.

Never lose courage.

Again, more of the same.

Because you have taken this birth, you must seek achievement. And to
be successful you must work hard. The world requires fortitude. Become
courageous and lead others to courage.

I will instead become in alignment with the *other* energy; the Christ/light source truth frequencies and clarity and lead others to this truth and clarity and how to align in that. That is a very different agenda than his, which keeps people trapped in the lie and keep him in control as a god; rather than the truth about who/what he really is.

As you have known for some time, the world will change. The lazy person is a
burden to the world. That is why I tell you to work hard and have others do the
same. There was only one Christ but through Him many have been transformed.
Do not think there will be many Christs, Ramas or Krishnas. Throughout history it
has taken only one determined man to lead others and change the world.

I’m not a man, I’m a woman, but I am one. I will have to do.
He has put the name Christ in this sentence, and yet it isn’t the Jesus Christ energy I experienced. This deceives people by hooking them in and confusing them.
Jesus the Christ and Krishna Christ are 2 very different beings with different intentions, creations and results.
I cannot be controlled by fear or false hope using false doctrines and manipulative mind games and mind controlling electrical frequencies to keep him in the role of god.

The dangerous matches and fire are being removed from that child. He has done enough damage.

Times will change, so you must resolve in your hearts to be industrious and
courageous. Those who are strong like iron are fit to flourish. To become strong does not mean to become harsh and heartless. To become strong means to grow beyond pleasure and pain: beyond heat and cold.

Earlier he said he wanted everyone to have the pleasures and riches and desires of their heart. Now he wants people to grown beyond pleasure and pain.
Mind manipulation…. He’s got it down…………..but………..
…….It didn’t work.

His definition of being harsh and heartless is very different than mine.
Mine is to NOT manipulate your children to make them cry for sadistic pleasure.
His is.
Mine is to NOT destroy 75% of innocent people in the name of peace and love.
His is.
Mine is to NOT to punish those for being peaceful because of the need to have non-violence to satisfy my destructive lust even though i apparently claimed that I had all power.
His is.
Mine is not to confuse people with contradictory lies and say it’s truth.
His is.
Mine is not to perpetuate and maintain suffering levels.
His inevitably is to MAINTAIN specific levels of a suffering program even as he tries to convince people he is here to “make it better.”
Mine is NOT to create suffering.
His is even though he says he wants to remove it but never ultimately does; even though he says he has all the power to do that peacefully, he never ultimately plans to because he states his mission to destroy through genocide; and that HE controls that.

Sounds very fascinating… still no mention of ascending above it all through aligning in the source – not this insane stuff he tries to pass off as light. Instead he cleverly diverts this by focusing on the word “strong”. In this way he says that you can grow beyond pleasure and pain; heat and cold. This may sound like a person is ascending into something “better” but it is however false because in the *other matter* source there is no need for strength, or heat or cold discomforts and suffering. Strength is a dark matter attitude and trait. Strength is a completely foreign and unnecessary idea or concept in alignment in the heaven/home I experienced. In that *other* state there is no struggle or fight. There is fantastic creation of all types like this creator does. He is not coming from a high place – he is coming from a high dark place and he wishes to teach his people how to come from a mid-range of dark energy place (not the lower dark energy because he doesn’t like that much volatile electrical behavior.)
He asks you to go beyond pleasure and pain, hot and cold; and yet it’s interesting that he doesn’t mention the simple truths I’ve just mentioned here that would open you to do just that !!
Instead he maintains a layered web of deception to keep the person trapped while they think their getting somewhere; like a hamster running on a treadmill, moving fast and never getting anywhere at all but the illusion which he has created… the game which is maintains and lies for and destroys for.

The creation is vast and there are many doctrines. Adhere to one principle - that
of Truth, Simplicity and Love. Live in Truth, Simplicity and Love and practice
Karma Yoga.

He also said that all religions (principles of religions?) were good. All led to God. Then he says that karma yoga is the best. You should do that and nothing else.
The mind starts to go back and forth and if you meet him in person he uses his word confusions to immobilize the person in a way that they are fairly rendered useless to any real right action from an alignment with light matter source as they’ll be too confused to open to align in anything but his ideas. Now he says to adhere to one principle. But, he also further on down the message says that Hinduism is sanatan dharma, the original religion. It’s full of tons of principles, gods and rituals and ceremonies. This is not simplicity it’s confusion at it’s height. It’s that confusion that muddles the mind, plus when he gets into your head he messes it up even more.
He knows that once he gets you hooked you’ll worship him and that is the only principle that he really needs you to focus on,,, work and chant to keep his energy creation game going.

Here he hooks people in by telling them to be in truth. Sadly, he also says to go to the god and chant the gods name, therefore you will only get THAT gods truth (which god is a high level of dark matter information and doctrines.) You will not be able to the Jesus source truth because the energy is of a very different frequency.
He is NOT asking you to align to Jesus energy, and explaining THAT energy. NO, he is explaining HIS energy and how to stay in THAT; and I know that his is very, very different from the *other* Jesus energy.
It is the Jesus Christ energy, not his Krishna Christ energy.
It makes it very difficult to align and open in the REAL truth frequency when his messages of “”truth”” and “simplicity” are only confusing the person and the person doesn’t even know it because their busy thinking he is giving them the right way. He also counters transcendence away from him by commanding to be in karma yoga. He hooked me in by using the word truth. Plus that, his and Amitakh’s extreme level of mind manipulation froze me and immobilized me. (they are gods who can look into the mind and change the person – program the persons mind.) Unless you counter that with aligning in Jesus high light source truth frequencies you will stay in the lie or different levels of that lie.

This, more than others, is an era (yuga) of great destruction. Man has become
enslaved by his lower nature. I have come to guide humanity to a higher path.

Yes, he has said that he doesn’t like the lower dark energy and it’s manifestations. The higher path he guides people to is only a higher dark matter manifestation. However HE USES the lower natures to get people to develop a lover type of relationship with him; and this lover type of relationship has often been induced by his female followers as sexual energy.
His definition of lower nature is one that he uses himself, and he says MAN has become enslaved by his lower nature??
HE’s the perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black. He cannot do himself what he wants to destroy in others. He only wants to be the king who does as he wishes.
He says he’s come to guide humanity to a higher path?
His definition of a high path is not the type I experienced in my Heaven experience.
He cannot go higher or he would lose his god status. The **higher** path he is guiding people has been presented here already and I have said that it is a dark fascist devils version of light masquerading as God. It maintains his control in an environment that is highly controlled to the extent which he can; while saying that he controls omnipotently, using doctrines and chants and work ethics that will help keep people controlled. He’s a confusing liar.
His lies have been broken and revealed.

I do not belong to any particular religion, but respect all religions. I seek the elevation of all mankind. The higher self in people must be developed and enthrallment with the lower nature destroyed. It will be destroyed in countries all around the world by changing the hearts of mankind. Do you understand? Now that you understand, you must live in Truth, Simplicity and Love and take this
message into the world.

What kind of mind messing lying is he doing to you?
He says he’s going to destroy the lower nature in countries all around the world by changing the hearts of mankind? Do I understand?
Yes, I understand that he’s NOT changing the hearts of mankind but that he has repeatedly said he’s going to DESTROY 75% of mankind. What kind of heart changing is this? This is a sick god creator with sick intentions and I want no part of it or him.
Those small numbers who aren’t destroyed will be saved by chanting the mantra and they will live a controlled life; needing to get permission to travel and not allowed to roam freely (he doesn’t like that, too independent and hard to control,,, creates too much FREEDOM which is difficult to control.)
Now he says that he will change the hearts of mankind all around the world.

Which is it?
Is everyone going to be destroyed leaving a small world population and lass mass? Now he says the lower nature is going to be destroyed by changing their hearts. Does that mean that now the 97% population approximately will not be destroyed by hydrogen bombs and atomic bombs that will also cause much of the land mass to be wiped out as he had earlier repeated?

It’s too bad he himself couldn’t practice what he preaches and live in truth and love, and simplicity and change HIS lower nature which dislikes peace and instead likes to punish the non-violent peaceful types. Too bad he can’t change his lower nature of needing to have ultimate control as a god.
Too bad he can’t change his sadistic lower nature which enjoys seeing his children cry.

His lies are a complicated spider web to deceive and confuse and thereby mess with people’s minds.

He talks about the higher self being developed as he doesn’t like the lower nature and will destroy that. It is too volatile and he can’t control the lower nature at all. It’s too bad even for his taste. The higher self developed has to meet within his dark range of energies – which he’s stated earlier are lack of travel, etc., etc.
This is his version of a higher self.
His version is not mine because I experienced the HIGHER self and it was nothing like he’s described. It was VERY, VERY different in my experience in the *other* matter, my heaven home, or what I refer to as my Jesus/Heaven experience.

Even his own yogi/god powers aren’t a version of Jesus source. They are very, very sub-standard compared to Jesus.
High light beings don’t need violence and yet he has an obsession with violence and curbing people’s non-violence… yet not too much because he also doesn’t like extreme violence from the lower nature of the dark matter experience.
Is he going to destroy the lower nature of mankind around the world? Or is he going to allow non-violence.
His definition of non-violence NOT being a lower nature isn’t my definition at all.He IS THE LOWER NATURE IN MY DEFINTION.

Do you understand that he’s a confliction of chaos?

He also said that he will physically destroy the countries as well, and most of the people too – and yet his social agenda is to keep the lower nature subdued through a fascist restrictive and workaholic regime. He is a sick, sick one. Do you understand how sick he is?
Ask yourself why you would want to worship and praise someone like this.

He says he wants to change the hearts of mankind but mentions nothing of the details that would really get a person to do that. That would mean his game would be aligned into a harmonious place of creation and his nasty intentions would be a game over. He wants people who will fit into his version of “higher path” and he’s already stated the kind of spiritual and political environment that will be. That however is not a path that fits into the experience I had in my Jesus/light matter experience.
He knows it, and he doesn’t clarify because he doesn’t want to give the truth that would end his game. He only wants people to be busy distracted and using words that will keep his dark path creation going, and continuing feeding them hope and ideas of a future in love that by all sane definitions is sadistic and sociopath.
Oh yes, I understand completely and fully as much as he has lied and told me HIS version of the truth was THEE truth.
His program is broken. The lies are revealed.

He tries to confuse at the end saying to live in truth, simplicity and love. This is a typical technique for this kind of being to use. They either write lots of truths and then at the end throw a lie in confuse it; or in this particular case he writes a long list of lies and then at the end gives a partial truth statement and says he WANTS TO bring people into truth, simplicity and love, and that therefore his message must be truth.

He doesn’t direct a person how to live in the *other matter/energy* truth and intentions; only how to stay in the mid range of dark matter with hope of higher yogic attainment, which then people erroneously believe is thee truth, because he says now that the lower nature will be destroyed. His followers don’t know any different and are focused on following and obeying the dictates of their god;
whose doctrine and ways are designed to chant and do rituals to keep there energy in that path which they call a higher path. He of course doesn’t tell you that that path nasty, and the people suffer and accept it as the gods creation which must be good.
THIS CREATION ISN’T JESUS CREATION, Jesus came to heal it. If it was his he wouldn’t have come to heal it and deliver people FROM it.
No, it’s Lucifer/shiva’s manipulation of energy to create using his sociopathic intentions of suffering, which naturally cause suffering at all levels. Even at his high yogi levels it is not at all like the Jesus/Heaven experience I had. NOT AT ALL !
He just tells you that HIS way is better than the lower nature path. Now he confuses his followers by telling them that he’s apparently not going to have the world blown up now, and 97% of the population, but he’s going to change their hearts from lower nature.
And you believe him?
Because he goes into your mind and programs it !
Then, like many followers of criminally insane minds, the follower will end up trying to justify why the criminal does what he does.
In essence he can say whatever crazy things he wants because if he’s programmed your brain to believe and accept without being able to question from a source that goes beyond him, then you’ll believe anything he says and follow him blindly while believing it and then you will not want to go beyond him.

I am here to say that I did go beyond him and in that state I experienced that his creation and ways are not what my soul knows to be the Heaven state; the pure state of love, peace and truth.

This ashram belongs to you. Learn the rules and follow the discipline while you
are here. Then, wherever you go, teach others the same discipline. Become
powerful and help others to do the same. Be very attentive and alert and prepare
to face life in the times that will come.

More attempt to strengthen by inducing fear. Here he says to become powerful and help others do the same. Earlier he said to be selfless and take no concern for yourself but be a humanitarian, which his version is to not factor yourself in, but to give out to others with no concern to yourself. Here now he that you should be powerful but selfless to help others do the same? Doesn’t the very act of learning to become powerful demand an amount of self-ish time and attention? I guess he means that you should use your power for selfless causes? Like his cause of keeping him as the god and creator of dark matter?
What “it” is is a complete lie and deception. He confuses people until their minds are bent like a pretzel and they don’t know up from down; real truth from lies.

That time is over now.
revealer of the deceivers
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
17 AUGUST 1982
I want to describe again how you must be diligent in your work. The world
demands hard work and constructive action, so you must apply yourselves fully
to your work. Do not fall back, but instead go on. Each step you take will benefit
the whole world.
Fulfilling your duty is the highest accomplishment - higher than any other
sadhana, penance and the rest. Your duty comes first.

It’s interesting that penance is considered an accomplishment to him and his belief system. In the Jesus state of heaven there is no penance, that is foreign because there is no sin… there is no wrong because there is no intention which would create anything ‘out of harmony with right’ to be labeled wrong and to do penance for.

No, he is the god of a lie.
Fulfilling the alignment of being in highest light matter source frequencies/Jesus experience is the highest accomplishment that I have.
His version is the highest dark laborer/worker accomplishment which perpetuates dark matter as predominant and HIM as the god/king/ruler.
These are not the same things at all. He says his is the highest and yet by doing this, if you believe and were to do it, you would stay out of alignment in the real truth, because you would align with his method which is designed to keep the dark matter creation in place and the person a prisoner in that.

The result of hard work is happiness and the result of laziness is pain. Troubles of this world are caused by inactivity. I repeatedly tell you this so that you will be industrious and be benefitted.

There is absolutely not any proof at all to verify his claim. Hard work doesn’t result in happiness and laziness doesn’t result in pain. The benefit of so-called “industrious” people is debatable. Dark matter energy and aligning yourself with all that is is what results in pain. When a person is aligned in dark matter it usually causes an amount of suffering. That is the root of pain, his teachings and program, and it has nothing to do with how hard a person works. He repeatedly tells you this so you will be programmed into staying on the path that will keep his dark creation alive and him as the place of god/creator. Since he also says that HE is the giver of all, and that all you get will be by HIS grace; then all the hard work won’t necessarily BENEFIT you; give you that pleasure that he earlier mentioned, because pleasure isn’t dependent on work at all; and neither is pain; it’s all dependent on the energy he uses to create the game; and weather or not he decides to benefit you. Maybe if you work hard enough you’ll please him and he’ll give you some benefit, but because he’s already says that he controls/micro manages the lives of people, especially his devotees, then what does it matter how much you work or not if he’s the one who has all the power he could benefit you WITHOUT being industrious.
These are rules to his psychotic and suffering game/lila.
The best you can hope for is less suffering… but he dangles these hopes in front of your nose like a sick person would dangle a bone in front of a dogs nose always just out of his reach… hoping to attain; obedient; it’s all part of his game plan.

Everybody worked hard on the Ashram "Company Garden" and you can see the
results - how green it has become. Now you are working hard on the ashram fruit
orchard. The first garden was agriculture and this one is horticulture. But the
point is that these fields are not for me: they are for everybody. As much right as
I have to this property, you have also.
I want you to become brave warriors and attend carefully to your own duties. This is good for you.

He is saying a whole lot of nothing. Brave warriors for him. He has said what he wants in a warrior and that is a warrior who will keep his dark creation going by following and obeying his methods. If he wanted a warrior Jesus frequency and truth, then that would be a different thing. He does not and will not say that’s what he wants, and will not get specific on the details to differentiate what I have explained. Any little truth he may leak out is sandwiched with many lies so it hooks a person in while at the same time confuses them. He wants a warrior to perpetuate his game and that is what he says and gives directions to do that. In this way he misleads innocent people to follow him blindly in faith and hope and fear, convincing them that he will give them a means to protect themselves (when it’s in fact a means to protect his dark creation game.)
This god is sick and dark. I will have no part of him in any way, shape or form. I will not worship him.

want to see all the people liberated who have become dependent on the
illusions of the material world.

That’s interesting. He wants people liberated who have become dependent on the illusions of the material world and yet he commands them to chant and work to keep it in motion and have success in the world of illusions/game -- his game.
If you compare that to his earlier statements on what and how he defines liberation you will see that his view and definition of liberation is a god fascism. He doesn’t like the lower nature (dark matter world) and that is the material world he’s talking about here.
However, he’s also said he wants you to attain pleasures and things of the world.
It is that world that he will liberate you from ?
This is typical of a mind programmer. People’s minds became confused that they will then make up anything to defend him.
You still however would be in dark matter creation and not liberated from the definition of *the other* source liberation definitions. If you became liberated from chanting his energy into keeping his creation maintained, or destroyed in this case, then you still will not be liberated from dark matter; you’d still be in the mud rather than out of it altogether. He doesn’t want you out of it altogether because his game would end and he says he comes to create and maintain the matter (elements) with which he creates. His definition of liberated is being free from hatred, violence (although then he changed his mind on that because too much non-violence can cause a move toward investigating light source paths.) He will control this liberation by means of limited travel, etc., etc.
That’s his idea of liberation. He throws in the word illusion to pretend that his path is higher than the illusion world.

His dark matter source is all illusion – the place from where he creates is still the same illusion source of matter; and yet it’s a game that traps people non-the-less. He forgot to tell you that part. He never plans to tell you that part. It would destroy his “high path” of godhood using dark matter creation. For those who figure out that it is all an illusion/game he still keeps them trapped by blocking them from truths needed to mentally get PAST accepting him and going into the real truth; so there are many Vedanta/non-dualist followers who are running around like the dog chasing their tale trying to reconcile the ‘illusion’ which they know is a game WITH this place which they are trapped in and can’t deny that they are experiencing here. He has many ways of keeping people trapped with many belief systems so they won’t get to the real truth; and yet he says he wants people liberated from the illusion.
If he did he wouldn’t KEEP creating, maintaining and destroying THIS ILLSUION; HE’D STOP THE GAME. He is a liar. He doesn’t want liberation from it at all, he just wants people to believe that so they stay functioning in the energy of his game.

He claims his path is higher than the lower nature of dark matter energy and experiences and “illusions” that they present (which he doesn’t like and will destroy) but his version of liberated isn’t anything more than a dark matter illusion itself. He entices people with hope of a ‘better’ kingdom; which is not my definition of ‘heaven’ either.

Life itself is uncertain and now the earth is endangered by atomic weapons and nuclear power, which will be eliminated.

His creation as he knows and loves it is uncertain.
Then why did HE CREATE it??
If it’s UNCERTAIN then how could he make statements that he is the omnipotent controller of it all??
NO, he is playing with your head… manipulating you trying to convince you, but here now he reveals the truth and says it’s UNCERTAIN. Yes, that is one of the few truths, however he doesn’t explain the details behind it either for FEAR of losing his game power.

He knows his game is UNCERTAIN, and that’s why his message is filled with FEAR.
He says that he has the power to eliminate ALL/CHANGE ALL. Why then wouldn’t he have eliminated it before it destroys the majority of the land mass and population?
Oh, the **truth** is that the *elements* have moved to a place that his power is endangered and uncertain, and also so is the universe; and he will let the people do his dirty destruction work for him by destroying everyone and everything that isn’t going to fit into his work ethics and mental program (which he calls sanatan dharma). Then after the atomic destruction is done, (which he precisely says how much percentage of destruction will be done ) – therefore if he could have eliminated he would have, but since he didn’t it’s essentially him that is allowing the destruction -- then he will destroy the nuclear power, and more importantly those who have devised it.

People with that kind of power could easily over throw him by turning the devices and modern technology on him somehow. He can’t risk that. The people who devised the atomic weapons aren’t in line with his type of perfect people or perfect world which is easy for him to control and maintain. He could have stopped them before they devised the weapons, but he didn’t, because he likes them to help his destruction process. After he’s used them he will destroy them like he’s done many, many times before. He will also destroy the mass of population who are of lower nature and don’t want to conform to his work ethics, fascist regime and religious programming to keep his creation in proper line. That is why he isn’t destroying the atomic bombs before they do the massive damage, because he doesn’t want those non-conformist humans in his new creation anyways. He later says in his messages that only 1 in a million people are suitable to his world agenda. This is an old game for him and he never seems to tire of it.
I on the other hand have long, long ago.

The whole game backfired on him however because once the Russians read of his messages and his agenda to destroy them they beat him to it by killing him through technology which his old fashioned method couldn’t out power. Once he realized that they were killing him it was too late and he could do nothing about it. He fought it, but even his followers with their mantras weren’t powerful enough to protect him from the Russian modern technology. That made him fear even more. That’s why toward the end of his messages his words are rabid with fear, protection and demands to keep his agenda program going so he can stay god of this dark matter source universe. When the political powers/super powers switched the ranges of frequencies it through Babaji off course. He had been used to working with a specific frequency and through modern technology they switched it. Baba had become so arrogant, cocky and feeling like nothing could take him down and that was his achilles heal and downfall ultimately. He overestimated his power and ability based on past glory and underestimated the ability of modern technology through the current super powers. Through their frequency switch programming they were able to block him from a great deal, and although he was using them in the end they used him. Baba couldn’t even go to sources that were higher, or more capable frequencies than dark matter because he knew that would mean extreme repercussions meaning that he would align in harmony with frequencies other than the ones he is using predominantly and so his game of suffering of any level would be over. That’s why he was rabid with fear to get his people to fight like soldier and obey using his mantras and work, to generate energy that he could use to win that war. When he said a great war was coming, it was the showdown between his power and modern technology controlled by political powers; which ended for him largely in 1984 on his physical death. He was not able to beat the modern technology like the way he used to do it.

I want a world of brave and courageous people. Indeed those who work hard and
are agnostics are more acceptable, for a time, than lazy spiritual hypocrites.

Same thing again with the brave and courageous and hard workers.
It’s clear that his perfect chosen people aren’t agnostics. Why is that? Their too hard to control. There too independent thinkers. Agnostics question everything and aren’t committed to believing anything one way or the other. Agnostics are harder to control than atheists or theists. They doubt too much and question too much. Atheists usually end up going to science for proof and that’s just another distraction program he can use until he destroys them. Science, well, he’s already said that he hates too much science because it always ends up in destruction (too much lower nature) and he fears the control of one using science may take his power. And of course that is what happened when Russia killed him through technology sound waves transmitted in the air waves through the wood pecker signal device.
His dark matter creation is apparently a very difficult thing to control, but over the eons he’s figured out a good routine. He now has it down to…….a….. science, but he wants to be the one in control and he ensures through his agenda that he will be or anyone else will be destroyed and has been in his past. This also creates fear and submission which is a conditioning pattern making it easier for him to control.

He dislikes lazy spiritual hypocrites and yet does he define his words and actions as anything short of hypocritical??. He cannot see how he is the epitome of what he hates and wishes to destroy. Is this a madman?
Is this the definition of Jesus?
Not my definition of Jesus.

I want to see the mis-use of non-violence eliminated. Man's powers of
discrimination and his very blood have become thin from pursuing false
doctrines. Those who would misuse appeasement defeat the purpose of life and
become like mindless donkeys carrying loads on their backs.

As opposed to the mindless donkeys which he wants in place to carry forward his creation ? – which is a tremendous load on my back which even mind programming couldn’t alleviate.

Now he said that pursuing false doctrines make mans’ powers of discrimination thin.
Earlier he said that all is one, all beliefs/religions are one and he wants them in unity but that they all lead back to him. But now he reveals that there is SOME THING that he classifies as a ‘false doctrine”.
His doctrines don’t get any more false ! They are misleading and deceptive to maintain his agenda and power.
He does NOT like too much non-violence/peace because it could do away with the needed energy of NON-peace necessary to destroy,,, and he’s all about destroying. He HAS TO DESTROY. That defines him as a god, the destroyer. If you remove the violent energy needed to destroy how can he destroy? You see, Jesus Christ energy doesn’t destroy,,, it comes to heal.
His lie and plans are becoming more and more revealed.
He is VERY afraid of those who would move away from the focus on violence and instead focus on non-violence/peace and the complete intention and execution of that peace.

He hates this non-violence and says it’s misuse and wants it eliminated also because it brings about a higher power of discrimination. It is that higher discrimination which he needs eliminated, because it causes his destruction program to be TOO WEAK AND THIN. In this way the blood of dark creation power, and him as god/controller, is jeopardized or in his words, thinned. The power is weakened. He is obsessed with blood throughout the shiva/kali stories and again refers to blood over and over.
He can’t afford risking an end to his game by a lack of focus and energy on the very violence that is needed to initiate the intentions of destruction.
Without violent intentions where is destruction?
With peaceful intentions what happens to destruction?

He says that misusing appeasement defeats the purpose of life, but what he forgets to detail and elaborate upon is that it defeats and ascends or transcends beyond the purpose of HIS life as he now experiences it in dark matter which is not in a harmony proportion to anything that is used to create in heaven. He must destroy that from happening and anyone who fits into that category. He has clearly stated what kind of mindless donkey he wants for his creation and it is not one who is disposed to aligning with a discrimination, which discrimination questions, which questioning is in line with a higher sense of non-violence --- not the mid-range of non-violence which he plans on controlling through fear and use of curfews and restricted travel and movement.
Do you understand now?
He is a dark god. He is the Lucifer/satan angel who played around with creative intention in a way that is not in harmony with the kind of *heaven* home of the source which operates using a balanced harmonious ration.

In the real source that I experienced, not his fake god version of creation, there is no need for this kind of strange system of beliefs that he puts out. He needs to spin webs of lies and deception to keep people from getting to the truth so his game can continue.
Those lies are revealed now.

You must all join in this universal work, so that these things can be accomplished
here and now. People devoted to God are active, and in India, the temples and
religious centres that have been destroyed will be renovated.

He likes the rituals and belief systems/gods in Hinduism because they keep people busy through various avenues which also serves to keep them focused on attention that keeps his dark matter going from the mid to high range end of it. When you’re busy worshipping then you are always trying to praise someone else; or to attain what the gods are, or attain their grace etc. Since the belief is built on lies it helps focus on the attainment part and that feeds the energy of his game. Also, the gods and assistants/teachers pre-occupy people; especially the god kali, which he has used to make people honor and worship suffering, dark energy and pain. With the god Kali, Babba/lucifers theory was that it’s difficult for people to rise above, reject and release the dark energies of one whom they worship and love as a god. But there are many, many different avenues and lies to keep people trapped in the lies that keep the dark matter creating.
It doesn’t matter though, he cannot compete with the power and energy of high-light matter source frequency as also known as Jesus energy.
The lies have been uncovered and the truth has been revealed.

People are becoming more and more aware of the efficacy of spiritual potency.
Each of you must cultivate great courage in yourselves to overcome harmful
tendencies in this period.

He said that HE has the ability to change hearts, and is all powerful, then why does he say that people must become more aware of spiritual potency and cultivate GREAT courage to overcome harmful tendencies. Why doesn’t he just change their hearts to overcome??

There have not been hundreds of Rams, Krishnas,
Christs or Moseses. But the individuals have had tremendous effects on the
whole world. Now change on a vast scale, such as at the time of the
Mahabharata, will take place.
Do not fall back in your work, but go on. Karma yoga is your first duty.
I have said all of these things many times before.
Every moment, in each breath, while eating, sleeping and working, remember the
Lord's name.

Notice he doesn’t use the name JESUS. He uses the name CHRIST. This is a specific way to take energy and focus off the precise name of Jesus, and into a less specific name of “christ’. Christ, or christus actually means, anointed one, or messiah. When he cleverly uses it this can be a trick to accept Jesus as the Christ, but there is also some documentation that refers to Krishna as a Christ, and Shivas followers claim that Jesus and Shiva/Baba are the same complimentary beings, so by using the generic word “Christ” it is open to insert the name of Jesus to trick the mind.
When Muniraj said that, “we are all Christians,” it is also a mind trick to say that we all worship and follow Jesus. Shiva/Baba/Lucifer does NOT worship and follow Jesus, in fact he himself wants everyone to worship him as the God/Creator.
revealer of the deceivers
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
To follow and demonstrate the path of Truth, Simplicity and Love is man's
supreme duty and the highest Yoga. Diligent work is a quality of this path, for laziness is death on earth. Only by work can one claim victory over karma. All
must strive to do their duty in the best possible way and not to wander from that
duty. Service to humanity is the first duty. During these times, inhumanity and
laziness have increased, so it is important that you work hard and not lose heart.
Be brave, be industrious; work hard and have courage.

More specifically, if a person doesn’t move to focus energy on keeping this earth then it surely is death FOR this creation of earth which Lucifer has tampered with and set himself up as the God to be worshipped.

Bhajans should be sung like a flower gives nectar - sweetly and softly. Drums,
'chimtas' and other instruments should be played quietly. Some bhajans are
more appropriate for singing at different times of the day. Listen and learn to
make proper selections for the morning and evening.
On the same day, Babaji recited a new bhajan for singing in the evening:
RAM NAM TUM RATAT CHELORI (Ram, name, you, recite,
continue/continually/go on)
Recite Ram's name continually

Another energy filled chant and song to keep the dark matter creative energy alive and in motion. He places lots of rules on this. If you get tired of one he’ll offer you more variations to spice it up a little. Lots of details to keep your mind distracted so you don’t actually pierce through his lies and go beyond him to the real truth. Then you’ll be so busy doing his work that you’ll end up at HIS feet anyways. That’s been his plan.
he tries to hold on to his dark kingdom like a child holds on to matches.
His lies have been revealed and the real truth is known.

16 SEPTEMBER 1982 (Evening)
Babaji invited everyone who comes to Herakhan to return to their countries with
water from the Gautama Ganga and Vibhuti (ash from the Sacred Fires). These
are to be used for healing and blessings from Herakhan.

More variations and avenues to help focus concentration, attention and energy.
He uses the word “healings and blessings” and yet why does he bother when he said that he holds all power and that all things must happen by and through HIS grace and through no other way. It’s all such an elaborate game, part of the ritual distraction to keep people’s minds busy and programmed.
He does mention the word healing and yet it has no sincerity behind it as it is hollow words. If he wanted healing then he would do it, as he said he has omnipotent power to change hearts does he not also have the power to heal? Does he need this ritual ashes and water? It’s just a psyche trick which worked in the past.
It doesn’t work anymore. He still likes the ritual and elaborate game playing.

1 OCTOBER 1982
Conversation with Babaji
In the Kirtan hall at Herakhan, a Western devotee approached Babaji, having in
mind to ask permission to obtain a long-term visa for returning to India and to
present all of his belongings to Babaji. The Westerner, who had been assigned
temple duties by Babaji, had recently been offered yoga initiation by another
Babaji devotee and had asked Babaji if he could accept the offer. Babaji had told
the Westerner that he should take initiation from somebody else and then told him
that he should go back to his country. Babaji's comments were made directly to
the Westerner.
"You are being sent back to your country because you have lost your faith. If you
were a true devotee, you would have unshakeable faith and a steady mind.

If Babaji were really a *good* being/god b he wouldn’t need to teach faith as a doctrine. A being who creates using light source in harmonious ratios wouldn’t dream of doing what he is doing and creating. It is a foreign thing because there is no dark matter of this proportion therein with which to counter any of it in this way, therefore no fear, and nothing to have faith about. Also, baba needs to be worshipped. He feeds off the energy as power.
If you open to align in *the other* experience you will see and understand that Babaji/shiva/creator and his gods and various avenues and paths are dark beings working with dark matter and are not high light beings at all. He deceives you by creating mazes and mind programming devices to perpetuate his lies, which he knows if people aren’t kept in line someone is going to cut through it and get to the real truth behind this spider web. He is only doing what dark matter does. He’s only following the course of dark matter energy, although he deceives you to believe that this is the best and highest light there is --- god. He is a lie and false on so many levels of deception; but he doesn’t want anyone not authorized by him to do the deceiving. That could be too dangerous. Someone might lead the person beyond him and he can’t risk that which is why he tells everyone to go through him or the chosen guru/teacher he assigns because then THAT will lead back to him.

He also wouldn’t want someone to teach too much peace in a way that would cause a person to move away from the “right amount” of violence needed to destroy.

He is insane madness.

This is the god Amitakh says she is aligned with.
This is the god Chiappalone says he is twins with.

What are you doing believing that a man who himself is not a yogi could initiate you
into yoga? This I do not like. By giving you temple duties, I had accepted you as
a devotee. To devotees I give Abhaya Dhan, the blessing of My protection, by
which you will always be protected and should be fearless. I am responsible for
you and your liberation. Whatever initiation you need, I will give to you. Why then
should you doubt or seek elsewhere?" The Westerner responded that he had been motivated by spiritual greed. Babaji continued - "What would you not receive from me? Your faith must be as mighty as Mount Meru. Even the sun and the moon can move from their course, but the faith of a devotee should not be shaken. A true devotee will be ready to shed his life for God and will have faith to his last breath. Never be moved by false
doctrines. You are protected in every moment."

Again, there should be no need to be protected… nothing to be protected from and nothing to be fearless about. None-the-less, the mantra which he said protected me was really a mantra energized to keep dark matter in motion. Dark matter cannot protect me, and his mantra never could and never did because in my deepest place within me I knew there was something ‘wrong’. Something not ‘right’.

He says he is responsible for the devotees liberation and whatever initiation or teaching you need he will give to you; or direct you to someone like him so you stay trapped in his program game.
This is a way to keep the devotee receiving from his limited dark matter electrical frequencies and displays and experiences. It keeps the devotee from reaching past him and beyond him. He will never teach a devotee how to get to high light source matter, because he himself only operates from higher dark matter frequencies and any other teaching would transcend his dark matter frequency creation.
He may call his frequencies light, but they are fake imposters and aren’t high light. He lies. This is how his creation is maintained and sustained by fear, hope, faith and the threat of obedience or he’ll leave you unprotected. He degrades a person and shames them into coming to him or his appointed and approved teacher/system.
He said the man/teacher in question wasn’t a yogi. He also earlier said that all roads of worship lead back to him !!
That also is a lie because he KNOWs that some could lead BEYOND him.

It’s mind tricks of fear doctrines on so many levels.
This creation however is all that people know, because he keeps them trapped from going higher to know any real truth. He keeps them trapped by telling them that it is he who is god (and certainly he is god of this dark matter creation because the God I know as my source wouldn’t/ couldn’t create this at all). Therefore they go only to him and don’t open to the real beyond him. They trust his words and believe that he is light because he has used the word “light”. If they do try to go beyond him he will come and destroy them and all others who plan on ascending from his creation game. He has said he destroys many times. Now you know why he does it. He is a liar and deceiver and people don’t know because they don’t get past him into anything but him. He programs their mind. I know because I personally experienced such a program where my mind was frozen and immobilized.

Now the truth is out.
This light source of truth and clarity I have received didn’t come from him; as a matter of fact he did all he could to prevent me from receiving it using many people and means. I was literally frozen and immobilized to question or act, while internally aware that I was frozen. I broke this hypnotic mind freezing program that he used by being fierce using a few different methods. After a few months I began to be able to free up to question just a little bit. During this time I began to research but my computer would crash and I would receive inner mental words and feelings to dissuade me from further questioning and investigating. Sometimes I was still aware that I was partly consciously frozen. I kept fighting through it. I became very aware that it was Baba/shiva who literally tried to physically kill me in a very clever way. It was all a very slow process, or it seemed slow but really it only took 1 ½ months to work through the programming, but also my inner mantra was truth.
I was aware that I was getting ‘truth’ but they still weren’t in line with what I felt inside; so I went beyond anything I knew from my human existence and asked for truth from an origin of source which I knew was my original source in my heart. I couldn’t at that time understand the conflict between why I didn’t recognize this earth as my home, or as a place holding a truth that resonated with me. Once I began to research dark and light frequencies and sound frequencies it broke the immobilized state even more and I was able to tell the difference between the 2 sound frequencies more easily. I realized that earth is indeed created using electricity, waves and sound frequencies. I was able to connect my memory of life experiences of dark frequencies of different ranges, varying types of disease, decay and suffering; which are different than light source frequencies.

I kept getting internally and exteriorly prompted through many ways to make me only ask Baba for truth and that he is the God. This of course falls in line with his desire to give truth that will keep his dark creation alive and keep a person from going into high light frequency. I did not feel to go to the god of this world in any way, shape or form. He doesn’t want that and has stated by his new world agenda that this isn’t the kind of person he is going to have as his worker. He wants to dictate to them as their god and he wants them to surrender to him and obey him (or others who he specifically appoints as his designated leaders.)

I then took every ounce of internal energy to focus on aligning myself with high light source frequency, truth and clarity in body, mind and spirit and emotions and all ways that I possibly could open to. This wasn’t easy as there was an internal battle as I recognized programs being confronted. Literally my mind was implanted with words that were changed around that said, “I align with dark frequencies.” I would say it and then a few minutes later catch what had just happened. I would then change the words back to my original design. This happened for a few weeks until I kept pressing on and forcing myself to question and align in something that went beyond this earth and all the things I’d been taught here. Many times I literally had to force myself and it was literally like trying to walk through water, or walk through fog. I felt like at times I had no ability to even get to the information to question.
I kept persevering.
Often I felt like I was being stopped from progressing by an avenue of implanting love and devotion toward Baba and this dark creation. Years ago I had already made my peace with letting go of the dark creation and felt there was no need for opposites as many people believe that you need the bitter to enjoy the sweet etc. I didn’t believe it then and now the more I was opening into *other* frequencies (that which I identified as being the opposite of dark matter) I definitely didn’t believe that belief system which is common with the intention to keep the dark matter creation alive because you either need it or are addicted to it for various reasons. During this time I recognized that it was Baba, my own teacher, that was preventing me from aligning in the real truth source. When all other avenues couldn’t program me he had me come to him so he could do a hands on.

I didn’t give up and I didn’t give in, because the more I made my God the “”higher light source frequencies of truth and clarity,”” the more I understood the truth behind Baba , his followers and his gods/assistants/teachers and the dark matter electrical energy creation they protect and maintain and destroy to keep it in place. Many, many times I was induced with ideas to suicide. This happened on many levels of experience as I now know their goal was to get me from going into the real truth and thereby busting the program of their lies. I resisted suicide on a daily basis. I understood that they couldn’t take my life unless I accepted and agreed to do so. I was internally told by them that my mission was complete and I should die now. I however didn’t accept that either. I was internally compelled to just walk away from it all and not feed energy into any of it; based on a truth that when you focus on something and give it attention you feed it. I also resisted that teaching because I recognized that was a trick to keep me out of the real truth. Then the more I aligned in high light matter source of truth the easier it was to see their game, or lila as Baba likes to call it. It is an ugly game ! While using dark matter energy it can be only variations of ugliness masquerading as, and pretending to be, light and joy, peace and healthiness. I would not walk away from getting to the root of all of this as I recognized that as a trick to keep me from aligning into light source truth and then taking right action on it.

Baba had already tricked me to believe that his totem was antelope, which means right action. He used many tricks to get me to believe that I should follow him as the god and lord of truth and right action and not go any further. (or in some cases it was acceptable that I could go to others who would still keep me locked in the cycle and not aligning with any energies that were higher than his mid range to higher range of dark energies.) He has tried and tried to destroy that which threatens his creation; but it hasn’t worked. He’s tried to distract me into other areas, like politics, science, or other forms of interests that would keep me from aligning in the truth as source …… but it didn’t work. I have the real truth now and that truth has literally set me free from him. He cannot touch it because his frequency is of a lower nature. The more and more I open to align in that light matter source in manifestation and expression through body, mind, emotions and action etc., the more he is threatened. During this experience I met beings. Not one but more than one, although they seemed to communicate as one. I realize that this was the Jesus Heaven experience I’ve occasionally heard mentioned, but my experience was profound in a way that I experienced intense love, peace, and all that goes with that. It was indescribable and very pure in nature. I call it my Jesus experience, for purpose of putting a description name on it, but in fact there is no label that I could begin to use to identify that experience.

I’ve had chakra manipulation causing bliss and joy; I’ve experienced many types of things, but when I experienced this I realized that baba was very, very different. His whole method and teachings were very, very different. As a matter of fact, the information I’ve written here is some of the information that I received in that experience as I kept aligning in the highest frequencies of truth from that *other* source that WASN”T dark matter which is predominant in this universe.

After that I realized that Baba manipulates sexual energies and devotees interpret them as love and devotion. I realized that he manipulates the mind and freezes it in so many ways. He implants myriad of teachings to keep people trapped from the real truths. He offers some sensations of joy and bliss, while still keeping people on this suffering treadmill he’s created, and which he calls an enjoyable game. He makes people addicted to it and focus on the good so that they can’t go beyond to recognize the lies behind what is bad. He confuses people to make them think it’s all good; or that there is no such thing as bad. He does have millions of tricks. He is the one who first began experimenting with the inappropriate use of dark matter in an unharmonious ratio with light matter. This set up the suffering which is inherent to predominant dark matter intentions and creations.
I knew that this wasn’t my real home at all, and it wasn’t how I lived or what I believed in my soul.
I knew that my home was very, very different.
I also knew why.

Baba as god of creation – dark matter creation – which isn’t in harmony with anything but various levels of dark matter and it’s corresponding intentions and results --- even when it appears to be bliss it’s a dark matter counterfeit and imposter.
Even bliss and joy here are very, very different than what I experienced while in my *home*.
With no dark matter predominant ratio to create from he will no longer be god of anything or anyone. This is what he protects, and he tries to protect his devotees from anyone who would offer light-matter source truths that counter that position. He is however no match for the real truth. It is light matter truth that disperses such lies. That light matter source truth is my God and in it there is nothing to protect from or against. There isn’t a need for fear. The man known as Jesus is a fine example of a human form representing the real true Source as God. Lucifer/shiva, the being who experimented with dark matter primarily as creative source is the god of this earth who created products that resemble the source he used. Lots of suffering with gulps of joy. But again, the joy is nothing like what I experienced in the Heaven state.
revealer of the deceivers
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
30 OCTOBER 1982
Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham is the most sacred place on earth and the
residence of Shri Herakhan Babaji. All who come here are members of a universal family who must demonstrate to the world their good character and attentiveness.

Yes, he may be a dark matter god, but he reminds us that he is a dark god with some ethics (at least the ones that serve his cause and agenda.) His demonstration of good character is not a great example.
People see his attitude as being very healthy because he wants people of good character.
They do not discern. They become gullible like Chiappalone.
However, when they align with him they are limited to only his truth that supports his creation; therefore they are blocked to get into higher real truths and accept his. Like I said, I was there, and I know just how very real that blocking is. He is pernicious and insidious and so are his assistants/gods/servants. Most of them are highly programmed and don’t even know what their doing. The only ones who get to assist him are ones that love to create with dark matter, otherwise their too much of a risk to his game. They use modern technology and old fashioned techniques to try to block and fog a person into believing his game. His game is the great lie. It is suffering and painful, and then people worship suffering as a necessary part of God’s creation. Sick. His web of deceit is revealed. Suffering has no place in the REAL God I know as my source. There is a big, big difference.

Two traits which Shri Babaji dislikes in people are acting like sheep, one blindly running after the other, and deceitfulness or cunningness.

Oh, that’s something ! His agenda is to look for people who obey him (sheep/cows), they have to be weak enough to accept a new world order that means they would accept no travel freedom; yet not too weak – but they can’t be too strong either or they might defy him… he can’t have that. But he wants them to be courageous and strong… No, he has stated that he doesn’t want people blindly following after the other, he does want people blindly (in faith and courage) following after him and his ways (or someone like him/one of his gods or assistants in his religions that he has set up.)
He is the god and king of deceitfulness and cunningness. He is one to point a finger. He doesn’t want people blindly running after the other --- just running after HIM.

He is a false god who uses dark means of trances and mind programming to get people to believe him and follow him.

Shri Babaji appears in the world to lift people out of such conduct to the highest level of character and to enlighten all mankind.

He has stated what his level of high character is, and his agenda for society to keep that level of character in place; it is his definition of “highest level”. To me this is still a very low level of character in terms of what my soul knows. If he truly appeared to *enlighten* ALL mankind then he would be telling these truths and he wouldn’t be destroying. His definition of enlighten is definitely NOT mine or that which I know Jeus to produce. He will and has only enlightened mankind to follow his very limited ideas. His interpretation of truth only keeps people trapped in circles  cycles/yugas; and is not the TRUTH I know and experienced in heaven. However, people have been subjected to such lower levels of dark matter energy life that they welcome anyone who can offer them some relief. When a dog is thrown an old dirty carrot of bread it’s better than having nothing at all. Then the dog licks at the feet of the master and this master keeps dangling more old dirty carrots in front of the dog. The dog is reliant on the master and ends up going nowhere else but to other such masters like him; for fear that a different one who isn’t in line with him might actually lead this person into an ascended experience, or truth and right action, and end his game.

His words are filled with lies as he has stated that you will not be able to travel freely unless for authorized purposes. For me this isn’t at all a definition of enlightenment or a higher character. Enlightenment is freedom to flow in harmony in joy in this moment; where ever that leads… it’s not restricted in the way he places restrictions and limitations. No, the life of heaven in Jesus is very, very different. He is not a heavenly being, a god or anything close. He is a deceiver who is lying to get you to accept his definition of enlightenment, freedom, joy and “high level” of character.
Even the highest level of character has to be controlled by him.
They are still a prisoner in the dark matter creation and he is their prison keeper who tells them lies that he appears to provide the higher level of character and enlightenment for people (being good, no jealousy, no hatred – and if you’re really lucky he promises you some yogi powers, maybe the ability to heal, psychic, or bliss or some other state to make you feel like you’ve arrived at enlightenment) Still, those abilities will go NOWHERE but this circle game; it will not get you out of this game because his goal is to MAINTAIN this game/lila which he likes to play. His game is suffering, slavery on so many levels, fascism state and a disgusting controlled ritual ridden religious belief system.

The best people can hope for is to align with higher dark matter energy frequencies and be psychic, control what’s in others minds, do some miracles, etc. And yet too many of these people would be very dangerous for this god because they would threaten his power. If anyone figures out how to use the higher end of dark matter energy they become a *god* with some powers to do some miracles and manipulate some energy. Still, they will fight back and forth with each other and Shiva, the creator has to maintain ultimate power somehow. This is ugly. It is not a *high* experiences to me, it is a higher frequency of dark matter. Considering people don’t know what living and creating in the light frequencies are, they have to accept this as the best they have.
Do you understand? By the time you finish reading his messages it will be more clear if you align in a light source of truth to understand him and his agenda.

However, he has already said that he will not move people into that higher end of dark matter, (because too many who have the same powers as him are too threatening to his rule and control) therefore he will keep them self-less, busy working, not interested in seeking the real truth which bust the higher dark frequencies much less higher light-matter frequencies. He will keep them obedient and take care of them and remove crime and violence, and control the jealousy and hatred, so they’ll stay happy cows in the pasture. He’ll keep them from roaming about the world. That will be heaven enough for most people. They’ll be satisfied and then fearful of ascending out of his protective dark matter electrical waves.

The basis of the fellowship of those who come to Herakhan is faith in Shri Babaji and His teachings. Faith increases with time and so do the numbers of people coming to Shri Babaji.

Yes, again with the faith. I’ve covered this before. Faith is an ugly psyche manipulation.
Religions have used it for generations to keep the sheep in “proper line”. It appears that he uses it too, after all, he is the god of this creation and therefore created the whole psyche manipulation in the first place according to him. Then there is no reason why he doesn’t continue to use it since it’s worked so well all along. People trust him and are entranced with him, (or other teachings which all lead to him in the end) and don’t/can’t question enough to break the trance and then go beyond him to get truth and clarity from a place that Baba can’t touch. If the BASIS of fellowship was to align in truth, truth, truth; and if really detailed and explained the workings behind that, as I have just done here in very brief explanation, then they would go beyond him. No, the basis of fellowship is to maintain/perpetuate HIS game/lila, and he has said that.
It’s a very sick game and not one that uses *high* character AT ALL in my definition and compared to Jesus very high character they are 2 very, different beings. They are different because they use opposite intentions and therefore create totally different things and experiences.

One of the signs of the greatness of the attraction of this place is that Babaji has never travelled outside of India, but just as all rivers flow to the sea, so too do people from all over the world travel to Herakhan.
According to the traditional Hindu measurement of time, we ' are now in the 28th
kalpa. The first man and first woman in each kalpa are called Manu and
Shatrupa. They are very holy and learned people. From the dawn of creation
Manu, from which the word Mansarovar is derived, and Shatrupa have done
penance in this sacred place. Here on the Kurmanchal Mt. Kailash, the first
Yagna (sacred fire ceremony) was celebrated by them. At that time, there was
nothing but deep forest from here to Delhi and northward everything was covered
with snow and ice. With time, cities developed and the area became populated.
Along with Lord Shiva, who had His main seat here, they moved to the Mt.
Kailash in Tibet, and Lake Mansarovar also moved to the north. The original
Manu performed the first yagna (fire ceremonies) here and the last Manu did yagna at the Tibetan Kailash. Arid, it was here that Lord Shiva and Parvati, daughter of the Himalayas, came to live. Lord Shiva also always remains here with the gods as His courtiers and servants and plays His divine lilas (games). The asan (throne/seat) of Lord Shiva is the top of Mount Kailash and the old cave below is the divine place of austerities of Lord Shiva. The original havan kund (sacred fire place) is still here on Kailash as well
as signs of the original Lake Mansarovar.

He plays with fire in his game, however the fire is very dangerous in his ratio.
Fire = dark matter energy
He is a child who doesn’t know how to play with fire. He destroys anyone or anything that may take that fire game from him. He’s done it since the beginning. People know nothing else. They may have some inner idea of what it would be like to live in a high state, and many long for it, but his trance keeps them blocked and imprisoned to keep struggling on his cycles to attain his version through his endless maze of techniques and implementations. Each time people get out of proper line he steps in and starts it all over as he again mentions in this above paragraph.
I’ve already covered the vile need for penance. Penance is non-existent in the *true* high state because there is nothing to do penance for !! In a TRUE *enlightened* high state there is no sin, therefore nothing to do penance for.
Do you understand how sick his game is? He promises you high character and enlightment and yet all through the cycles of mankind he can never deliver it or each new group of “shatrupa” as he calls them, wouldn’t need to do penance if they were wonderfully enlightened.
No, there is no LIGHT IN him.
This has now stopped and his game is revealed.

It was here at Siddheshwar, the peak next to Kailash, where Lord Vishnu came
to perform penance. When Lord Shiva was at Mt. Kailash and Lord Vishnu at
Siddheshwar, the great Rishi Gautama came to do penance. By the powers
gained from his penance, the Rishi created the Gautama Ganga river which still
flows here. Rishi Gautama went each day to Kailash to worship Lord Shiva. The
river was then very broad and difficult to cross, so the Rishi asked Gautama
Ganga to make herself narrower. Gautama Ganga became obstinate and
refused, so the Rishi cursed her and sent her below the earth, where she flowed
underground to join the Ganges at Banares. This underground connection still
exists, however, the Rishi in time took pity on Gautama Ganga and lifted her to
the surface a short distance from Herakhan, where she began to flow in a smaller
stream, as today. Once this was the greatest river in India. Those who bathe in these holy waters will be liberated from the ocean of this world.

It’s an interesting story. His stories are all heavy on dramatics. Trying to manipulate dark matter isn’t an easy task, as anyone in this human existence knows it’s not easy to manifest and manipulate the dark matter which is primary in this universe. Trying to get what you want is such a challenge, and part of that is the addictive process that keeps people enthralled with that challenge.

I saw countless Indians bathing in the water and I have no idea what kind of liberation he was talking about. Maybe some have been lucky to produce types of healings; however this would NOT be the norm but the exception. Millions of people bathe in the so-called holy rivers and nothing at all happens for them. He himself has said that nothing happens unless he controls it in your life; therefore what would be the point in wasting time in the river? Why not just go to him and beg? Because he has set the game rules and ritual is something he really likes… he likes to have his dogs/slaves beg and bark and do little tricks like an obedient dog;;; like bathing in a river,, so he can have a fun game…. And maybe, he’ll liberate the person. From all the people who bathe there you’d think they’d all be liberated by now.
It’s a sad lie and games that people cling to in desperation and hope…. Not to mention faith. It is one of his many, many lies none-the-less, which induce hope and keep people focusing on actions and rituals that will keep attention on maintaining dark matter. Some know their playing the game and accept this gladly but also don’t mention all the truths behind this game because Shiva/Lucifer won’t tell them all the truth;;; that he is Lucifer using dark matter and intentions to create and that he is a mad scientist and not a God at all.

His plan of martial rule and dominated fascism through political control and his religion doctrines aren’t liberation for anyone who connects in the real truth – it’s enslavement and torture and prison on so many levels.
It’s too late however.

An incident involving Lord Vishnu gave this place the name Herakhan. Lord
Vishnu took an incarnation as Haya Griva (horse-faced), because a demon who
had a face like a horse had been granted the boon that he could only be killed by
one with a similar face. Lord Vishnu took this form and killed the demon. This
happened here, so the place came to be known as Haya Griva Khand (Khand
means area or place). Over time, the name was transformed to Hairakhand or
Having some doubt, Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva, once asked what would
happen to man during the Kali Yuga when there would be so much trouble in the
world. The Holy utterance of Lord Shiva was that he would manifest in the Kali Yuga to uplift the world and liberate those who turn to God. Shiva now lives among us in Shri Babaji, Who is doing the services for mankind now from
Herakhan Vishwa Mahadham.

The story of Kartikeya is another shiva drama king story, as they all out do themselves for elaborate messages of emotional insanity at all levels and usually involving seeking after something.
Doing his SERVICE FOR MANKIND is a means of getting people to focus energy and serve him and his agenda, which is to maintain dark matter as sole source.
What “”lord”” shiva forgets to mention is that Kali Yuga is actually the time cycle referred to when the dark matter energy goes extreme and polarizes radically AND THAT HE HAS VERY, VERY LITTLE CONTROL OVER IT. On one end it is the lower nature of dark matter energy (which shiva/god doesn’t like) and also the higher end of dark matter energy caused due to such extreme suffering and torture (and some free time to go internally) which causes many to go toward opening and aligning beyond this dark matter source to escape this SUFFERING DECAYING, DEATH AND DISEASE existence. Shiva can’t tolerate either of those extremes because the lower nature is too difficult to control and the higher nature is too much competition (difficult to control) and should they go into the light matter they are out of his control altogether as they are then beyond him. This is not a service for mankind – it’s a service for him to keep it all maintained. The universal elements of biology however have set cycles and he cannot change them easily if at all. He can only try to manipulate them. The polar ice age shifts for example he CANNOT change. He lies when he says he has the power to change ALL. He doesn’t tell the truth to people and keeps them in lies to suit his purposes. Therefore he tries to destroy what he can before it gets out of hand and what he can destroy is the people and much of the creatures on the earth.

At Herakhan, no one is restricted to only one kind of devotion or learning. All
have a right to their form of devotion to God.

Oh sure, there’s no restriction to devotion; because it all leads back to him… but there is a big restriction on freedom to travel,,, because THAT could create independence and independence is something that threatens his control.
he knows that they have all been created by him and originated with him; but when he forms his new rule he’ll bring the sanatan dharma, which is his kind of devotion and learning. If they all have the right to their form of devotion then why does he come to bring his original and preferred religion?
Most of them have the same root base no matter how different they may appear on the outside. This way there are lots of different ways to entrap people, in case not everyone likes Hinduism or Christianity. It’s all the same in the end as he has said before – it’s all ONE --> one road back to him. All roads lead to his form of heaven (which is my definition of a hell). He allows the gods or leaders of the different religions to be charismatic or magnetic, maybe do some miracles and have some powers to change people’s brains, all the while keeping the brains still entranced in his program agenda to keep his illusion and game going. In this way people are gullible and are easy to impress.

You, who have assembled here are able to experience the development afforded by this place. Not all who come here are advantaged or rich, but all have been pulled by their hearts. As air enters a vacuum to fill it, so too you have been pulled.

Correction: they’ve been pulled by old fashioned or modern mind programming trances. I know, I was one of them. I was able however to watch it internally while it happened; not that I was able to overcome the trance at that time however…. Not until I pushed hard to do so, and to go past him and his teachings and identify that I chose to align in something *else* that wasn’t him and his energy that he uses…. THAT was when truth came.
Many people simply don’t question enough so there isn’t even a thought of a fight to choose to break the trance; because their programmed to be obedient to him or others like him and then defend him. Those who try to break through are often brought back into the trance through a myriad of mazes and mind programs; like a spider web he weaves to deceive and trap the helpless fly/servant/devotee. I’ve seen this happen with others, and it almost happened with me. It was only through hard persistence to break through it and into light-matter truth frequencies that helped to break that trance enough to even question.
Oh no, it’s no natural pull of the heart at all. Many people don’t realize it.
I have.

Those coming from the West have been saints in their former lives and were born in technologically advanced cultures to fulfill Karmic desires, but are drawn to Shri Babaji when that karma is about to be satisfied.

This technique usually induces the persons ego and makes them feel special. It’s a full range of psychological inducement, through fear, hope, faith and then appeal to a persons ego by making them feel special. Then they go to their ‘god’ shiva/baba/Lucifer in the end – through HIM. Then HE MAKES THEM fear losing that special-ness and it drives them to obey and go to him ….. without question.
I have already mentioned that Karma is a system to keep the psyche cycles going and his creative cycles going. Karma is not a heaven state because there precludes a base of bad/good to perpetuate the doctrine of karma. In a heaven state there is not this polarized “bad” so no karma. This “bad” comes from disproportionate use of creating with dark matter and negative intentions (such as the sadism of wanting to squeeze/hurt your child to see them cry a little.)
His teachings and beliefs are very, very different than what I experienced as TRUE AND HIGH. Yet he keeps teaching them to keep the cycle/game going while teaching them that if they just do this and that they can end their karma. If he REALLY had all power to change then he would end the karma,,, but no, it’s part of his so-called fun torturous and mad game.
That has ended.
revealer of the deceivers
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
Shri Babaji teaches us about the unity of creation.

This should be very interesting how he describes unity because the creation he has in mind is varied ranges of dark matter source. He justifies his despicable use of it; making of it a prison for all but him/lord/god/creator and introducing belief doctrines of karma to help keep people trapped and endlessly trying to escape. Yes, his creation has a sense of unity in a way that he destroys that which threatens that “unity”.
Unity and attention is needed to keep that creation.
If they all don’t work unified together then it
falls apart -> kaput. He doesn’t want that.

We are all made from the five elements; we are all of one spirit. In all respects,
we are one humanity, one human family.

The idea of ONEness drew me in as a very good thing initially. Until I realized he uses it to keep his energy unified into the direction of keeping his game moving.
The 5 elements are dark matter sourced since it can be nothing but that in a predominant dark matter universe. It’s made of dark matter energy with only fragments of light in some places here and there. (scientifically light matter energy makes up less than 5 % of the creation, but it is a portion which he feeds off to use as an energy force).
Correction: you are one humanity in the sense that your all in this prison together and unite from the same dark matter source to keep it maintained. He appeals to the “oneness” idea to make people root for each other and stick together in this all.
We may be one family and yet he has a very different choice and definition of love, truth, peace, enlightenment, high character and heaven than I do.
His idea of oneness is from a very different proportion ratio than mine. It’s different than what I know from my own personal experience in the spring of 2009.

Limitations arise from political beliefs and world leaders who hold thinking to time, place and culture, thereby creating differences and separateness. The birthright of all mankind is to love and follow God. Limitations arise from erroneous human beliefs. Shri Babaji has appeared to illumine the minds and hearts of mankind, so that unity and harmony may be known by all.

Correction: If he were really interested in telling the truth he’d teach that limitations arise from the ones who create using this negative intention energy to make products that decay, disease, die (limitations) In the heaven state there are NOT this kind of limitations. It is very, very different. Lucifer/Shiva/bubba wanted to play using different ratios and variations and THAT created differences and separateness because the ratio disharmony caused polarities which reflect in separateness and a struggling to get back to unity. THIS is what sets up a sense of time, place and culture such as is experienced. People, maintain it because their TAUGHT BY HIM to maintain it because HE IS THE MAINTAINER. Shiva the maintainer !!!
He puts the blame on political beliefs and world leaders !!!
He is the originator and creator who claims to have the power to change all and he puts the blame on them?? His perpetual cycles of creation in this way is what keeps the differences and separateness going. His creation is very, very different than heaven and it is HIM WHO DID IT and not some politician. The political and religious beliefs are part of his game to keep the lies going so everyone worships him as the god/creator of this world. Jesus came to heal/change the world and he keeps to maintain it !!
How’s THAT for his web and layers of lies and deceptions !
Do you understand?
This is the trickery he uses to blame HIS creation for the problems rather than HIM the creator and in spite of the fact that he always says HE is the one who has the power to change people and things he blames. If limitations arise from erronesou human beliefs than why does he the beliefs and bring a sanatan dharma religion to perpetuate erroneous beliefs? He’s insane.

Limitations have arisen because his intentions are wholly dark from using dark matter to create and dark matter is limited by it’s very nature. Creation, ideas, and all that involves is limited because there is an “end” to the “high” abilities within dark matter. That is it’s nature and it is experienced in nature by disease, decay and death irregardless of how well a yogi can try to manipulate it in the end there is much that a yogi cannot manipulate so they end up developing the Buddhist or hindu various sects of beliefs that you must just observe, or that it is illusion, etc.

The limitations arise when HIS teachings and system present ideas etc., that force people into the 2 extremes; dark lower nature (which he hates and destroys) or pain and suffering which move people beyond into light matter source (which he hates and destroys.) This creates differences and separateness from the mid-range to high range dark matter which he prefers to operate in so he can have easy control. In this way he dislikes the evolution of the world leaders, but at the same time he will use them and their technology to bomb and destroy the world and most of its people. THAT’s his idea of CHANGE, not changing people’s hearts at all which he tries to deceive you into believing.

Note he says the birthright is to love and follow God. It’s his interpretation of God, and he has already said that he is the god/creator. In light-matter the birthright is to love light matter as God/source Truth and follow in that in glory—which glory and love can’t be compared to dark matters even most glorious conceptions. Light matter is a unity and harmony which works within a completely different range, but Baba /shiva here has told us what his definitions of God is, and he is that.
Inwardly I never felt that this universe creation was my birthright. No matter what programming was done to try to convince me it never could.
Now I know why; and I know why he and other primary creators using dark matter tried so desperately to program and convince me.

He has not led people to the real true definitions, but instead he lies and blames others instead of changing hearts because the truth would counter his own agenda and game.
His phrase that limitations arise out of erroneous human beliefs is a hook in case anyone like me senses there is something ‘wrong’ with his story. His phrase “love and follow god” implant the psyche trip in the mind to love him, and then therefore there will be devotion and obedience, etc. to follow that love, keep seeking, seeking, following, following, following. This also infers that any erroneous beliefs you may have can be taken care of by god/him/or one of his avenues that will help program you from going beyond him. It establishes a trust and tries to get you to have faith in him and follow HIM because his lies cannot lead to anywhere but him. It’s all a circular psyche game which plays off each other.

It all led back to the circle of unity, which he needs to keep people from going beyond him and unified to work, chant and any other kind of focus of energy on frequencies that maintain dark matter. His lies are his definition of unity to keep it all maintained.
It is over. The lie and program has been busted and the real truth revealed.

Yes, he’s correct when he says that limitations arise from erroneous human beliefs, and yet he does nothing to line a person into light matter ideas and TRUTH; what he does do is use a phrase to hook anyone who might get beyond him and then cleverly lead them back to place where they are dependent and have faith in him, etc. Many times he ignites in people a complete dislike for any of it so that they won’t be a threat at all. For some of his followers all he has to do is give them a little shot of success, or bliss (throw the dog an old dirty carrot) and their fairly satisfied, thankful and even grateful.

For those who are real truth seekers however, he has created intricate mazes which lead back to him as controller so they can’t go beyond him and his definition of liberation, truth, love, light or freedom, health, joy, etc. People have believed that it’s truth; having been unable to align and transcend into any other kind of frequencies but the ranges of dark matter which he operates. And many people are satisfied with the amounts of success and joy he uses to shut them up from going beyond him, believing that they’ve arrived in nirvana. They still are limited by him and his many tactics; limited to go beyond into real light matter source and thereby be able to compare the difference. Sadly his whole agenda and doctrinal and political policies for his new world program seek to keep people still limited. (unless he actually thinks I’m going to buy into his idea that lack of freedom to travel is actually freedom.) He deceives by blaming limitations on someone else. He is a pernicious and deceitful liar, manipulator and game player. But he already admitted he is playing a game and likes it.
Why then should you be surprised to discover what his game is really all about. You must realize that any game involving this much dark matter source, which causes this many variations of pain and addiction to getting out of the pain and into something better, cannot be a healthy game. He wishes to do away with extremes and establish a more mid-range game but it’s still a game that isn’t of light matter. He doesn’t tell you this, not because he doesn’t know it, but because if you knew it the knowledge would cause a problem in his game. So he keeps up a web of lies and mind programming through various means to keep a person to go beyond him to real truth and this above paragraph is just one example of many.

Baba hasn’t appeared to illumine people’s minds and hearts so that unity and harmony may be known by all, he has come to PROGRAM people’s minds and hearts so that his definition of unity, and following in harmony of his agenda will be successful and THAT is what MAINTAINS SEPARATION.
It’s too late though. It’s been busted.


In case anyone got some idea to move into the TRUE light-matter God/source on his above mention of the words “unity” and illumination or liberation, he will counter and neutralize any such stray ideas with the energy of the above chant, to keep the dark matter energy in creation and form through HIS intention which intentions and results have already been proven to me to be unsatisfactory, limited, fascist and not the kind of experience I had in *heaven*. His creation is a fake and uses different intentions and energy combinations and that’s what makes it seem ‘separate’.
It hasn’t worked. He tried, but it didn’t work.

16 NOVEMBER 1982
Of greatest importance is that the repetition of God's name increases daily. In
this way, your heart and mind will be purified. Only then will you find God in

Purified = programmed to his god version.
His god program = dark matter source.
The truth is, if you worked to align in light matter frequencies of truth and clarity and right action, and the glory that is, then it would bust his god program. This is why he keeps repeating his technique to counter any such truth that would break through his program to maintain his game. (shiva/god=maintainer,creator,destroyer)

He tried to get me to chant and send energy to bring him back in body, and to energize muniraj, his very elderly replacement guru who runs his ashrams after he died.
It didn’t work. I broke the program with real truth because in my soul I only want the truth and action that aligns with the source that I’ve always known --- the *other* matter and experience that goes with THAT – which isn’t this universe dark matter and it’s creators/gods/powers.
Because of that inner desire and choice their programs couldn’t hold me as real truth broke through their lies and deceptions eventually.

The mind can be purified only by japa. This is the only medicine for the disease of the mind. While your mind and heart are impure, how can God live in your heart? The water to clean your heart is the Name of God. So teach everyone to repeat the name of God - everywhere.

Why does he need you to chant if he has all power to change things by moving just a little finger while sitting on top of mt. kailash?
Japa, repeating the lords name – any lords name will do – it’s all the same thing – unity in dark source. He wants the mind purified from anything that would go beyond him and his game, and chanting the names that are used to energetically create from dark matter will purify any mind from going beyond because it would be neutralized from the energy that produces dark matter. Do you understand? This is the cycle he likes to use to keep his game/lila going. If you like death; endless cycles of death and decay then embrace him.
Why would you serve someone who limits you with endless death and decay? His creating with his intentions and energy cannot – and has not—created anything else but.
It is not the kind of unlimited heaven I had in my experience in 2009… it is very different.

He says japa (repetition of chanting god name) is the only medicine for disease of the mind --> disease = going into lower dark nature which he despises or going into high light nature, which he equally despises. If your mind isn’t entranced in energy used to create from dark matter (which he defines as pure) and is in either state of extreme, how can this god program live in your heart? How can his dark creation work on a level that is pleasing to him and keeps him in control and power?

Truth: it can’t.

If he has all power by just changing your hearts by his thought, then why go through the dramatic game of telling them they have to do japa, etc, etc to have a pure mind? If his creation, that which he said he created, is so pure then why is there a need to purify it? He must realize there’s a flaw in his creation somewhere.

That’s why he says the water to clean your heart (clean your heart = program and entrance your heart and mind to his ways) is the energy infused in the sounds, frequencies attached to the names, mantras etc., that help focus attention on creating and maintaining the dark matter which this universe is created out of. It perpetuates the creation in a cycle.
He wants people to teach everyone to repeat the name of god so they will be easily conditioned. If they aren’t he’ll destroy them, he’s already said he will and those who chant his energy name won’t be destroyed.

The hitch is that it’s all part of his fun game because you can chant until you’re literally blue in the face but he also says that it is HE WHO makes the changes and decisions, so if you chant for 50 years and he decides not to give you a clean or pure mind then your chanting was for nothing. This is the way he likes to play his game. It seems to give him the most pleasure.
Is this the kind of god you want to worship? Is this who you want controlling your life?

I do not want idle people. Japa does not take the place of karma. Japa and work (karma)
go together.

That’s right, they do work together. Work (karma yoga) keeps a persons body busy and distracted from moving out of his particular program, and japa keeps the mind busy and distracted, focused on repeating the energy that keeps his creation in place lest the persons mind wonders off into seeking the REAL truth behind these insane lies and teachings and then perhaps question about comparing between the 2 sources. This is one of his ways to keep a person in his program. Then when he brings in his new political world of fascist control through restrictions, and his religious doctrines using rituals and other symbolized ceremonies the person will be even more locked up tight in his program and he’ll blame the terrible political beliefs on all the problems.

You must be active in God's work, like King Janaka who ruled his
kingdom always with his mantra in his mind. Arjuna fought the Mahabharata
battle, constantly remembering God's name. I do not want japa to be a pretext for idleness. Do japa with your work and be liberated.

Liberated? His agenda and method is far from a liberation which I seek.
It is more of a shiva/god/satanic prison I’d call hell compared to the heaven I experienced… which heaven state he can’t begin to provide because his intentions and creative energy can’t provide the kind of joy and love and unity I experienced in the heaven state… it can only provide the various levels he’s described which are very, very different.

I do not want God's name to be like stagnant, muddy water, but like sparkling
running water. Work and be Light; Repeat God's name. With a concentrated
mind always repeat God's name.

There is no way a person can be light matter glory, when it’s countered and neutralized by the energy of a lords name. He is deceptive and clever. By the word “light” he can only lead you to mid range dark frequencies, or high range dark, which he cleverly tries to deceive you to believe it’s “thee light matter”. However, when you align in light matter as source/God you can see the difference and know what he’s doing to deceive and trick people.
He offers new chants to put in place his energy of the universe.
He tricks and hooks people in by using words like “light”, “oneness” “unity” “truth” “love” etc. His definitions will always be limited and separate from the heaven I know because although they use the same source God he creates with different intentions and energy matter proportions.

We must always have good thoughts for each other. When you meet, say "Jai
Mahamaya Ki!" Mahamaya is the great energy of the universe.

Yet another chant to keep his game created.
Having good thoughts for each other is a good idea and Promotes less lower nature….hopefully. He does want less lower nature because its’ just too difficult; but it hooks people in because the idea of “having good thoughts” for each other looks good in contrast to the lower nature of humanity.

Jai mahamaya/Victory to God’s plan, is another word chant infused energy to keep the universe dark matter focused on. It’s similar to the om/aum variations.

revealer of the deceivers
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
16 AUGUST 1983
(Morning, at the Moksha Dham Dhuni)
Today is a very auspicious day. Today is a very happy day, a day of rejoicing. You are all
assembled at the foothills of the Himalayas where the sacred river Gautama Ganga flows. On its
banks is this beautiful garden. You are standing here by this beautiful natural spot of overhanging
rock covered with abundant green. The splendor of this place is indescribable, as is the spend
our of the sanctuary on Mount Kailash. This rock looks so beautiful with the green of foliage and
creepers - you can even see the tail end of Hanuman in it (at this point Babaji pointed out some
russet colored moss on the rock to Har Govind Baba).
Those of you here today are the most fortunate people in this world! Where you are standing is a
most unique spot of spiritual sadhana. Even (the snake with a thousand heads and mouths,
upholding the earth) is unable to speak of the greatness and sanctity of this place. Lord Brahma
cannot describe its greatness and sanctity either; nor Lord Vishnu with the assemblage of all the
Gods and Goddesses. In the name of Lord Rama, this place has been created solely for the benefit of humanity. It is an outstanding phenomenon, a miracle and a wonder of this world.

Yes, I bet, they are all programmed in the dark matter creation. Even if they may attack and fight each other from time to time to take over each others territory, they try to keep the root source of their energy in unity. After all, they are just deceitful – not completely stupid.
However now we see that their program is even failing. Super powers on all levels are trying to take control that the lack of unity threatens to blow up the whole dark matter as they prefer to maintain it.
Yes, the mountain location is beautiful and peaceful. It is also very, very dangerous as it is a wild mountain jungle. I enjoyed the scenery there and of course being in the middle of the mountains it was very quiet. I was very busy work, work, working non-stop… and was reminded constantly by the staff there that baba said to work all the time and not be idle. So, I didn’t have a lot of time to really enjoy the nature there. I can’t say that I’d go so far as his Lord Vishnu and Brahma’s description however. I personally didn’t get the sense of sanctity or greatness; but it was peaceful when I wasn’t dead tired from working and waking up at 4:00 in the morning.

The sun, moon and all the galaxies of stars are forever ready to serve it. I hope that in future this phenomenon of Divine creation will bear great fruit. In the name of Lord Rama, here a yearly celebration will be held on 16th August, commemorating it as a place of divine manifestation. Here is the birthplace of all yogis and the deity of yogis, as the source of their inspiration, and their goal, resides here.

If their goal is the same as his, I’ll pass completely and opt for something the nature of the *other* experience I had; which experience had nothing to do with him and his creative energies.

Mahadeva had once told Lord Rama this fact - that this site is the remover of all ills and the giver
of all heavenly joys.

Then my joy is to be in light matter God/source frequency truth and not this ‘separate’ and limited state.

He is bound by his own statement.

As my dad always used to say, “give them enough rope and eventually they’ll hang themselves.” In this case he most certainly has.

If the site removes all ills why do I see the staff who work there on a permanently basis with many ills? One has a mental/social illness of the degree that was very alarming. One has an ill which involves extreme obesity. One was such an obsessive fanatic it was emotionally/mentally unbalanced portraying stress and the opposite of relaxation and ease… oh, but he was a workaholic and THAT was the very thing that baba said he wanted as a “good” trait. I saw his trait in action and it was unbalanced energy. Does he plan on EVER removing these peoples ills? He did say he has the power. He also said this site has the power.
It’s another trick in his complicated anything-but-simple game.
Talking like this hooks people into the lure of hope through achieving relief from the pains of this world and to get some joy.
Bear in mind that my idea of heavenly joys and his are 2 very different definitions.

In the name of Lord Rama, the sages/munis of this Age have shown great self-sacrifice in order
to build this place. In the name of Lord Rama, just as Pramodavan was the beautiful garden of
Lord Rama in Ayodhya, so this is the beautiful garden of Lord Shiva. Its name is "Nadan Van."
This divine manifestation, this garden, is not of an ordinary type. It has come into being through
the sweat and blood of all devotees. That is why it is so beautiful.
Today is a very happy day. It is a day of great peace and welfare for mankind. Today is an
auspicious day. It is "Mangalvar" ("Mangal," auspicious - Tuesday).
I have told you that I will bring heaven down to earth and today you all are eyewitnesses to this

Again, his idea of heaven isn’t the same as mine. If he calls this heaven then I’ll pass.
I experienced *heaven* and this is nothing like it. There are some joys and some beauty which I see; and yet the decay and death is not the heaven state at all. Also, the experience of love and peace in the heaven state is nothing compared to what he’s claiming he brings down to earth. But he keeps you going to him, and never going beyond him, and then HE TELLS you what heaven is; so he keeps you from going beyond him to experience the difference.
That’s of course part of his way and his technique.

In the name of Lord Rama, I have told Hargovind Baba many times that I shall make
Switzerland and Sweden here. In the name of Lord Rama, now you can see the verdure all
around. That the place is what you can see today is due to those who have done penance here.
In the name of Lord Rama, what is here today is the outcome of your hard labor and sadhana, of
your winning the challenge. Nature posed to you - you have conquered Nature and have created
this beautiful garden.

Everything in his world is a fight and a conquer or be conquered kind of mentality. That is his intention and that is therefore what he creates; a nature that must be conquered/maintained/destroyed.

In the name of Lord Rama, Mahaprabhuji has given a boon to this place that whosoever drinks
the holy water of "Ram-Dhara" and whoever comes to have Darshan of the dhuni, takes vibhuti
(sacred ash) and performs any spiritual practice here, will have the guarantee of being liberated.
This has become a written code. This is what Mahaprabhuji tells you. That is why it is called
"Moksh Dham" - liberation sanctuary. It is a manifestation of Lord Rama and a center of
pilgrimage. It is the entrance door to the Lord. Lakshmana (Rama's younger brother) has been
here and so has Sheshnag. In the name of Lord Rama, now I teach this to you - all of you make
progress obeying orders and following spiritual discipline.

How would he define liberation? When does he plan on delivering it?

I am liberated, but it’s not the kind he had in mind. The liberation he had in mind was the one that he would dictate, because you are to go to him for liberation; therefore he wouldn’t be able to give me the kind of liberation which I have known to be true. And indeed he didn’t give it to me at all but did all in his limited powers to prevent me because I WENT BEYOND HIM.
He has already set his boundaries and perimeters of what he defines as liberation for his workers, and it isn’t the same as mine. His definition of liberation is to follow and obey through a rigid set of spiritual practices and doctrines, and to work in a restricted fascist environment out of fear and obedience, hope and faith – fear to disappoint him and hope to get more blessings or powers or enlightenment, or in this case now the hope of getting liberated.
He likes the game of watching the dog try to get the dirty old carrot he dangles at the end of a rope just always out of the dogs reach. The carrot isn’t even something that the dog would enjoy, but that dog is so desperate it will take the carrot and be thankful for it… problem is, the seeking is endless and the attainment is…. when exactly??? One of his biggest consorts/devotees was Gaura Devi from Italy. She now has Parkinson disease. Dis-ease. What part of a liberated, free, healthy body and mind is that?? He has the power to change all? That’s the reward his devotee gets… but if he defines that as liberation that his definition is very sick and twisted compared to the incredible and indescribable healing liberation of experiencing the *real* heaven state.

He offered the ‘hope” to seek attainment of liberation, but at the end of his statement he counters any wayward person who gets an idea to really go BEYOND HIM AND HIS ENDLESS PLOYS TO KEEP A PERSON SEEKING, who might get the idea to go into a light-matter oriented liberation he blocks their mind and desires by reminding them to progress by obeying orders and following his spiritual discipline that he has set forward. In that way he nicely feeds them hope in liberation but neutralizes any kind that would be liberated from his controlled definition.
He’s clever to keep people trapped.
It didn’t work.

This is the dhuni of the Mother Goddess. It is Her actual form. The octagonal shape reflects Her
eight arms. Here auspicious chanting to the accompaniment of musical instruments takes place
as though heavenly musicians (Gandharvas) had descended.

I recall when I spent time there I would chant to invoke her spirit. It was quite a distraction. Baba also fed the idea in my heart and mind to chant to bring Baba back in human form. This was supposed to be my whole purpose of going there; to chant to bring baba back in human form. All this I did in a sort of hypnotic trance, as inwardly I was always aware that the action part of my consciousness – the kind I experience at this time - was frozen and imprisoned to do anything else but follow him, while simultaneously wondering why I was acting and doing this when I felt that there was something wrong in it all --- something didn’t line up ‘right’ inside me. Also, I don’t believe in gods or Hinduism and it’s not my belief to worship them. However, so strong was his mind control program, and the entrancement, that I did it all without being able to do anything else but. I’d sing bajans/praising songs, while thinking and feeling internally that it wasn’t right and I didn’t like it. His program and energy encoded in words and symbols etc. is very strong and very real. For those who feel smug that they haven’t been hooked into him and Hinduism they can think again, because if they looked they would notice that they are either praising him inadvertently or they are rejecting him in a way that atheism or apathy might be disinterested. In any case the end result of his is achieved because his lies have been upheld and the real truth hasn’t been brought to the attention of humanity.
The truth that HE is the mad scientist/Lucifer – the fallen one – god creator of this realm.
His lies are ultimately no match for the real truth, however breaking free of the bondage chains to get to that light source truth is difficult for most. I will not say it was easy for me.
That has ended. The imprisoned bondage chains are released through identification of high light matter God/Source truth; and in its presence the darkness disperses in a harmonious balanced ratio.

Today is a very auspicious constellation of stars. Today is Bhaumashami - the eighth day of the
Lunar month, coinciding with a Tuesday; the last time this occurred was a hundred years ago.
During the time of the Pandavas, the princely heros of the Mahabharata during the time of Lord
Krishna, they were waiting for somvatiamavasya, the dark moon day coinciding with Monday. But it did not occur and the brothers were liberated only after much suffering, climbing to the Himalayas, where they died.

He loves suffering; like his god assistant kali. They thrive on it. They feed on it. they are the originators of drama. Kali the drama queen and shiva the drama king. ONE big dramatic game. He loves the energy he gets off of it; like he said he likes to squeeze the child a little and watch it cry.
Suffering however isn’t a part of the *other* source manifestation or experience. This clearly tells what source he worships and creates from. It’s the source present here, which is what he seeks to maintain and destroy for.
So, is he here defining death = liberation??
Is liberation generally to come after much suffering first?
And to think, he claims he could have removed all suffering; or make all powerful changes; by moving a little finger while sitting on top of Mt. Kailash !! Instead here he, the great controller, watched the suffering and death.
This is very different than Jesus and the experience I had in 2009. They are very different and operate through different intentions, desires, which are opposite from each other.

Today is a great constellation of stars. In the "Durga Sapt Shati" (seven hundred verses in praise
of the Goddess Durga), it is written that on Bhaumashami all one's desires will be fulfilled. Now, let the auspicious instruments sound again. (Babaji was inviting the bagpiper and drummer who were present to play.)

Again, the desires have been limited to his set idea; and in that way he gets to protect his creation.
He keeps planting new ideas,,, myriad of ideas and beliefs, to hook people to keep searching and hoping in faith to attain and have all their desires fulfilled.
How’s that working for the devotees?
Buddhism sects say that desire is the portal door, the beginning and foundation for suffering.
Well, then he has just taught the way to a life of suffering according to that Buddhist teaching.
It doesn’t matter, it all is meant to conflict and confuse the mind so his game goes on and that’s the only desire he really has. It’s NOT about YOUR desire at all. It’s about HIS desire to play his game.


Again, in case anyone got any wayward idea to have desires that would jeopardize control of his mid to high range dark matter creation experiences, then that desire could be countered by the energy of the chant which he ends his message with.
That is a typical pattern of most dark messages. He is typical to a fault.
It’s not working. There is no hope to save his program.

revealer of the deceivers
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
17 AUGUST 1983
Babaji speaks, Shastriji repeats; morning Darshan, after the Yagna (fire ceremony) celebrating
the completion of the Parthiv Puja
The Parthiv Puja, which has been celebrated here [for the past 21 days], has now been
completed. It was due to your devotion and effort that this sacred ceremony could be
accomplished. On this holy occasion, Mahaprabhuji blesses you with His whole being.
In the name of Lord Rama, you are all sitting at the foothills of the Himalayas. By merely sitting
here, you are reaping the results of hundreds of lifetimes of penance; by having the Darshan of
the dhuni, by applying vibuthi, you are receiving blessings automatically.

He says it was due to the devotion and effort that this ceremony could be accomplished… he needs energy from devotion and effort/work because that’s the energy that keeps his creation focused up and in motion.
Penance is a big thing in his doctrine. I’ve explained it before. It’s psyche controlling inducing all kinds of hopes and fears using polarization and escape of polarization (good/bad) through penance to achieve…. liberation. Liberation from what?? From sin and having to do penance?? What blessing would you receive?
Why would you choose to worship someone who operates like this when there is a choice?
The blessings he offers is nothing compared to the Jesus experience I had. In that experience I remind you that there is no need for penance. Jesus and Lucifer/shiva/bubba operate by 2 totally different systems of teachings to perpetuate their energy results/creations/outcomes.
Once you align in the *other* energy you will know the difference for yourself.


Again,he likes to end his messages with a chant, in case any soul is ignited with the real truth, or the desire to SEEK beyond HIM; then the chant energy is said with the goal of keeping it all in HIS frequency…. Which is very different.

17 AUGUST 1983
From tomorrow morning, Anushthan Puja for the Haidakhandeshwari Devi (the repetition of 1008 times of the "Haidakhandeshwari Sapt Shati," 700 verses in praise of the Haidakhandeshwari Mataji, written by Vishnudatt Shastriji) will take place in the Dhuni.

Through his fire ceremonies and high chanting and rituals he hopes to send out intense energy. Through invoking the idea that the dhuni is a sacred place of liberation it builds the idea of hope through seeking and desire, and brings extra energy needed through those emotions and attention to it all.
…… he tried but it didn’t work on me. He tried all manners of tricks and doctrines and lies.
He failed.

Everyone should participate morning and evening. Just as you go to the temples, everyone should go to the dhuni to meditate and do japa there.
Still, the main importance must be given to Karma Yoga. Without Karma Yoga it is not possible to progress in life - not only to achieve material progress; Karma Yoga is essential for spiritual perfection, as well. I consider an inactive man a dead man. Only through Karma Yoga can you advance in your life; your heart becomes purified, your thinking will be good.

Perfection !! Perfection is a mind manipulation trap keeping people busily attaining something and the pursuit of perfection makes people really sick. Again, in case a person chants and it opens the idea of aligning into a higher light frequency he reminds them to distract by working, working, working through karma/work yoga. I’ve met many who are workaholics and their hearts have not been purified nor was their thinking good. Many times their life was so out of balance that their families suffered. He means the mind becomes purified from anything that would get in the way of focusing on dark matter as creative energy – thereby keeping it in place. The physical work perpetuates the focus on his creation. That’s his idea of good.
In his creation you have to WORK for spiritual perfection. He doesn’t just grant it to you as he claims he can change hearts omnipotently.

This is not the same as the Jesus I experienced. In the *heaven* experience I WAS perfect. There was no attaining, no work to do to achieve; no crazy game like this.
But how could baba create THAT and STILL be worshipped as a god if he’s not somehow ABOVE all the rest and others have to seek to attain and achieve HIS perfection traits, or his definition of that.

Karma Yoga is also beneficial for your health; you will sleep well and have good appetite. A man with good appetite and sound sleep is always a healthy man and with good health he can achieve anything in life.

Previously he said that if you do work /karma yoga you will have health. Here he seems to attempt to explain it, however I disagree completely that a man with good appetite and sound sleep is always a healthy man. This simply isn’t a true statement at all. I’ve known many who eat well and sleep well, but aren’t necessarily physically healthy nor mentally or emotionally healthy. Forget about the sleep and appetite just cut through the lies and give me real truth…
But he can’t do that… he sets up an elaborate layer of webs to trick people into thinking he’s good, god, love, truth etc. and then makes them obey him, and follow and seek him to get perfect, good health, achieve, etc… people become dependent on him.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, look under the dictionary for the word “Stockholm syndrome” and you will find Shiva/bubba and his followers.

I have told you before that there are many kinds of Yoga, but Karma (work) Yoga is of supreme
importance. Karma Yoga must come first, then others types of Yoga can be added. In the name
of Lord Rama, advance and progress through Karma Yoga.
Since the time of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna many scriptures have come into being. They all
describe the significance of Karma Yoga and teach its greatness. Christ was a Karma Yogi and the prophet Mohammed followed the path of Karma Yoga. All the Great Ones who have come advanced through Karma Yoga. "Phuro - be inspired!" All of you! In the name of Lord Rama,
Karma Yoga teaches you to lead a true life. Only Karma Yoga is able to transform the world.Inaction is the cause of pain and all troubles.

Truth: Doing work is able to transform you by keeping you very busy and easily conditioned; having no spare time to wonder about a higher light matter existence or time to question if there is something not right here – if you have free time you’re too tired and need to chant or perform some other ritual or selfless service. In this way there’s never any real time for yourself to go inside and possibly make comparisons or bust his programming.
I don’t agree that inaction is the cause of pain and all troubles. While I do not necessarily agree with laziness, there is absolutely nothing that validates his statement that inaction is a cause of all pain and troubles. My dad was very active and his mind was sick.
No, it’s his lack of truth and use of intention to work as he does, and to perpetuate that work, that causes all the pain and troubles. It is his maintenance of sickness that causes the pain and all troubles.

*Note that he says, “christ was a karma yogi” and he uses the generic term of Christ, rather then the specific name of Jesus !! Jesus has no interest in the word Karmic. Jesus teaches truth, and his desire was to heal the disease and decay that shiva/Lucifer creates.

Note also that apparently Amitakh hasn't read his message because she writes that Mohammed is a dark being; and yet the god Baba and the god Amitakh (divine mother) can't get their "truths" straight with each other!!.

****During the period I’ve been typing this, off and on I have been internally” prompted” to walk away from this now, that I’ve said all that needs to be said, and yet I continue to align in the real truth and I continue on…. If I had stopped I wouldn’t have confronted the following horrendous example, below, of Babaji/god/shiva. Shiva/Lucifer/bubba truly does not want me to review his message and bring truth out and reveal his lies and game.

In the name of Lord Rama, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, all brought revolution by Karma (work). Whatever they achieved, they did through Karma - through one-pointed action. The world trembled by the impact of their action; they changed the world. In the name of Lord Rama, Karma Yoga gives immediate results.

These are the ‘’great ones’’ he spoke of in the previous paragraphs as examples of work.

Alice bailey of the djwahl kuhl books also talks about one-pointed action. It is extremely strange that Baba /god/creator/shiva would use such horrendous people as Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler to point as an example of revolution/destruction as being ‘great ones’. He has shown here proof of his sickness.

Stalin and Hitler may have been one-pointed, hard workers and had a vision that they put into place, and the world indeed did tremble by the impact of their action, but he’s using them as an example by saying in the name of lord rama karma yoga gives immediate results and these are examples of great ones. This is sick and despicable. I can think of other ethical people who produced ethical results rather than the examples of these 3 anti-christs, world domination type madmen. But I can see why he likes their example, because he resonates with the world domination mad men anti-christs.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Stalin wanted communism in place. Stalin launched a command economy, replacing the New Economic Policy of the 1920s with Five-Year Plans and launching a period of rapid industrialization and economic collectivization. The upheaval in the agricultural sector disrupted food production, resulting in widespread famine, such as the Soviet famine of 1932-1933. During the late 1930s, Stalin launched the Great Purge (also known as the "Great Terror"), a campaign to purge the Communist Party of people accused of corruption or treachery; he extended it to the military and other sectors of Soviet society. Targets were often executed, imprisoned in Gulag labor camps or exiled. In the years following, millions of ethnic minorities were also deported.[3][4]In 1939, the Soviet Union under Stalin signed a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany, followed by a Soviet invasion of Poland, Finland, the Baltics, Bessarabia and northern Bukovina. After Germany violated the pact in 1941, the Soviet Union joined the Allies to play a vital role in the Axis defeat, at the cost of the largest death toll for any country in the war.
Musolini was a fascist. It’s no wonder Baba looks to these men as fine and great examples, because his own agenda is absolutely fascist.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
Benito Musolini was an Italian politician who led the National Fascist Party and is credited with being one of the key figures in the creation of Fascism. Although he initially favoured siding with France against Germany in the early 1930s, Mussolini became one of the main figures of the Axis powers and, on 10 June 1940, Mussolini led Italy into World War II on the side of Axis (new world order takeover).

I don’t even need to describe Hitlers agenda: Hitler was appointed chancellor in 1933, and quickly established a totalitarian and fascist dictatorship. Hitler pursued a foreign policy with the declared goal of seizing Lebensraum ("living space") for Germany, directing the resources of the state toward this goal. His rebuilt Wehrmacht invaded Poland in 1939, leading to the outbreak of World War II in Europe. He had a definite opinion of what society should be like and was willing to kill those who didn’t fit in. That is the exact thing shiva/bubba does.

** note: From all I’ve read about baba messages he appears to have wanted these communist and fascists to bring about the new world order then. Apparently it failed. Although he may admire them in this message, in past messages he denounces political leaders. It is very clear that he would kill them as soon as they did his dirty revolution destruction work if they don’t surrender to him ( he says that later on); and then he would implant his new order, which isn’t unlike Hitlers, Mussolini’s or Stalins, the difference is that He/baba would be king/god/leader and not these politicians which are too much of a threat to him and his power.

Baba does not think or act or believe as a being of the God/Source which I experienced. If this wasn’t clear before it should be plainly evident now.

Has any great publicity been made in all these years in the media about what is happening here?
Yet, by the power of Karma, the whole world, the whole of creation, comes rushing here, like being blown in by a great storm.

Please, that is an over-exaggeration ! I don’t know anyone in my location who knows of Haidakhan Baba much less the whole of creation rushing there. Many people have read the book, Autobiography of a Yogi, yet there is controversy that these are the same Babaji’s because the term “Babaji” in hindu simply means Baba = father ji = great, wonderful.
He has become very arrogant and in the end you will see that his arrogance did him in. Use of too much dark matter can lead nowhere good that I want to go.

In the name of Lord Rama, I have told you many times that karma (work) Yoga is supreme and, through it, I will bring the Revolution to the world. I have also told you many times that Karma Yoga is the highest thing. And I have told you many times "PHURO -be inspired!"

His idea of Mussolini, Hitler and stalins revolution is not my idea of living. He will use this kind of new world order revolution to get his own in place – which he is proud to say resembles mussolini’s and the ww2 axis. No, this is not the “light-matters ” highest; it is his highest and there is a big, big difference. He continues to define and describe what his idea of “highest” is.
Then he ends it with a word loaded with inspiration to inspire you about his idea of a revolution and a fascist reign…. Except that he will be the god/king/leader --- so that makes it all ok for him.

This Revolution will be so fierce that it will melt the hearts of men. This Revolution
will annihilate the trees and leaves in the world, as the result of nuclear destruction.

So much for his idea of bringing it about peacefully. No, he can’t do that because he loves destruction and describes the nuclear destruction which will come even though he also says he has all omnipotent power. Like kali god he thrives on suffering and pain… even when he says he doesn’t, clearly he lies and does uphold mad destruction. He upholds and maintains it. Such is the confusion of a sadistic mind.
Melt the hearts of men = program the hearts of men to his agenda and belief system by submission, fear, control and many other means.

In the name of Lord Rama, I have taught you this lesson of Karma Yoga many times. Through every means we will try to progress through Karma. All will be done.

No, all will not be done. The lie is revealed.

Concentrate energy, conserve it. Don't waste anything, use it only when needed.
Awake! Arise!

Yes, wake up to this god Satan anti-Jesus (opposite to Jesus) creator who wishes you to serve and follow and obey him. All his teachings are anti-Jesus ways = anti-christ/lucifer.
Wake up !! Arise !! take right action in alignment in light matter frequencies of truth and clarity.

Go to the wise and gain knowledge!

If you follow him as your source and god then he will only lead you to those who he deems are wise and who will promote his own twisted agenda. If you aren’t in agreement with Mussolini, Hitler or Stalin, then he’ll use a different technique. He considers Mussolini, Hitler and stalin as the examples of greatness and wisdom so his definitions and models are different than mine.
He may send you to get knowledge on the ways of the new world order of the super powers; he may have you off studying something else which seems helpful or important. He will however never instruct you in light matter frequency of real truth and right actions to do anything to counter that super power/new world order take over, because he has said that he hates it and yet he needs it and respects and admires such politicians - but hates them too. He needs them around to do his destruction.
He uses confusion to mess with people’s minds.
He only wants you to use the knowledge to keep you either shut up, satisfied or still the dog chasing the dangling dirty carrot.
As in my case he did all he could to stop me from gaining the real truth because it led away from his definition of wise and knowledge that would UPHOLD the maintenance of his creation.

He needed the Russian technology in place during his life to program many people through easier modern technology. His plan was to use it and destroy it so no trees would be left. He said he had the power to do what he wanted, and apparently he wants major devastation.
You will gain no healthy wisdom from him, and any knowledge will only feed his twisted agenda. My computer has crashed so many times in an attempt to stop me from revealing his lies, manipulations and deceit, but it didn’t work. He literally tried to kill me as he planted so many messages in my head to suicide so as to stop from getting to the real truth. It didn’t work.
For some people who choose him then they aren’t a threat to him and those people accept the so called “wise” men he sends you to. Otherwise, his brainwashed followers have historically rejected the REAL truth and those who would deliver it.
The truth is being revealed and these games are over.

Realize the Self!

NO, it’s not the self that I need realizing --- it’s high light-matter truth being . That is very, very different. His definition of the self is always in a mid to high dark matter range. That is who he asks you to realize ---- the self ! Not the light matter being and he gives no easy, simple and clear definition on the Self in terms of what I experienced because THAT will lead people AWAY from him when they choose something other than his myriad teachings and systems. he wouldn’t be defending low dark natures of Mussolini. In fact, previously he said he would destroy the lower nature. He disliked politicians he said…. All except of course his favorite fascist ones. No wonder his agenda reminds me of stalin and Mussolini. It’s the same thing because he loves their example. When he raises up people to work through to perform his destruction it’s no wonder then that they are in his image. He needs them but then he’ll destroy them.
Of course it’s a big distraction and mind preoccupation to even figure out what this elusive “self” is that one should try to REALIZE.
I say, REALIZE THE TRUTH BEHIND HIS LIES AND AGENDA, AND ALIGN IN THAT TRUTH OF THE *OTHER* MATTER, and you will have realized the difference and know how unharmonious this creation is and the ‘self’ which maintains in lies.
Set your soul free to question.
Set your soul free to experience that truth and experience which is BEYOND him.
Then you will know.
Keep repeating THAT mantra over and over and keep working at THAT.
That is truly when you’ll realize the SOUL and the soul always knows it’s way home when you allow your mind to go past these insane and dark suffering teachings which he perpetuates and programs the mind with. Go beyond it and repeat that you align in Jesus energy and frequencies; or if you’re more comfortable say that you align with light matter frequencies. Work at THAT.
Keep pushing through his lies and recognize his snares and very soon his mind program will break. It took me under 3 months of constant focus to break free by using THAT above chant and by working toward a different goal of going beyond him, and it did work.
Then the real truth came pouring through.

Be of firm determination - fully concentrated - achieve your goal!
In the name of Lord Rama, everything is present in this world, but the luckless ones - those
without Karma - get nothing.

Such is a god that I have no interest in worshipping in any way shape or form. You can work and work and yet if he decides not to give you something you won’t get it. He entices the seeker and achiever by saying “everything is present in this world” in the hope to keep working to achieve and attain… seek, follow and obey him… he says that’s the only way.

What I am telling you are all "phuro-mantras" - mantras to be inspired by! In the name of Lord
Rama, inspiring words are eternal; the physical body will go, it is perishable. For the sake of Lord
Rama, there are people who are "nine less than a hundred" and there are those who are "nine
more than a hundred" (an Indian proverb which means that there are all sorts of people in the
world). The same goes for people's ages; there are people of all ages. For the sake of Lord
Rama, today I will close here.

No, for the sake of the TRUE SOURCE you will just close. Period
That’s freedom from all the kinds of dark matter fake counterparts he tries to create.
THAT’S a real phuro mantra and the real work of liberation,, to align in the real Truth and the sound frequencies or all other energies that support the REAL heaven experience.
revealer of the deceivers
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
20 AUGUST 1983
It is very necessary for us to be strong. If we are economically strong, we can even bring here the
power that was the Union Jack's (the English flag that conquered India).

He admires and uses as example of strength those who have an agenda to conquer and have world domination. That’s not a light-matter power. England super power days were a nasty example of power and strength. He is showing who the god/creator is and what he is and what he creates with and who his examples are. His examples of power are those who were hungry for world domination, or then he uses the generic term “christ” to sandwich something confusing into people minds so they’ll accept and overlook all the other horrendous statements.

We will be able to wave the flag of Hairakhan Vishwa Mahadham throughout the world, as once the Union Jack flew. By their knowledge, yogis will be able to defy all weapons and bombs.

By the truth, and aligning in high light source truth, you will be able to transcend all this dark matter crazyness he spews and spouts endlessly and repeatedly with the agenda which is to program your mind to his will and agenda; to be obedient followers and worship him.
Yogis will be able to defy all weapons and bombs, but not until after all trees have been destroyed, land mass and most of the population. A very sad game of drama.
He is so dramatic.

"PHURO! Be inspired!"
We must go ahead and progress. Don't lag behind. In whatever condition or position you find
yourself, always go forward. Go ahead! Go ahead! Advance with courage! Don't think that we will remain always in darkness and obscurity; like a frog from a deep well, come out and walk ahead!

His new agenda has his followers still remaining in darkness. It’s only a little higher range than the lower nature range which he refers to as fog. His belief system can’t be anything but darkness because he uses dark matter to maintain it through chants, work, rituals, and all manners of devices. If he claims to have all power why did he put you/keep you in darkness to begin with?
Oh, he forgets to explain that, but I have already explained that.
It’s a sick game he plays. If you like it then you follow him.
I do not like it and I choose not to follow him.
It’s THAT simple.

Nature and the elements are now in our favor. Whenever you will face a challenge, you will win it.

That hasn’t happened. I’ve met many devotees who have faced challenges and can’t say that this statement is true at all.

Look at the Stanfords in court. They didn't win at all and yet she's his devotee/ supporter and has been for years.

Nature and the elements are now in ‘his’ favor? I thought he controlled them so how can there be random luck of them being in his favor? He previously used the word “luck-less” as ones who don’t work too. If he has all control where does “luck” enter in?
Oh, right, it’s his game and he makes the rules.
In truth, he has very little control of elements but he is a great magician who tries to convince you that he’s all powerful and controls ALL. Apparently his definition of powerful and omnipotence still relies on a little bit of favor.

Now the sounds of victory can already be heard. The kingdom that will come now will be a
religious kingdom. There will be high morals.

Yes, he does like high morals…. If only he could get some “high” morals in his life. If only he could just get the same kind of morals he demands in others…
His definition of high morals isn’t my definition at all.
There is nothing I could say to defend or justify him.

At every crossroads, bells will be hung, and if anyone is in trouble he may go and ring them and he will receive justice. I will root out all fear from the world. I will give the boon of fearlessness to all. I will stop the use of all weapons. The disarmament campaign will become greatly

The 2 bold print sentences are contradictive to the mind. You will receive justice (from what? From sin? From bad?) He will root out fear. Good luck with that because the way he programs the mind it will not be able to experience a sense of fear and lack of obedience, guilt etc, shame etc., if they are on the erring side of justice and found guilty of needing some justice.
He’s insane.

Yes, he’ll stop the use of all weapons, but not too much because he’s already been clear he wants to keep a little bit of non-violence… or wait,,, does he just mean the danda weapon will be saved? Or does he mean the gun or a bomb. Does the danda classify as a form of armament? Does he only mean modern technology armaments?

He’s a despot of the likes of Stalin, his hero. A madman. Or should I say, a madgod.
He uses mind tricks to get you to support him, praise him, and then follow him obediently and without question; like a good sheep he wants you to follow him, the shepherd/god/creator/maintainer and destroyer.
He wants you to defend him so you don’t question.
It didn’t work. His plan failed.

World leaders are now only talking about this but I will show you disarmament in
practice."PHURO! Be inspired!" In the name of the Lord - Advance!

Again, he’s a sick mind when you read all he’s said it’s no wonder his followers are confused in a mind program; immobilized because the nature of his words do that if you align with him.
If you go beyond him his words and agenda becomes very clear. At this time, in 1983, World leaders were talking about disarmament but they quickly went to what they called “less lethal weapons” or “silent sound warfare”, which is weapons of the same dangerous outcome only presented and applied in a different way; by using sound waves and frequencies.

Actually, these sound wave programs are just as dangerous to people, but perhaps not as dangerous to t he universal creation as an a bomb. A bombs could blow up his formed creation in a minute. Sound wave programs are used all over, in military or in sales to send waves out and implant ideas in people’s minds, either to come to a certain store and buy their shoes, or to accept certain types of ideas and concepts. Sound waves are very powerful but not as destructive to his creation.
revealer of the deceivers
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
21 AUGUST 1983
In the name of Lord Rama, PHURO! Be inspired! You all have to go forward. You can only
progress through Karma - action. You all have to perform "Sat-Karmas - good, merciful,
charitable actions." "Akarma" (inaction) is the worst thing in this world. If you want to live a true life, you have to be active and hardworking. You can become an emperor of this world by hard work. Victory is yours by hard work.

Again, he gets you to do work by planting the hope of victory, liberation, success, achievement, etc., etc. His definition of ‘living a true life’ is not the same as mine.

All you monkeys and bears! Lord Rama conquered Lanka with the help of hardworking monkeys.
You monkeys! Only wagging your tails won't be enough! You will have to do something practical, something useful. Babaji says you must work hard and put things into practice. Teach these things to others, too. First, be inspired yourselves; then inspire others with this message of
"Ishvarovacha" - Lord Ishwara (i.e. God) tells you: "PHURO! Be inspired!"
What you just heard were full, potent mantras.

Yes, that means their attached with a lot of magic, trance, hypnotic mind control programmed energy.
The energy is gone in the presence of high light matter truth and the glory which is part of that God Source I know, by any name I know the source and I know that this message he’s presenting is NOT that.

21 AUGUST 1983
PHURO! Be inspired! In the name of the Lord, this is a full mantra; "Thus spake the Lord." And
what is it He is saying? He says:
"The Word is eternal; the material body is perishable."
For the sake of the Lord, I have been talking to you hourly. Be inspired!
The problem is one which affects the whole universe. Now the problem of the universe stands
facing Me. It is not the problem of one caste or creed, but all living beings of this creation. It is the problem of the 8.4 million species of sentient beings. In the name of Lord Rama, it is not only the problem of all sentient, but also of all insentient beings.

Here is what he’s saying:
He is afraid that the whole universe will be destroyed… that his creation/game will end.
That is his big fear. He councils his followers to NOT be afraid and says that he will always protect them; and yet he himself is flaming with fear.
He is afraid he won’t win this battle/revolution/kranti which is why his words invoke action based on fear.
Why is this issue a problem if he has all power to change and control? Then there should be NO problem. But he knows there is a problem !! A BIG PROBLEM!!!

First he says he will destroy and unleash elements and he’ll destroy, destroy, destroy even though he says he had the power to change all instantly.
Now he says that the destruction is a problem for ALL living beings of THIS -- HIS -- creation.
Yes, his problem is that the lower nature is rogue and volatile beyond his previous abilities to somewhat control and direct; and the higher nature is moving toward high truth transcending which also creates a big problem for his game. As I’ve said, it’s a problem which threatens his dark matter energy creation.
The other problem is that science technology has become so advanced that those with science could blow up his universe creation literally. Instead of “changing” their hearts, which he claims he has the power to do through his omnipotence, he destroys those who might destroyer. It is that compounded “”problem” that he has laid out a plan to destroy. HE doesn’t mind destroying as long as it is HIM WHO IS THE KING IN CONTROL OF THE DESTRUCTION.
It doesn’t work.

He does not convince me that he cares a bit about the 8.4 million creatures of creation, or he would have *changed* it all with his power. No, he unleashes because he DOESN’T CARE, but because he loves the destroying game as long as it’s HIM at the throne as a king and leader; and as long as it doesn’t get transcended out of because either way his game could be over.

The task now before Me is to make the goat and the lion drink from the same water source.

He is trying to say that there is one source, that perhaps everything is separate and it’s HIS duty and task to unite it all to the same source.
With his teachings and intentions, it isn’t going to happen. This is a sentence thrown in to confuse anyone who is non-dualist and recognizes a oneness of a nature which he isn’t delivering through his mixed up words and his actions or goals.

His task is to get rid of the 2 extremes and make them submit to his control, which is to create in a mid-range. He must numb them, program them, freeze them, immobilize them any way he can (and he has untold countless ways) so that it all comes together under his agenda/source.
His “source” is dark matter with a very tiny amount of light matter to create; his intentions reveal the massive amount of dark.
When you align in Jesus energy Source you will see the difference. It’s your choice.

I’m proof that it’s busted. I will not lay down to the source from which he wants me to be in and operate from under his rule. His source – the same source as he uses – is dark matter.

The concept of violence should be understood like this: those who are nonviolent should have no
part in violence. For the sake of Lord Rama, I want to establish peace in the world
These inspiring words will bring peace to the world. PHURO in itself is a complete mantra.
"Ishvarovacha" "Thus spake the Lord"

The “problem” with this message is that he is a madman. His words go back and forth to confuse and confound his followers.
He has previously been on a rant and tirade saying that there shouldn’t be non-violence and he’ll punish the peaceful culprits and he’s not in agreement with non-violence because it can thin the blood and make people too weak to do his destruction. He even says he needs a little violence in the right amount. Now he says that people who are non-violent should have no part in violence ! Now he wants to establish world peace.
He’s a madman.
Do not walk away but run away from this.
At the end he says that his words will bring peace to the world… but not until AFTER he’s unleashed the destruction of the mass of population and land.
Again, he doesn’t stop this and change hearts like he claims he can do because
1) he doesn’t have that kind of power and he’s lying to say he does
2) he likes a good game of fun and play.

23 AUGUST 1983
(Shri Babaji gave an interview to an American journalist) "This is the time of Karma Yoga. It is the method for realization in this Age. Now I want Karma Yoga. "A great Revolution shall come to the world. Destruction is a most necessary aspect of creation. At all times, peace was established only after revolution.

He definitely is pro revolution, pro destruction --- then he gets to establish his fascist godly version of government and religion which he defines here as “peace.” Well, the truth is that after such a terrible fearful destruction where the survivors will have endured slaughter and land change they would be so thankful and relieved that they will define THAT calm after the storm as peace; but it will be just another go at the cycle. This cycle has gone on because dark matter as primary source of creation is volatile and extreme. It polarizes (bi-polar) and then he has to teach unity/oneness within the context of dark matter as source. In dark matter as source of creation it’s all crazy like this. In light matter source there is no need for destruction as necessary aspect of creation and a bizarre polarization of peace and destruction.
Destruction is not a MOST necessary aspect of creation except for those like him who create with that intention and use the types of matter that have properties that operate under that format.
When he says that Destruction is most necessary then he has just now that HE has NO control over the elements, like he claims he does, and that he CANNOT change things in a designated way. If he could then why does he have to do it with destruction? He thinks it’s fun. He has all power to create any way he wants and he chooses to create with destruction. Why? Because it’s fun for his game. It wasn’t fun for him when he died in it. You’ve got to be a sadist-masochist to like his kind of game – and he is a sadist-masochist.
Why would you choose to follow and serve someone like this?
What is it in your mind and soul that enjoys this? Why wouldn’t you cut contact and choose to put the REAL truth first?

For many Yugas, the earth has been crying out for blood. The whole earth has to be bathed in blood at lease once. This desire of the earth will be fulfilled. The Revolution will come quickly, in seconds, and spread everywhere.

He created an earth that cries for blood? He loves blood. So, he has the choice to NOT give bloodshed and killing/destruction and death but the earth cries for it and so he, the god/shiva/creator gives it??? He loves destruction, suffering and pain and then says he loves peace. He is a bi-polarized god to say the least.
Yes, the transcending will come quickly and spread everywhere through the universe in seconds… but it will not be his dark matter preserving that he desires --- it is a light matter frequency transformation and in that there is no darkness of this sort he creates from.
I’ll pass on all the suffering, pain and bi-polarized insanity he tries to pass off as light.

"Courage is necessary. I want to root out idleness and create a world of brave, intelligent beings."

Intelligent? Brave? Who’s he trying to fool. Oh, I forgot, he uses electrical sound waves and programming to convince people of this.
It didn’t work. His idea of brave and intelligent has been thoroughly reviewed.
Brave and intelligent = obedient, hard working, restricted believing his ideas are right.
So, they can be intelligent as long as they are easily programmed to surrender and obey and worker bees who will keep in proper line.

When asked whether it was necessary for everyone who was open to Him and His message to
come to Haidakhan, Shri Babaji replied equally, "No." "but," he said, "world leaders will have to
come here. It is compulsory. When Krishna went into battle, all the leaders of the time came, too,
to join Him on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.
"My message will reach into the depth of the sea and into the heights of the sky. All modern weapons, atom bombs and arms, are ineffective against Mahaprabhuji's message and power.

That presents itself as a confusing part.
He is reminding the world leaders that no matter how much they bomb to take over the world, he will be the dominant one. He says now that he the leaders will come to join him in the battle. Before he says that he will destroy the leaders and set up new leaders.
I told you before that he NEEDS the leaders to do HIS battle/destruction. He earlier tore the leaders apart for the battle/destruction, but now he says that they will join together.

Since all modern weapons, bombs etc are ineffective against his power then why does he insist on letting that power mutilate the people, trees and all that lives on the land, including the land? He’s doesn’t plan on stopping the destruction, but he plans on destroying in such a horrendous way even though he says he could stop the atomic bombs and a bombs, he earlier said that the bombs would destroy almost everything. He’s a madman. He loves power and dominance and destruction even though he just said here he has the power to stop it saying that all modern arms are ineffective against his power. But earlier he said he unleashed the worst, and he explained what the worst in terms of bombs were, and what they’d do.
He’s a madman who wants to be the super power.
revealer of the deceivers
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
The Message that came from a cave in the Himalayas has now come out into the world at large.
"No power in the world can stop the Revolution coming now."

In the previous sentence he said he had the power to stop it and was worried about the destruction of the entire universe and the species there. Now he says that NO power in the world can stop it. (except him???) then why isn’t he stopping it??

That means that he is using the superpowers to do his destruction and allowing it.
Perhaps no power “IN” the world can stop the destruction from coming, as it is created of over 90% of the dark matter which he uses to create.
However, the light matter frequency within the person can and has stopped his insane revolution by transcending that focus.

When asked whether He is satisfied with the way His message is being spread in the West,
particularly in the USA, Shri Babaji replied, "I am beyond satisfaction and dissatisfaction. What I
want is Karma Yoga!"

He is not however beyond the desire to control by means of fascist governing and destroying that which he is not satisfied with. Imagine the strange contradiction in that? He has already said that he’s not satisfied with the present condition of the world, too much lower nature, which must be destroyed and a new government and religion brought in. If that is not dissatisfaction then I don’t know what is ! Now he says he’s beyond dissatisfaction or satisfaction.
He is a deceiver and mind manipulator and that is the pure, and simple truth. Twisted dark matter becomes insane beyond comprehension and he is proof !
Love? His definition of love is not mine.

26 AUGUST 1983
The Sanatana Dharma is the universal Law/Religion - eternal, without beginning, without end. No
one knows when it came into being -
no one knows how long it will exist.

it’s eternal without beginning or end, but no one knows how long it will exist !!??
If it has a question as to how long it will exist then it isn’t without end like he says in the previous sentence.
Do you understand?
His words have mixed up people’s minds on so many levels and this truth presented here in this review of his insanity reveals lies and releases the truths.
He is All KNOWING and yet HE doesn’t know when it came into being? Or just that he hasn’t told anyone. Aaaah, it’s that he hasn’t told anyone how it came into being or the truth behind the details because that would reveal who and what HE is and possibly change the focus away from his and end his insane and diabolical game.
In Britain there is a saying that when a person is really insanely mad they saying he’s “barking”. This man is definitely barking mad.
Oh, it’s quite clear that we now know how long it will last. The program has been busted.
With every review of every word here it is busted more and more fully and completely.
He internally knew that it wouldn’t last indefinitely and that’s why his words are trying to convince people with a contradictory statement which says it’s both eternal and that no one knows how long it will exit. If it’s eternal why do bodies die?
I can see that he can’t manage to convince himself. He tried to convince his followers.

Hourly, I am speaking to you.

Yes, he did that to me. He got into my head with words and emotions and tried to program me. If I wouldn’t accept something he’d rearrange it to present it a different way, or offer someone else, or another group to present information in a different way; and then he’d tell me not to tell anyone. He did have many powers to get into people’s heads.
The key word there is did.

The Sanatana Dharma is the king of all religions. At the beginning of Creation it was the only
religion and at the end of Creation it will be the only religion.

The previous sentence he said the Sanatan Dharma is without beginning or end, and that no one knows when it came into being.
Now, here he says that AT THE BEGINNING of creation it was the ONLY religion!!
But he said that no one knows, - he can’t give information on that – and yet he can say that he knows it was there at the beginning when he also just said that no one knows the beginning. Do you understand the ridiculous mind pretzel he puts the brain into?
No one knows the beginning, not even him, but he knows that this religion was present at this “unknown” beginning which he can’t know.
There is indeed an end. It was a fun game for him while it lasted though. Not so fun for the people who suffered in torment and deception.

I have explained the beginning of his creation and his religion. It was when he used improper proportions of matter; and that ratio proportion became addictive in nature and negative, destruction, contrary and volatile and rogue spiraling down. He is the Lucifer/fallen one.

Santana Dharma is like an ocean; other Dharmas are like rivers - eventually they all merge into the Sanatana Dharma. They will lose their separate existence.
This is a "Phuro Mantra" - "Pinda Kacha Shabda Sacha." The body is perishable, the Word is eternal.

No, it has an end, remember? I know how long it will exist even though in the previous statement he said no one knows how long it will exist but then also referred to “the end of creation”. If there is a question of the length of existence then it is not eternal. He’s not the brightest “light” in the house, but his powers to mind program people to believe him and follow him through countless ways had worked in the past. His ability to destroy had worked in the past. The key word there is had and past. I saw the same strange nonsense mixed in Amma’s words to her followers. They also believed her and didn’t question because they believed she was the god kali. People are suckered into some miracles, mind programming, psychic abilities, healings etc. It doesn’t matter to them then if their god is a raving madman or madwoman. So much for the enticement of yogic powers. If this is what having yogic powers produces I’ll pass and opt for the *other* experience.


No victory to this plan.
It is not victorious. It’s finished. The game is over. The little child gets his fire and matches taken away from him. The child (as he has previously referred to himself) is incapable of playing nice. The child is irresponsible to play with such dark matter energy.
The child’s intentions are nasty and evil and only able to be embraced by those who have similar souls.

31 AUGUST 1983
Today's festival (Lord Krishna's birthday) will be celebrated in a great, inspired way. Mahaprabhuji says, I want to congratulate you all on this sacred occasion. For the sake of Lord Rama, may you all be happy today. (Babaji then congratulated everyone on behalf of Shri Mahamuniraji, who was also present for the occasion.)
On this auspicious day, one of the greatest revolutionaries of all times was born. He called
together 18,000 battalions of horsemen from all parts of India. For the sake of righteousness, a fierce battle was fought at Kurukshetra, with great bloodshed. Today we commemorate the birthday of this revolutionary. Let it be an inspiration to all of us.

Yes, he does love his blood thirsty leaders doesn’t he ! He likes to honor and commemorate them. Right along with the great inspiration of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. He loves his bloodshed; there’s no doubt about it and likes it to inspire people and then holds them up as great examples.
He is a sick dark god creator. For the sake of righteousness a fierce battle was fought???
Oh yes, his definition of righteousness has been previously examined. What he should have said is, for the sake of him keeping his dark matter energy game going a fierce battle was fought to keep it all in *proper line*. In a million years he’d be saying, “for the sake of lord Stalin, may you all be happy today.”

Krishna was also the one who gave to the world the message of the "Bhagavad Gita," which still
today inspires millions of people. On this day He incarnated to lighten the burden of bad karmas of men (not work karma but reincarnational karma.)
The earth was laboring under its burden of bad karmas of men. (Shri Babaji then praised
Jaimalji for his great services as a Karma Yogi, saying that he will be an example to be followed
by many generations to come.)

Why didn’t he heal them rather then come to destroy? That’s a difference between him and Jesus.
Bubba Lucifer likes to change by destroying and killing and Jesus likes to change by healing. Jesus never killed anyone. It’s not a part of his intention therefore neither is it a part of his results.
The bhagavad gita is a mix of half truths, half lies, whole lies, and then some complete truths sandwiched in to confuse people. I made it half way through the book and sensed it was dark, dark confusing and programming energy and burned.

As for karma, it is a sick dark matter game, which he insists on playing. He does like his game. It is a belief that keeps people trapped in a prison mind program of pain and suffering to various degrees and proportions. Even those who find some bliss and success are still trapped in a world of dark matter energy and if they allowed their souls to escape the prison of their mind program beliefs they would understand that.

This is NOT Christ God/Light Source creation, because light matter doesn’t create things that decay and die. Light Matter Source heals, as Jesus healed and taught of a body without death, not the endless cycles/yugas of incarnation and pain. In heaven there is no re-incarnation, because when something no longer wishes/chooses to ‘be’ it transforms molecules into a DIFFERENT creation. There is no death or destruction involved at all. He will not let anyone achieve the higher ends of dark frequency because it would be too much competition for him and he needs sole control of this game. As it is, those he has allowed in the past to achieve some higher degrees of dark energy magics, and has made them gods, give him trouble and are often fighting with each other for power and also trying to overthrow him by attacking him and his gunas/assistants. It’s a sick game.

31 AUGUST 1983
Babaji speaks, Shastriji repeats; after the Yagna (fire ceremony)
For the sake of Lord Rama, the auspicious Yagna ceremony has been completed today. This
religious ceremony has been performed for the welfare of the whole world. Since Mahaprabhuji's appearance until now whatever has been undertaken here has been done for the well being of man.

He is a liar ! Nothing has been done for the well being of man. If he had their well being in mind he would set them to the path of ascending from dark matter to high light matter God/Source in TRUTH. But then his game would end.
No, he said in the beginning his appearance and purpose is to maintain and protect his creation/kingdom. In this way perhaps man is a part of his creation, but it is not for man --- it’s for him and his ugly addiction to play with dark matter energy. Man is only a part of that creation which whole creation he wants to keep going.
His idea of a fascist reign and death and decay is well being for man?
I’ll pass.

For the sake of Man's salvation the mantra "PHURO!" has been newly created. The readings
of the "Haidakhandi Sapt Shati" were done solely for the purpose of serving the welfare of the universe.

Yes, I knew this and wrote it earlier. It is not the sake of man’s salvation, it’s the sake of preserving the universe of dark matter energy by repeating energy encoded words and symbols and rituals/ceremonies to preserve the creation.
It didn’t work. As he said, it only takes one.
In this case it only takes one to bust his program and bring the real truth into the darkness.
If he really wanted to serve the welfare of the people and universe he’d stop this ugly sadistic pain game. But he doesn’t want to stop it,,, he wants to MAINTAIN it.

One day, the religious ceremonies performed here will attract such crowds that the queues will
reach as far as Bareilly, Rampur, and Bhowali. People will rush to come here; even the very rich.
The fact is "PHURO!" Everything in this world is "PHURO" transient. It has no reality. True reality is to proceed on the path of truth, to keep the company of saintly people, and to render service to men.

True reality? The path of truth? He only keeps people from the path of Jesus truth frequencies by steering them in a direction that would uphold his mid range dark matter which he tries to convince people is Jesus truth. There is a TRUTH that surpasses his versions and makes better sense of all of his messages.
His version of “proceeding on the path of truth” is to occasionally feed the dog a crumb of bread by giving them an occasional experience in high-range dark frequencies, and that’s only to either shut them up, distract them, or keep them hopefully engaged in his program.
His definition of truth = fascism.
In a high light life in Jesus there is no other company than saintly people. His world is very, very different as he has to remind people to keep the company of saintly people. His game is strange if you’ve had the “heaven” experience.
In his dark game, which he protects and destroys to maintain, there is this need to keep things in a moderate controllable format. This is his version of truth, not mine.
He tries to hook people in because the idea of “rendering service to men” is a very noble idea.

The fact is "PHURO!"; this world is transient.JAI MAHAMAYA KI JAI!

Yes and he CAN’T control it because it is transient. That’s what he fears.
revealer of the deceivers
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
31 AUGUST 1983
At the Dhuni
Today you are all present here by this natural cave of overhanging rock of Mount Kailash (i.e., on
the terrace outside the dhuni building). You are all blessed to be present in this great pilgrim
center, at the Court of the actual Kailash Mahadham. Here, only those can live and are living who
are very fortunate in this world. How can unlucky people live here? Those who have impurity in
them, not even their shadow can come near this place, because this is a sacred, divine center.

What a strange remark !! I have seen unlucky people live there. Perhaps he should answer his own question??
There is no one on this earth who does not have impurity in them because it is made up of well over 95% dark matter energy, which is impure by its very nature. What he is saying is a ridiculous statement. It appeals to people’s ego because then if they go they will think that they are great and pure – special and sacred. If he were in a high light matter Jesus truth he would know that is nonsense. However he is not. He has started to believe his own lies. It makes him seem like he really does have all power in this very transient world. The problem is that he still has to protect his lies and that’s when I catch him in his endless nonsense/no sense.

Here only heavenly beings can reside. For the sake of Lord Rama, continue to sing bhajans, to
meditate, to pray.
All of you can see for yourselves how nature has formed this cave of overhanging rock in such a
beautiful way. It is covered with the abundant green of leaves and creepers. This is a great
universal pilgrim center. Now it is the auspicious morning time. It is 9:30 a.m. How beautifully the bagpipes are sounding! How colorful the garden is round about, where Lord Shiva's attendants are standing - like Majoor-das, in name and form a genuine Ghana. Har Govind is here, like Kartikeya (Shiva's eldest son) and Shastriji is standing here like Lord Brahma, the Creator. You are all Rishis of ancient times, residents of this divine sacred center. You all don't know yourselves. You don't know your own greatness - like Hanuman who did not know His own
greatness; He had to be reminded of it.

It pumps the ego.
The true light state needs no ego reminder of who they are.
They know who and what they are, and it has nothing to do with gods and egos who have to be reminded of their greatness. If there wasn’t such a memory problem people would know who they are, which are souls of the True Source of HEAVEN which is NOT LIKE THIS PLACE.
He doesn’t honestly want it to that degree. That’s why he causes people to “forget” who they really are and where they really came from. But your soul knows and will return to its real home.
If you align in the *other* matter frequencies you will come to understand that as well; in case you haven’t already done so.

Wealth, kith and kin, and good fortune, sinners, even prostitutes can have; but the company of
great saints and the knowledge of the Lord's name are difficult things to obtain.
Only great men
have these. This is what Tulsidas has said.

This keeps devotees continuously seeking to obtain. If you truly knew who you were you wouldn’t have to go through such difficulties to obtain the knowledge of who and what your truly are. It is quite a treadmill game he likes to play. Always seeking but never coming to a real understanding of the truth in his little game.
When you push yourself to move through it,,, beyond him and his game, and align in the *other* frequencies you will understand; if you haven’t already do so.
Don’t you owe it to yourself to do so??
What have you truly got to lose by putting in some solid time to try my challenge?
All you have to gain is truth. Are you willing to put the real truth ahead of anything else?
That is what Jesus ultimately did… he put The TRUTH ahead of all else.

Congratulations to you all on this holy, auspicious day! Can you see how nature has spread a
beautiful veil of clouds over the sun? It is neither too hot, nor does it rain. Even nature works in
favor of today's auspicious event.
For many years now, you have been witnessing how nature is obedient to Mahaprabhuji. Even if
the Sun is told to stop, it will obey. Today, you can see this fact for yourselves. Sitting here at
Hairakhan, Mahaprabhuji has control over every particle of the Creation by the power of His mere wish, by His every thought. You may travel throughout the whole world, but the peace of mind which you acquire here you cannot find anywhere else. Mahaprabhuji has control over the
elements, the spiritual world - to say nothing of the world of men. He is the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of the world. Not a single blade of grass can grow but that He wills it.

Russia and other countries had modern technology and programs in place at that time which could change the weather. Pioneer scientist like Nicholai Tesla and others discovered very easy ways to manipulate the weather and they were in use and in place long before Haidakhan baba arrived with his message. Baba preferred to use the modern technology as it was easier to reach more people and is more immediate than old fashioned shaman tricks and magics.

It’s a gross overstatement to claim that the peace of mind there cannot be found anywhere else. I could not prove that to be true in my own case and I was there with 4 other women whom I know would not be able to prove his statement is true either. If there are people who can make that statement then good for them. I’m just saying that he makes a general sweeping statement which is not true – and also I happen to know that 1 of the people who live full time in the ashram does NOT have peace of mind. How do I know that? Because she herself has said that she has abnormally anti-social behaviors (this is always clinically known to have roots in mind/psyche issues which is from DIS-ease… disease and is in conjuction with an unstable mind) and feelings and also that her mind is starting to go. This is not my observation but it is her own admittance. She lived there for decades therefore she should be a shining example of the truth of his statement; but she is an example of the lie of his statement.

It was like being at a rough nature spa without the luxuries; but I know that myself and the other women I was there with could never make that kind of claim in truth.

He has incarnated in a human body for the welfare of mankind. His sole desire is to make it possible for the whole world to be liberated. He shall do His utmost to achieve liberation of the world.

I’ve already explained this. His definition of liberating the world is designed to keep his game going. He cares nothing about people’s liberation or he would have used his great power, as in the previous paragraph he brags about his almighty power to change the world but still plans to allow 75% or so of destruction? His liberation is psychotic and I wish not to be party to it or give energy to him.
I was programmed immensely through Amitakh Stanford and himself and that programming was his goal and plan to keep me trapped within his agenda. At first I wondered why he didn’t release me from the severe programming I experienced after landing on Amitakh’s website; and his promises that he would protect and his mantra was all-powerful wasn’t fulfilled on me even though I did finally accept him as my teacher and even went to India to try to get some clarity on issues that were troubling me. But of course he wasn’t about to liberate me from him and his web; the definition of liberation I sought – and he know I sought – was what he was trying to liberate me from. It is a complex layered web, which I have tried to explain in this review.
To fully understand it align in light matter Frequencies for yourself and know that truth.
Keep pushing through the layers of lies and webs by continuing to focus on aligning in *matter* BEYOND him and the frequencies of that matter. Focus on the truth that state brings and experience and know the truths and you will then find the *heaven* your soul remembers to be home; and it will be very, very different then what he is trying to preach to you.

You have come here from all parts of the world. Can you create such natural beauty as you see
around you in these hills? Always, all heavenly beings - the Gods and Goddesses - are present
here. They come and go. They bathe in the Gautama Ganga. Many divinities reside here
permanently, not wishing to leave this place.
Be happy, all of you! May long life and prosperity by yours always!
(Then Babaji invited the bagpiper to play and some of the devotees to dance.)
In the Court of Mahaprabhuji, the orchestra of musicians is playing and the heavenly maidens are
dancing. When there is music, song and dance, this is an ideal combination of three divine

31 AUGUST 1983
Evening, before a playlet depicting incidents from Lord Krishna's life)
Today is the very auspicious festival of "Janmashtami" - the birthday of Lord Krishna. I have only one request to make of you all - the inhabitants of this area. Just as you have come today to
attend this festival, I wish to have the pleasure of your company for other festivals, too.
You must know that by living together in a united way, anything may be achieved in this world.
People in this area must become united to progress. There is great power in union. If there is
unity and love among you, then only can you lead a peaceful and happy life.
We must work unitedly. We must all work together to complete our task. In this way, all work
becomes easy.

There is a truth about working in unity. In his case he rarely uses truths unless they fulfill his agenda, which is to be liberated from anyone or anything that threatens dissolution of his agenda. His unity is based on a need to bring energy together – united – to keep his agenda alive.
Separateness diffuses this energy which is why he preaches unity. And at that time he needed all the energy he could get to help in his revolution without coming out and telling people the real truths that I have explained during reviewing his messages.

Initially I got hooked into his teachings because of the idea of unity and oneness. This is also a trick he has to get people to join him and Jesus as “ONE” and unified. But Satan is actually in opposition to Jesus. Their intentions are 2 different things and they go about creating in 2 completely different ways. Satan/shiva brings destruction through his intentions and creations of matter; whereas Jesus brings healing and in Jesus realm it is such a place of indescribable joy and beauty compared to Satans earth that he has created as God/Creator and asks people to worship him as THE REAL GOD SOURCE.

Through division of opinions, great kingdoms and many city states were ruined in
the past; but by living in unity, ruined kingdoms have received new life. On this auspicious day,
everybody should take a vow to work together in this life.

and maintain his restricted fascist new order which he promises is coming soon.
I’ll pass.

I have discovered that living in TRUTH; and creating from that state – the truth which goes beyond his lies – creates something completely different than his creations. Then there is no need to preach unity because the REAL truth automatically can create nothing else but unity. Then unity doesn’t have to enter the drama stories which he likes to create in his game of creations. His little horror nightmares of creations of suffering, death, decay and diseases and their endless cycles/yugas.

Try to develop your villages. There is a Sanskrit proverb which says that in the Kali Yuga there is
power only through organized groups. We must be of firm determination to progress. Then only
success is certain. Modern man has even traveled in space; he has been to the moon and
intends to visit other planets; but people in this area are where they were - they have made no
progress. Now here we should make efforts to progress, as well. As in these modern times,
science and technology have advanced, so we, too, should strive to advance in every way.
The first thing to do is to root out inaction. As long as you do not become great human Yogis, you can achieve nothing.

Again, at this time there are a lot of extremes of focus of attention on many things and he knows that it is united focus, as I’ve explained before, is the key to keeping his creation energized through focus on his mantra bomb.
Strange. He wants people to become human yogis, and yet his agenda in his new world is not at all allowing for that to happen. It cannot possibly because he has not set up a state where it can happen. Unless he uses the brains electrical waves to change their brains and ignite in them psychic abilities, or better health through electrical frequencies, then it’s not going to happen because people will be too busy working, working, working. The truth is that he doesn’t want yogis. They would compete with his power and if people get to a state where they are either ascending to this too much, or descending into the lower nature too much, then he comes to wipe it all out and destroy it all.
He makes this statement to hook people to the “hope-of-achieving” game. He’s got a million games/lilas.

He lies by saying things like this that causes people hope, but his agenda cannot possibly offer it. He has actually no intention of making anyone a yogi; and certainly not to make them more powerful than he. His agenda is to keep people trapped in dark matter energy so his game can continue. That was his agenda with me, no matter how he deceived and tricked and hid behind others, and hid behind offering a gulp of joy, some hope of success, some moments of progression or flow to keep me shut up.
Inwardly I recognized that none of what he offered was what felt ‘right’ or complete in me,(something within always longed for more, or something different than what he offered) and as I went beyond him I understood why he told me I was the great Parvati. It was all a trap to make me feel like I was a yogi goddess type; even to receive some abilities or powers.

Most people would be very satisfied to receive some powers or abilities, or even good health for that matter; and then they’d think they were indeed a yogi. If they aligned in the Jesus energy experience of HEAVEN they’d know how artifical and false Shiva/Satan/Babas tricks are.

Today you should all take a vow to root out idleness. Through hard work, it
is possible to achieve anything in this world. You can even change creation itself. Have faith in
Karma Yoga. Get peace and happiness through Karma Yoga. Idleness is the root of all misery in
this world.

His style is typical. He gives a statement previously which might invoke people to go into align into a state that offers some higher powers of the dark matter chakras than is experienced in a lower nature, and then he kills it right afterward by instructing them on the very thing that will make them distracted from being a yogi by getting busy, busy, busy. And of course he already said that he didn’t support Krya Yoga (that would cause people to go within to much and possibly go beyond him). He could go into their minds and change the electrical frequencies to make each person a yogi; but he won’t do it. Instead he makes them rely on faith. HE tells them to get peace and happiness through work (karma yoga) and not being idle. Creation isn’t changed through work of the nature he’s talking about . Creation is changed through aligning in FOCUS of specific frequencies attached to that change. He will not however tell you that but inspite of the fact that he won’t tell you these important details he STILL NEEDS YOU to focus on the energy he dictates which will keep his game going. To tell that TRUTH would surely complicate his game and compromise his position of dominant controller/god.

And what’s wrong with his game/lila?
I’ve already explained it. If you haven’t understood it by now then you could align past him and his frequencies and instead focus alignment and understanding and experience of the *other* matter which he does NOT use to create.

You must understand that future generations have to make greater progress than we have made.
Make efforts so you yourselves become shining lights in future. There is one path to peace and
happiness - Karma Yoga

He is deliberately telling a lie to stop anyone from aligning in light matter frequencies and experiencing the home of heaven.

If we are prepared to work, we can overcome pain and poverty. If there
is unity among us, we can even bring down Governments.

If he can change it through his great power, as he claims he has, then why doesn’t he do it? Why does he say that people must struggle and strive to work to overcome pain and poverty…. Oh, I forgot,,, he’s a sadistic god/king who likes to squeeze the tears out of people and of course pain is a good way to produce tears. He has said that he enjoys to watch a good cry from his children.

If he is such a god then he should be able to bring down the governments on his own, as he said earlier he can do it all from right there on the top of his mountain.
He is a mind manipulator. He is a deceiver. Here he’s just messing with your head to keep you well distracted from getting to high truth and taking right action on that. His agenda has nothing to do with Jesus light.

Train your children in Karma Yoga, that they may become people of good and strong character.

Shri Babaji and Shastriji comment on Detachment
One evening in August, a devotee went to Babaji and asked Him three questions concerning
"detachment": What is the definition of detachment? What is it for, or to what does it lead? And,
when you don't have it, how do you "practice" it?
Babaji told the devotee to ask tomorrow, so he went back to his seat.
A while later, Shastriji came out of Swamiji's room and went to touch Shri Babaji's feet. When
Shastriji stood up by Babaji's side, Babaji called the devotee back. He came forward and touched
Babaji's feet and Babaji told him to ask his questions of Shastriji.

Shastriji is well acquainted with all the old hindu texts. He has a library in his head.

The questions were repeated and Shastriji replied that detachment is knowing that the world is
illusion. This did not mean much to the devotee, who felt confused and disappointed.
At this point, Shri Babaji leaned forward and entered into the conversation, saying there were
many kinds of detachments, "Vairagyas." For instance, the men who invented the atom bomb
were detached - they focused all their attention on one problem, forgetting everything else. The
main theme, He said, is to focus your attention completely, to concentrate on your goal, whatever
it is, forgetting all other things. This is renunciation. It leads to God - realization.
Shri Babaji said further, that being one-pointed is "Vairagyas."

He is obsessed with bombs and destruction, and those who create from that INTENTION… then again, the god of destruction, who plays around in trying to maintain dark matter would be wouldn’t he.

He told the devotee that he was "liberated," that he was "most detached." The devotee felt neither "liberated" nor "detached," but he touched Shri Babaji's feet and headed to his seat. Shri Babaji called him back.

Baba often did many miracles for people which convinced them that he was shiva/god and also made them worship him. In this case Babaj would not do a mind miracle to make this person liberated or detached, or feel more liberated, because he knows that would threaten his agenda. He only does miracles that don’t threaten his agenda and program for people and most of them are designed to distract a person away from anything that would threaten the maintenance of his dark matter creation. He will likely end this all by countering it with one of his statements that would take away any idea in the mans head of attaining liberation and detachment in a way that might align him in light-matter and away from baba’s destruction and preserving creation agenda - by getting the man to work to focus on the mantra or distract through other work.
It’s interesting that the devotee did not feel liberated of detached, but bubb said he was. This is a psyche trick to implant an idea in the person brain to get them to believe something and then a persons mind will accommodate to help validate what their teacher/guru/god has just said. This man however was far to aware of his feelings and he KNEW IN HIS SOUL that what bubba was trying to make him believe was NOT what he felt in his soul. But baba does his tricks to try to convince and hypnotize people into believing what he says even if it’s not true, as in this case what bubba said was not true and this man knew it in his soul. Whether or not bubba was successful in programming this mans mind to accept that he was indeed liberated and detached could be interesting to find out.
I know his attempt didn’t work on me. My soul knew he was a liar and a deceiver and although he tried to program my mind and lock it in a prison it didn’t work. I broke his program… or rather more accurately and specifically the TRUTH of the *real* truth and heaven – that which my soul knew – broke the program.

Babaji reemphasized that whatever decision you make, whatever goal you set, go after it with
great faith and firm determination, focused on it entirely.

I will focus entirely - not on his agenda and plan, but on aligning in high light-matter truth, clarity and right action and the glory that is around that --- and go beyond him.

Babaji said that just by shaving one's head or putting on orange garb, one does not become "detached." One must have firm faith, strong will and complete concentration. The devotee again touched Shri Babaji's feet, thinking the conversation was over.

Then what’s the point of shaving the head or putting on an orange garb?? Just part of the fun game?
Baba already has already outlined what direction his workers/devotees/servants must go in order to please and obey him. Faith and strength and focused attention to do his agenda and will is what Baba wanted. All the other myriad rituals are extra assistants to help pre-occupy people toward his agenda.

Shastriji then told him to stand up and Shastriji began to speak again. He said that Shukadeva
had asked the same three questions of his father, Vyasa. Vyasa had told Shukadeva to go to
King Janaka and ask him these questions. When the questions were put to him, King Janaka
instructed Shukadeva to circumambulate the city of Mithila, carrying a full bowl of milk.
Shukadeva was to be accompanied by two guards with bared swords and if he spilled even one
drop of milk they were under orders to cut off his head.
Shukadeva was then sent on his walk, holding the very full bowl of milk. Hours later, he came
back into the presence of King Janaka, who asked him what he had seen of the city. Shukadeva
replied that he had not seen a thing of the city because he had focused entirely on not spilling the
milk, the sword of death hanging in his mind. King Janaka then explained that this was how he
had to concentrate on his goal - with complete concentration. This was "detachment" from all the
things in life.
The devotee thanked Shastriji and again, with gratitude touched Shri Babaji's feet. At this, Shri
Babaji turned from another conversation and asked, "What was your third question?" It was "How does one practice detachment when he doesn't have it?"

But Baba had just told him that he had both detachment and liberation. The man apparently doesn’t recognize detachment, or else his definition doesn’t match baba’s.

Shastriji answered: "Dire, dire - slowly, slowly" and the devotee laughed.
Shri Babaji leaned forward and pointed at the devotee and clarified: "With total concentration and
great faith and determination! Focus on your goal and everything else fades from view. Then you
have "detachment."


The interesting thing is that even if a person could achieve detachment from everything else, the attachment toward a goal is not de-tachment, so you are still attached. It’s all a silly mind game to occupy with things to distract and keep you in his game and away from going beyond him and getting into real truth. In this worlds case, which world shiva/god maintains, it’s all designed to attach to keep the creation going !!! There must be focused attention toward something (attachment) or the creation doesn’t exist in this manner. His answer is still very vague and non-instructive on the whole because if it were clear it would come from a place outside of the dark matter which he protects, and subsequently the clarity and truth would bust his programmed creation. However, he’s clearly set his agenda for his people. His concept of attachment/detachment can never be explained in a way other than to keep attachment on his creation to keep it going. This is why he explains detachment in this way.
Detachment = liberation from moving past or busting his dark matter focused creative energy source, by attaching to the best forms of keeping attention on the dark matter.
In effect, his definition of dettachment = attachment. Do you understand?
In higher light-matter frequencies the idea of attachment is a strange and foreign concept because there is nothing non-light – or non-truth --- to attach or detach to or from. One would just change or transform creation energy from one type of form to another, without death, disease or destruction --- just a transformation of particles in a resounding sense of joy of creation.
In that *heaven* state suffering and pain isn’t present to act as a motivator to detach from something to another thing. Baba only feeds this dark matter energy with doctrines that keep it preserved…. But then again, he is the preserving god as he said.

I concentrate and focus on alignment here and now in and with high light-matter source truth and it’s manifestation in body, mind, emotions, spirit and all manifestations and experiences in my life and sending that frequency outward.
My new mantra: Align in light matter now. Focus in light source TRUTH now.

Anonymous Coward
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08/20/2009 06:07 AM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies

In the Stanthorpe Magistrates Court today, Morgana, in the form of Cheri Fowler, most foul, was shot down in flames to be totally consumed by her rage.

Totally evicted from the court was she, as the magistrate, also a female, saw through her lies and slander, and would not have a bar of her baseless fabrications against Dr Chiappalone.

Indeed, with poorly disguised irritation, the Magistrate asked how it was that Cheri’s action even got near the court, for there was nothing she said in Cheri’s presentation that should ever been presented to the court.

It was a disastrous day for Morgana and the Satan-fords, Amitakh and Steffan.

As they walked the walk of the vanquished, their body language said it all.

Their shoulders drooped, and their eyes were downcast to a focal point three feet underground. They could not lift their heads.

But, in all her maliciousness and stupidity, Cheri Fowler gave one last glance as the doctor drove by in his gleaming BMW.

The doctor was watching the traffic, but I saw her look.

It was a look that was meant to kill.

But she, in all her stupidity, did not realize it was all over.

It was she who was dead. She had been killed by her own wickedness and lies.

And so her spirit will now rot in Hell forevermore.

Indeed, it has been a Final Battle of Good against Evil.

And Evil, in the form of the Satan-fords, Amitakh and Steffan, and Cheri Fowler, in particular, has received what it duly deserves.

Anonymous Coward
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08/20/2009 06:12 AM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
To "revealer of the deceivers"

I have not read a greater example of self-cultivated ignorance as I have read in your writings today.

My, Oh my, what an ego you have.

I will write at length on this soon..

You read words but understand nought.

You see letters but are blind to the energies within them.

You have no idea of the hidden messages in what was said.

Only a fool could be so self-deceiving.

revealer of the deceivers
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08/20/2009 11:38 AM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
Oh, the energies of Haidakhan Baba and Amitakh are well known to me. If you discern then you are able to tell the difference between fascist liars.
It's not amazing that Amitakh followers followers can't discern that he is the creator --- that same creator that she says is a dark being. The same creator that has been told in stories is Lucifer. You can get mad at me all you want, but I"M NOT THE ONE WHO WROTE HIS MESSAGE !!!!

My review of his messages are in blue. He is very much lik Chiappalone, as twins, they are both egomaniacal --- which is both Haiadhan Baba's down fall... will it also be Chiappalones downfall?

Oh I'm not going to your insane defence of a god/guru like haidakhan baba, so don't waste your words. That's waaaay Too much cognitive dissonance and defending and that's a full meal deal on an empty stomach. No I'm reviewing his disgusting words and have no interest in your defense of them. Birds of a feath fly together. I know one bird then I'll also know your mind if you agree with this Haidakhan Baba as God,Creator and Maintainer; while simultaneously trying to NOT agree with the creator of this place through your amitakh messages. To have no soul sense of discernment shows me a great deal. What more need you to say? Nothing i want to hear. Haidakhan baba-lu (babalucifer) words sicken me to my stomach and it's hard to look at them long enough to copy and paste them anymore. I do this for some lost innocent soul who may have some glimmer of ability to discern inside that Amitakh and Chiappalone defend the very originator of this creation which they also have denounced. They have been duped through gullibility and inability to discern.

Today is the Jewish New Year and it is being celebrated here. Today will be a holiday. There will
be no work for anyone of whatever caste or creed.
The fact is today is of particular significance. The Israelis who have come here had to "cross eight
seas." Other people who come here only have to cross seven seas (an Indian saying to indicate
great distance). Notwithstanding the fact that in their own country they have so much to do - they
have neither time to drink water nor to breathe - still they have come here. As soon as they are
born, they are taught to put their hand to the trigger. This (i.e., because they have to fight
continuously) is why they have not even the time to drink water.
(Babaji then turned to one of the Israelis present and asked "Who is it you are fighting?" Answer:
"A good question! The Arabs - each other." Babaji continued.) Once, in the past, the Jews had a
great kingdom. They ruled over their neighbors but with time they were made homeless. Their
land, the Israel of today, has been build by them through courage and hard work. Before this,
they had no place on earth, not even space to put down their feet; from everywhere in the world
they were thrown out. The Israel of today has been build by the valor of the people who live in the country. I admire their bravery and courage. The courage with which they are fighting the Arabs makes their lives total chaos (literally - "makes them sleep upside down"). I do not want spineless people in this Creation. I want a world of people with such courage as the Israelis have shown.
On this auspicious day, I bless all Jews who are present here, those who are not present, those
who live in hiding, those who are alive and those who are dead. I bless them all.
The day will come - and you will be eye witnesses to it soon - when theirs will be a big, strong
kingdom, overruling the Arab countries. Their time has come!

Baba is supporting the isreali agenda which is created and owned by the west for various infiltrative purposes and the arabs know it. It was the west who built the strong nation for a stronghold in the east. Getting a foot in the east is another reason they have gone to war in eastern countries; the so-called peace keeping troops are a way to keep a western foot in the door of volatile middle eastern countries. He is in league with this super power order and wouldn’t say anything negative about them, just as he raises Hitler and others as his great standard example, so does he support the mess behind modern Israel . It suits his destruction revolution program so he will empower it…. for now. Later he plans to over power it.

He does admire the courageous people and dislikes spineless people (as he calls them) regardless of what their courage is being used to create and control. He loves the fighting nature that’s for sure and his desire for destruction and revolution intentions always seem to prove it even though he tries to call it “peace”, he can’t fool me, he has not got a peace loving cell in his body. He loves the fighter, the Hitlers, the Stalins, the Israeli fighters. However, he does counter that at times by saying that he doesn’t like the advancement of armament etc. He admires it and sets it up as an example because he loves that kind of play because he uses it and appreciates it in others…. Until it threatens his agenda in which case he must be the ultimate super power and will destroy those whom he simultaneously admires.

He says:
The courage with which they are fighting the Arabs makes their lives total chaos

And he loves the courage which makes their lives total chaos??
He’s showing them as a shining example of courage and the lives of total chaos??
He’s got a twisted sadistic game.

It doesn’t matter how much he admires those who control and dominate, in the end it is him who wants to have the main domination and anyone who is so powerful is a threat to him. He doesn’t plan on destroying the super powers because he doesn’t like them ---- no, he admires them and respects them, Hitler, those who have backed the new Israel country, and others like him --- he plans on destroying the super powers because they are too powerful and threaten his dominance.

Everyone must live with courage. The person without courage must die. This creation is for the
brave. People without courage are a burden to the earth. On this New Year's Day, I bless
everyone - especially the Jewish people.

Babaji, at evening Darshan
This is Radio Haidakhan with an important announcement; Here is the main news:
Beware of the river, now in spate. Wear appropriate clothing to cover yourselves adequately.
Everyone should be mindful of cleanliness, so diseases may not spread. I want that there should
be neither pain nor suffering here.
People who come here have been through much suffering, so
when they suffer here, as well, this is not right. I want diseases and trouble to stay far away from here. If we are afflicted by pain and trouble, what can we achieve?

That sounds good, and as the all powerful god he says he is he could send out the electrical frequencies to relieve of the sources of pain and suffering. Here he is only messing with the mind. He never has any plan on relieving people’s suffering to a high-end dark matter range because if it was people wouldn’t focus their attention on keeping the dark matter creation going--- which focus and attention is motivated by primarily through the varying extremes of pain and sufferings; with gulps of some powers and joys; but nothing that would equal his power because he has to be the most powerful. He said he enjoys squeezing children and watching them cry/suffer in pain. He says now that if people are afflicted by pain and trouble what can we achieve…. Then why doesn’t he STOP doing it to them to get a little laugh and entertainment out of their suffering cries???
He says previously that he likes to keep a little bit of violent people to TEACH people !!!
What a sick teacher he is !!
When he said he had the power to change peoples minds and hearts, etc., etc., he opts to “teach” people through a little suffering caused by violence. (suffering and pain are usual emotional outcomes of that).
It’s part of his sadistic game to enjoy watching the children cry a little. He has said earlier that he does enjoy that. Now he says he wants neither pain nor suffering.
He is a psychotic mad-man.
Why would you want to worship and serve someone who is as psychotic as this?
Why would you want to defend this?
What kind of intentions do you have?
What kind of sadism do you defend?
Jesus could not say or do anything like this because his intentions are not like Bubba/shivas… therefore the creation of the HEAVEN state is nothing like what Bubba/shiva/Lucifer create here in this realm…. Which is why Jesus comes to heal it rather than Shiva coming to maintain it all through various forms and levels of continual suffering even while he’s trying to convince you that he really doesn’t want suffering.

Here we have the benefit of spiritual healing (jhara treatment); a doctor is available; and there is
the sound of Har Govind's trumpet. By its sound, bad vibrations and germs are destroyed. The
sound of the bells and conch (shell horn) purify the atmosphere and awaken consciousness.
Through the performance here of havan, peace and prosperity are enhanced in the world.

Peace? His definition of peace must be very different than mine.
War only INCREASED after his life in india. I remind you of the horrendous African genocide which rarely even made the news in the United States and therefore Americans at least were oblivious to possibly the largest genocide killings of the century.

The fact is, the Rishis of the past devised all these things in order to purify the environment.
PHURO! Be inspired! As soon as a man of pure heart hears these sounds, consciousness
awakens in him. By these sounds all evil influences are kept away. Evil forces are weakened by

All evil influences are kept away? I can see nothing that validates his words here, although they do sound motivational and induce some hope and faith, causing people to want to invest in him. I have heard some stories of “evil” that are extreme and horrendous. If these devises help to weaken evil forces then I’d hate to see what the world would be like without the sounds he’s speaking of. It’s a fear enticement to go to him for protection and help.

Now the season is changing and we therefore need more cleanliness. Summer is taking a step
towards winter. The change of climate engenders chemical changes in the body and sicknesses
increase. Therefore, take care of your body. As long as your body is in good health, you can
serve Prabhuji. When you are sick, how can you serve Prabhuji? It is very important to have good
health. When your body is fit, you can do anything - bhajans, japa, yoga. PHURO! In order to do
Karma, it is vital to keep your body healthy. So follow these teachings about cleanliness and
health and teach others, also.
PHURO! This is an all encompassing mantra.
Pinda Kacha, Shabda Sacha. The body is perishable; the word is eternal...

But, he has said that he has all power so why not heal them? Is this part of his lila/game? It’s not a game I’m interested in as it doesn’t synchronize with love, truth and health within my soul.

revealer of the deceivers
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08/20/2009 12:01 PM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
19 SEPTEMBER 1983..
Shri Babaji was addressing a group of twenty Westerners who had arrived the night before in a
pouring rain.
You have come here, making a supreme effort, crossing seas and mountains like Hanuman. The
fact is, you made a total effort. Phuro! You have achieved a great task! Your devotion is very
deep, there can be no doubt about it. Just as Hanuman showed his profound devotion to Lord
Rama, so you, too, have proved your devotion to the Lord.
(Shastriji then said: "Shri Babaji has just whispered a very beautiful Vedic mantra into my ears -
'Aneka Janma Sansiddhaha, Tatoyanti Paramganim'. 'Only he who for many lifetimes practices
severe sadhana (spiritual practice) can attain to the highest abode of God (i.e., liberation)'" Shastriji said that Shri Babaji had given this mantra particularly to the newly arrived devotees.)

That is a terrible suffering and pain statement and he’s made them before!! In the previous message from sept 11, he went on about preventing suffering and pain. Now he says that if you go through SEVERE sadhana (suffering involved apparently) only those can attain the highest abode of God/liberation. He is a twisted dark mind. Spiritual suffering and physical suffering are entwined as the emotions affect the body. Here he makes this statement while he also apparently claims to have all power to change the hearts (and physical health?) of mankind.
One way to understand him is to go into the same dark place from which he operates with twisted dark matter philosophies. I choose not to. Instead, I align in light matter frequencies and understand what his agenda is and why he says what he says and does what he does. His game is very sadistic and is not at all like the way things are in heaven. Why would you worship and follow someone like this? Why do you choose that? What is in your character that considers this type of game acceptable? Do you enjoy pain and suffering? Torture? Being enslaved by someone who is a sadistic master/god? Do you have no discernment between what is love and what is unloving? Only one who really understands love can begin to come to Jesus; otherwise the person will not accept Jesus ways and will accept some other person, like this Haidkhan Baba/Shiva.

Only he can come here in whose life a turning point has come, when the spiritual energy is rising.
Only he can come here whose sins have been destroyed. Lord Rama says that only he can come
here who has done great penance in his previous lives.

In this dark matter universe it’s impossible to be free from some kind of great suffering that would classify as great penance. By penance if he means remorse through suffering austerities and severe sadhana, like he mentioned in the earlier paragraph, then it is another example of the sick place he operates from.
It’s a cycle of fear --> hope and faith through obedience and more fear.

Now there is great turmoil in the world. There is total insecurity with every step. To come here at
such a time as this has great significance. Now at every moment man has to face death. No one
knows what the next moment will bring. Every moment is full of uncertainty. This is the situation
for everyone now. This is why I am telling you that you are all fortunate to be arriving here during times like this.


It’s always been the situation. 1983 was relatively peaceful as far as the west and India goes. He is however very paranoid about the revolution which he said at that time was imminent and immediate. It didn’t happen apparently according to his plan. The super power world order agenda is trying to march forward and the year is now 2009.
What was happening at that time was he came to take over from the superpowers. He came to destroy them. He says no one knows what the next moment will bring, and yet he also previously says that he knows, says that he is the all power and gives past examples to instill faith in his all-knowing omnipotence and omnipresence. And yet he did give an example of his current revolution/destruction previously by saying that in the time of past there was more power technology than in these times; and yet he still said that this particular revolution/destruction would be the worst (most difficult !!) ever. He claims he is omni and yet he is full of uncertainty. Why is that? He knows that his game is up and he knows what can cause ‘dissolution’. He uses the word “dissolution” in his message and THAT is what he’s afraid of… afraid of his games coming to an end. He came at that time to end the government reign and take power, and it wasn’t working. This is why he says what he says in his message filled of fear and uncertainty.
George Orwell wrote a book called, 1984, which according to some is said to have been a prophecy of what would happen in 1984. Actually it was a book designed to focus people’s attention on the storyline which attention would help energize it into coming into manifestation. 1984 was the story of the superpowers taking over and creating a micro-chipped world of fascist restrictions.

Baba was going to use that energy and ride its wave, let the political powers fight for world domination and then take over the super power; as he had done so many times before; but this time it didn’t work. The technology of modern super powers was turned against him in a way that he couldn’t overthrow because it had become greater, or just as great as him. There was a great fight, a great struggle, but because he couldn’t come forward in honesty and truth and explain the details to his followers he was left to convince them focus energy toward him so he could use the energy. If he had told the truthful details, as I’m explaining them now, many of the people would not have followed him as they would have understood his masochistic sadistic ways.

Within his energy abilities there was no way for him to overthrow the modern technology and his only re-course was to fail or to align in a source higher than dark matter – which is the Jesus/Heaven energy frequencies I term as *light matter source*. This would mean disaster for him either way. If he aligns in light matter then his game is over too because those higher frequencies heal the dark matter frequencies  meaning his game is over. He decided to fail and lose the war to modern technology and those who were behind it; so that he could still be in his game and try again. That was why it was a big fight at that time and he did lose when his body physically died. His only hope to save the dark matter universe from being used by lower nature political leaders, or to heal from lack of attention into light matter, is to unify with his enemies whom he once had power over (the disembodied god/assistants.) Any way he looks at it he himself has lost his place and failed. There’s too much turmoil of competition on the etheric level to ever manage unity to take over from political super powers. It didn’t work. He indeed did have to face death in many ways. But he wanted to fight until his last breath, as he earlier gave the command to do. If his kingdom is eternal then why the need to fight until the last breath? No, he knew what was happening and he hid it and lied to his followers. His followers were too impressed with his abilities and powers and words, charisma and promises to ever doubt him. Plus, he did program their minds to have faith and obey, so even if they had a seed of question it would have been de-railed to some other web of distractions so his lies wouldn’t be revealed. He passes his lies off for truths.
It didn’t work.

For the sake of Lord Rama, the group that came here yesterday worked wholeheartedly today.
Work is Mahayoga, Supreme Yoga. To go astray from the path of Karma is to create trouble for
ourselves. Action is the source of all joy. Go on working. Go ahead, making progress. Work until
your last breath.

I’ve reviewed this before, but will do so again from a different angle.
Action isn’t a sole source of all joy any more than clipping ones toe nails. Action has little to do with inner joy. There is action which produces all kinds of experiences. Action for actions sake doesn’t necessarily bring joy. There are many, many factors involved in joy. My father-in-law is most active and is one of the sickest people. My father is a workaholic and is also an alcoholic and an argumentative man.
On the other hand, Right action in alignment with light-matter truth and glory however is a different thing. His idea of healthiness however is to serve people selflessly. Although there is some truth to ‘getting out of yourself and your own problems” which can stop a person from obsessing about their own stuff and focus on others which can bring joy. This too isn’t a magical answer to joy. If one however discovers what a right action from a place of light matter source is toward self and others as all being part of the same light creation, then that’s a point from where to start. This is impossible to achieve in the dark matter source which is why he comes to destroy in a revolution and then create to try and maintain his delicate balance of dark matter creation. He knew it couldn’t last forever even through his lies when he said it would, and yet feared it wouldn’t and gave limits to it all in spite of preaching omnipotent power.

The world is transitory. You will find stability only on the path of Karma Yoga. Only action can
take a man to God and give him liberation. The law of Karma is so deep that no words are great
enough to describe it. The day Karma stops on this earth will be the day of its dissolution

Now there we have the truth. Finally in the last line he speaks the truth, but at this point his followers were numbed to understand. He wanted action to keep this creation in motion – from DISSOLUTION. From his game/lila ending. The more action and focus, attention and energy you put onto creating or doing in the dark matter creation then the more energy you give it…. meaning that it will stay in motion and in existence through intense focus and action of energy which holds it in place. If work stops, then the focus of energy stops too, and it will dissolve due to lack of focus and energy and attention. That’s why he wants people to focus and work so hard.

The action he says that can take a man to god and give him liberation is the liberation from having the earth dissolving in dissolution. He even has a hindu word for it – pralaya. His definition of liberation is to prevent the dark matter energy creation from dissolving the earth. Toward the end of his messages he really starts to get afraid and speaks not only of the dissolution of the earth, but the entire universe ! (that was when he realized he had failed his revolution/destruction.)

Read it again slowly and open to high true light-matter frequencies/Jesus, and you will understand clearly his agenda behind working and chanting and doing ceremonies to keep the energy alive, which energy and focus is needed to keep it alive and going. If you shift your energy and focus into aligning in high light-source frequencies then you move away from working to keep this dark matter alive…. In effect, you are moving away from the focus and moving to a frequency that dissolves it – heals it. Understand? Jesus came to HEAL !! That healing energy DISSOLVES disease, suffering, severe sadhana/pain etc., and that is all part of Baba/Shiva/Satans game/lila.
Here he has confirmed what I have said all along in this review and interpretation.
He thought no one would figure him out.
He let his guard down due to egotistical arrogant behavior and his real agenda is known. It’s true what my dad said, “give them enough rope and eventually they’ll hang themselves.” He hung himself on so many levels. His game is discovered. His lies are exposed and the real truth is revealed.
It didn’t work. I don’t want his sadistic fascist reign in place anymore than I want fascist political world government powers in place.

Do not give him any energy and do not do what he says otherwise you will not be able to get aligned in high levels of light-matter frequency as easily because you will be putting all your energy into him instead of your true nature which existence is your birthright --- not this fake dark imposter that he/Satan/lucifer has created.

At the beginning of the paragraph message he says that ‘the world is transitory and You will find stability only on the path of Karma Yoga .” If he is the God who creates all and everything then why would he create an unstable and transitory creation?? I have just explained it although he would never tell the truth because it would expose him. He is Lucifer, the fallen one, who used matter/energy/frequencies in a proportion that causes such suffering and pain that we experience and are all too familiar with. He then plays games and makes up lies saying that this is for mans growth and development, or that it’s God/his plan, or other such myriad of lies. The fact is that Jesus came/comes to heal this lie and to heal the ‘transitory’ nature which produces such suffering and death. This is not the proportion of ratio of matter which is used to create in heaven. Baba/Shivas intentions are not the same as those beings in heaven; therefore the creation here is very very different. The dark matter energy and it’s associated intentions are volatile and rogue, destructive in a way that are expanding and exploding. This is what Jesus energy heals.

If Shiva/Babas creation was so wonderful then why did/does Jesus come to heal it???

Brave ones, all of you, continue to work! Through Karma alone will you be able to change the
world. It is the only way.

Yes, he continues to restate what his goal and fear is. This is why he says that karma/work focus and chanting the words are the only way…to keep the focused energy going. The book of genesis says, “ In the beginning”…

[link to se.uwaterloo.ca]

Abstract and Introduction:
“”The first word of the Hebrew Genesis, as traditionally vocalized and pronounced, means literally “In a beginning”.
However, tradition has it meaning and translated as “In the beginning”. The literal meaning is considered as contradicting reality. Therefore, Rashi, the noted medieval commentator, suggested a syntactic solution that maintains the traditional meaning. However, this syntactic solution, as is shown later, requires a change in the vocalization
and pronunciation of the second word of Genesis. This paper argues that we should accept the traditional, Masoretic vocalizations along with its literal meaning, and explores the consequences of that literal meaning.””

This comment is pointing to the suggestion that there was “a” beginning – Lucifers creative beginning; which he/shiva destroyed and began many, many times over. The problem is that Lucifer did inspire to write many, many documents and Lucifer/Shiva is the sacrifice loving god of the old testament; jealous, angry and loving also. Lucifer/Shiva wanted people to believe that HE IS THE God of this universe. He did create it because Jesus never would; Jesus came to heal this creation. So, it is true that Shiva/Lucifer is the god of this creation. Therefore people end up worshipping him as their GOD; thinking and believing that this is their TRUE Source/God. This is why the old testament is so misleading as people trust that it is the word of The TRUE God, but it is the account of Lucifer creating *A* beginning – HIS beginning as he uses dark matter energy and intentions that associate with that. The core of his messages are associated with intentions that produce suffering yet he claims he has all power to create? But he still chooses to create this suffering in a twisted game/lila. Then he claims that “you brave ones will be able to change the world through karma yoga alone.” This is because he needs people’s energy even though he claims he is the all powerful God who can do anything with the movement of his little finger; and control even the blades of grass of his creation.

He does not tell the truth and has done all in his power to stop me from learning it. I chose to go beyond him and align in the *other* energy which I then discovered was JESUS energy and power, and that was what taught me the truth about these elaborate games and lies.

Today the world is playing with fire. We have to be ready to face fire, water and great storms and
not be shaken.

The great fire the world is playing with is the lack of focus on keeping his creation alive – this is his fear which is why he asks people to unify – unity in oneness. Also, People are playing with fire by learning how to ascend into higher light matter and learning the truth behind Jesus and satan and this world creation. He manages to infiltrate those people with teachings that will try to get them out of it and focused back on some of his teachings which keep the focus and energy directed away from ascending into light frequencies and back into focusing on maintaining the dark matter. The other great fire that he believes the world is playing with is dark matter without focus, which produces the lower nature. He has all the information and knows how to maintain it in a way that he is the god/destroyer and keeps the ‘’fire’’ going in a mid-range while he operates from a high-dark matter range. For him that’s the only way the fire can be controlled while he simultaneously is the controller/god. ….... However, it didn’t work for him this time.

We have to go beyond the hope of life and the fear of death. Whatever happens,
we must go ahead. Then only can we benefit the world. We have to bring the path of Karma into
the light. Now the world is in deep darkness. The Revolution spreading in this world can be
controlled by Karma alone.

This statement would appear to be confusing in comparison to his previous statements. This however is very typical techniques to confuse people. It will usually always end with countered statements to neutralize anything that may have been a truth from any real light source.

He has also said that he has ALL power, and yet now he says the revolution can be CONTROLLED by karma alone. *(he is ALL about CONTROL).

He is very , very afraid, of that there is no doubt.

Dark matter is very unstable/transitory by it’s nature. He cannot control this although he wishes to convince people that he is the God who creates and that he can control all and change all.
He fears that his dark matter creation lila/game is coming to an end, which is why he teaches his students to do what will cause focus and attention on the dark matter to give it energy and keep it alive and strong – which is the definition of light he offers. His definition of LIGHT is very, very different than Jesus. How do I know? I have lived in the Shiva creation and even worshipped Shiva as my guru. I also have experienced the being named Jesus and entered that creation which all my life I have refered to as *heaven*. They are very different.

He has said that he is the creator, and preserver of it who comes to destroy it when it gets too out of control. He has made this very, very clear and his mandate and agenda is to bring this about and maintain and destroy as necessary and to teach people to put their energy into maintaining and destroying. (maintaining by working and focus on the dark energy of this world, and destroying by chanting his atomic bomb mantra which he hopes will prevent an ascension or a dark matter lower nature take over.) He tells us that it’s worked in the past many, many times. But here he doesn’t sound so sure, he sounds paranoid and fearful.

What exactly is he saying has to be brought into the light? His use of the word "light" is not mine, however he says the world is now in deep darkness which is the lower nature he dislikes; even while he simultaneously admires and reveres those who use it with great power and force. It is also growing in energy away from his type of work ethics which has led to free people to go away from suffering and look at ways to align into light-source energies. He says that that revolution spreading can be controlled by his work alone. His work is his definition of light as is Amitkahs who she supports.
He hates that revolution, and yet he loves it simultaneously as he welcomes the political science destruction as the forerunner to his big destruction. The politician super powers plan a one world order however he plans/planned to bomb them with his powers and his energy of the mantra bomb. This didn’t happen at that time, but instead he physically was killed.
None of this will happen. He is lost now in an end game. Still, he persists tenaciously and perniciously.
He wants to benefit the world by keeping it preserved, which is actually only to his selfish benefit – by preventing aligning it into a light-matter ascension or a lower nature take over. This is his work and his goal. This is his definition of bringing anything into the light or referring to the word LIGHT. It isn’t Jesus definition of light at all. Lucifer is the one who made himself GOD and created in ways that are not the same intention of heaven.
The programs have been broken.

Babaji then whispered two mantras to Shastriji who repeated them: "Yadatma Dhrishchayaha:
He who has control over himself, who is of determined mind, will succeed in life." "Utishchata Jagrata Prapta Varan Nibhoda Yata: Arise! Awake! Go and seek the wise and learn from them.")You have come here from the four corners of the world. Today you should take a vow to work hard always and to spread the message of Karma wherever you go.

He keeps telling this so as to keep people reminded to spread the energy of focus and attention on dark matter energy creation to keep it alive so it will succeed.
He has never and will never lead anyone to any wise and learned person who would help you get to the truth behind his lies and break his programs. He does all in his power to prevent this from happening so he can MAINTAIN his game/lila which uses intentions and dark matter energy to create such a death and disease riddled creation which is this. Any so-called wise man he leads you to is only to feed you with ideas needed to keep his lies and programs going. This became very clear to me as I understood the role he played in keeping my mind programmed and distracted while having it appear that I was going to someone wise, or doing something beneifical to educate people against the government new world order/one world order agenda.
The way I broke through was to change my definition of wise, light, truth, work, etc., and fight to align with a source that I didn’t recognize as the same frequency as his so-called wisdom and light. The puzzle pieces finally came together when I realized the game he played with me.
He was a great deceiver. The key word being was.


Shri Babaji commented on the marriage in the Ashram that day of two black Americans.
The couple standing before you are Kalbhairav with his two Shaktis. (Another black American
lady was standing with them). His wife is Kali Maie and the other lady - his auntie - is Bhadrakali.
This marriage has great significance. The rain clouds have been collecting since yesterday to
shower their blessings on the couple. The sacred river Gautama Ganga has taken on her fierce,
fast-flowing aspect. Both Varuna, the God of rain, and Vayu, the God of wind, as well as many
other Gods, have come here to attend the marriage ceremony.
But now we focus not only on the matter of this marriage, but of the whole world. The world now
is in a state of turmoil. It is suffering from three kinds of pain - physical, mental, spiritual - and
there is only one way of being cured from these. We have to root out inhumanity and replace it
with humanity.

At this point I am literally sick of his ugliness and lies and twisted agendas. I am sick of him!
He gives a false cure, because if he really wanted to root out inhumanity he would start with his own twisted lies and dark creation. But no, he is here with an agenda to save and preserve it and destroy whatever or whomever gets in the way and in his typical way he blames it all one SOMEONE OR SOMETHING ELSE.
Do you understand how his mind and agenda work?
He takes ownership of being the god/creator. However he blames it all on something/someone else and then tells everyone to root out that bad element. He doesn’t tell the truth that he is the fallen one who created using energy which is primary dark matter. This energy addicts and twists a person into dark intentions associated with the energy. It is volatile and he can’t control it. Instead he just glosses it over by saying that it’s transitory.

This being now known as Shiva/god/baba, whatever name he genetically instills in people’s minds as sole creator, did indeed begin dark matter creation as sole source. In light source frequencies this was never done. He got a few other beings to help him, and in this message Baba refers to them as Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu; although he himself also claims to take control of the creation/brahma and preservation/Vishnu. Although the first being, Shiva, had the original idea to create with sole dark matter it wasn’t long until there was a fight for power, because the nature of dark matter is volatile and twisted and eventually always goes volatile without intense and rigid controls to attempt to keep it in a type of maintainable order. However being that it is rogue and volatile all attempts to control it are now failing as Shiva/Baba realizes.

Through the course of this experimentation it was observed by beings who use light matter as source to create. Since it was such a foreign experience it became quite complicated. As it was observed in light source, or the place which I know as *heaven* this type of experiment was very dangerous and the outcomes are various degrees of pain and suffering which isn’t part of the *heaven* creation.
Shiva incorporated many types of ideas and creations in heaven into hindu beliefs to confuse these people whom he created. As the verse goes: …on earth as it is in heaven. The thing is that this earth is a mirror which falls very short of heaven because the matter used to create is not the same proportion and also therefore not the same intentions used to create. Because this matter is so volatile one being, Jesus, was sent to talk to shiva/Lucifer about stopping the use of it and returning to the *heaven* where the creative proportion is very different, and therefore the intentions are different so there is not suffering, death, illness etc. Shiva/Lucifer is addicted to this creative force in a way that a drug user is addicted to crack-cocaine or heroine and refuses to change. He loves it. This is testified in his messages. He is addicted to the power of being worshipped as a God. He likes to be praised and bowed down to and revered as having all power, as he reminds people in his messages over and over that it is HE who has all power and is the God/Creator, maintainer and therefore destroyer. In heaven however there is no destruction like this. Molecules change based on intention and no destruction or death happens. However, in using dark matter as primary energy for creation there is death and destruction because that is the inherent nature of primary dark matter.

On this universe there is very small amounts of light matter, (science says the ratio of dark matter is very, very high.) I personally know that light matter always ends up finding it’s home somehow; so he devised some beliefs to counter and confuse anyone from aligning in the entirety of this light matter so that ALL the truths couldn’t be known and therefore his lila/game kept in place. He devised many types of belief systems in Hinduism and in systems throughout the world that will give some small truths sandwiched with massive lies to hook people in, make them feel like their going somewhere on the truth seeking path, and still keep them from ever getting to the complete truth. For example, in the west people have been taught about Lucifer, but the texts that have been written provide information that isn’t complete, which in the end have people worshipping Jesus and his Father as the God/Creator and yet the very one who created this was Lucifer using dark matter energy. Therefore Lucifer/Shiva wins by getting Christians to worship him as their God. It’s very tricky and deceptive because Christians are made to believe that the Bible is THE WORD OF GOD. The problem is that it is the word of the old testament God/Shiva, who is the same being as Lucifer – one in the same. Lucifer always puts some truths in his writings, which lure people in when they identify truths, but he sandwiches them with huge lies which keep him in power and keep him worshipped, keep his lila/game going and his use of dark matter to create. This matter is not the same as heaven and if you align in that *heaven* light matter you will understand the complexity of Lucifers game and lies and deceptions.

That deceptive trick works for the west in case there are people who don’t embrace eastern beliefs. Here is another way Lucifer/Shiva tricks people on the endless path of seeking and hope; which is to say that if people bathe in the ganges river they’ll be free from human incarnations (liberation) (transcend from this creation) or he devises other distracting stories similar in all belief systems, so that people are led away from any type of true information that would help align to light matter to transcend this dark matter source as creation and distracted by following his “seeking” path. When the extremes of dark matter become very bi-polarized many people wish to transcend this place or go deeper into the lower nature, which is very volatile. This is the kali yuga cycle which is refered to in hindu teachings. This is the cycle the earth is in because it is volatile and transitory. It is the extreme bi-polarization within dark matter energy itself. He comes to destroy and bring it into proper line so it’s not so volatile and difficult to manage and control. He has been a deceiver of great proportions. The fact is that at this time dark matter is expanding at such a rate than ever before in his creation and it is unpredictable in its very nature. He tries to convince people that he has all power but even he knows he doesn’t, but he still lies to his followers to convince them that he is. Dark matter is going rogue in such a way that he cannot control but he is so addicted that he cannot do anything else but stay in his addictive game/lila. Now HE is beginning to suffer in his creation as he is not in control at all.

I have told you before that I do not want differences of caste, creed, color or race.
When there is only one Humanity, how can there be different creeds and castes? This is quite

It’s an appealing idea. It’s interesting how he doesn’t live up to that ideal himself. He presents himself now as the barking mad loon which has i... the fallen angel -- Satan/Lucifer, first mad scientist creator with this type of energy. His “”one”” humanity is predominantly made of dark matter energy, which he explains that as the creator/god of that energy he comes to destroy that which is too ‘bad’, (and clearly that which is too good too) as the proper “line” needs to fit into his midrange energy. In his humanity there are different levels, and that’s what he comes to destroy throughout the ages. However, he says that the SAnatan dharma is the original religion which HE will bring back. Sanatan dharma is Hinduism and it has used the caste system since it’s beginning. Therefore, his very beloved religion of Sanatan Dharma should not participate in the caste system… and yet it does when there is yogis and followers of all different levels. When there is one GOD, as he says he is the omnipotent one who has all power to change hearts of man, then how can there be some of his followers in his new kingdom who are worker bees and yogis? This is quite unreal and yet this is the way his cycles have ALWAYS been. He likes the game played that way and yet he says words to confuse the follower. His use of dark matter energy is that of a child, and he himself acknowledges he is a child playing. This creates a psycho mess, as is continuously attested by his words and his creations. For this reason Christians should be very careful what they accept in the bible, because it has been tampered with by Lucifer and his agents.

I think it was like this: some shrewd people invented all the differences in order to divide people,
to be able to rule over them. So they created castes, their aim being to divide and rule.
Differences were created for selfish motives. There are people in this world who, when they see
someone else's house is burning, are happy.
There are people who want to live in comfort at the
expense of the labor of others. There is only one God, who created all men in His image. This is
why we have to reestablish humanity.

This is how the sentence should read: “I think it was like this: Shiva invented all the differences in order to divide people, because Shiva is the god who created and has all power, to be able to rule over them. So Shiva/Lucifer created castes, their aim being to divide and rule.
Differences were created for selfish motives and because Shiva/Lucifer is sadistic and loves the suffering extreme sadhana games.””
THAT is the truth, not his lies that he passes off to people. Do you understand how lying shiva/Lucifer is? What a sadistic manipulator and game player he is?
His creation story is a mess. Kali loves to see misery and thrives on it. The dark matter energy goes rogue and volatile as always but as time went on it’s gone worse. It is not something to create with in childish ways such as he has done --- and then make himself the ONLY one god who created all men in his image; hence his fascist state and belief system; with the command to chant the word god aum/om and victory to his creation etc., etc.
HE HAS CREATED IT, not some”One” else and he ALWAYS lays the blame on SOME ONE else. This is typical as seen throughout his mind game. It follows in line with his intentions and his creations which are a suffering and crazy mess. He cannot create anything else but and his creations show the bizarre mess. THIS IS NOT ANYTHING LIKE HEAVEN BECAUSE HE USES DIFFERENT ENERGY PROPORTIONS WHICH CARRY different INTENTIONS which is evident in the creation. It all confuses people as they try to figure it out and understand the truth based on his lies and deceptions which he tries to convince people in various ways that is the truth. And the worse lie of all is when HE writes “scriptures” and passes them off as THE TRUE SOURCE OF GOD/HOME/HEAVEN but they are sandwiched with many huge lies which keep people from actually getting to the truth while they still have a few answers to lure them and hook them in.

What I want to instill in man is courage. I want to have a creation of courageous people. Only
courageous people can come here. Only courageous people can survive such critical times. I
have spoken to you many times about the extent of the calamities to come. They will be so
terrible that people without courage will die instantly from heart failure. We have to have the
courage to face floods, fire and storms. We have to go beyond the fear of death and the hope of

If they have instant heart failure he should be able to heal them with his power…. Oh, but he doesn’t because that isn’t his INTENTION to begin with !! He says he can do it but he won’t. Why? Because he loves sadistic games to watch his children suffer just a little,,, punish them just a little. He is the old testament god who loves to punish the sinners. Jesus is the one who heals and comes to heal and deliver the world from it’s bondage to Lucifer and his dark matter creation.

He wants courageous people, as long as they are obedient to his agenda program; otherwise they are destroyed. He’ll sort them out by the frequency of their chant. If the chant frequency matches his (praise to the name of god/him) then they will be safe and he’s said it doesn’t matter what god name they chant because it all leads back to him, as he is the originator of the myriad lies so people think they are worshipping THE REAL GOD/SOURCE IN HEAVEN, but they are actually worshipping HIM/SHIVA/LUCIFER. It’s a great game for him apparently, and he’s laughing and enjoying it all. All devised and created by him for his pleasure. Ask yourself why you’d worship a god who loves this kind of game?
When I had my *heaven* experience where I met beings from my home of heaven, they were NOTHING like this. As a matter of fact, Jesus, one of the beings who was sent to try to rescue/deliver him is the type of example of what beings are like from the home of heaven. He came to heal, not to destroy and his intentions are very different than Shivas therefore his outcome and result and creations will be different… healing intentions rather than destroying intentions. Jesus intentions move the molecules in a different way and Shiva’s intentions arrange the atoms in a different way. By their fruits shall you know them.

I want a creation where there is no dependency of any kind. Everyone should be able to stand on
his/her own two feet.

As long as they don’t take those 2 feet and roam and travel – they’re only meant to restricted locations as designated by…. him and those who serve him. Or, as long as they don’t take their 2 feet and go past his 2 feet. He commands them to surrender and bow down to his 2 feet or be destroyed. The dependency needs to be on him and obedience to his agendas – therefore that doesn’t constitute independency of any kind. He wants NO dependency of any kind, except to him and his agenda sets up that dependency through a dictatorship fascist style. No wonder he holds the dictators as fine examples.

The problems of all countries can be solved when everyone becomes hard
working. As long as there is laziness in the world, people cannot attain happiness.

As long is there isn’t work, work, work in the world people cannot maintain the dark matter creation (which is happiness and joy, and all others joy who serves the suffering of dark matter predominant creation.) The problem of all countries can be solved when he stops creating in the way in which he does. As long as there is this form of creative energy ratio people cannot attain TRUE happiness because in heaven the energy creative ratio and proportion between light matter and dark matter, and the intentions used are VERY, VERY DIFFERENT. But he likes to create like this so he is playing his lying game to lead you seeking down a path that only leads to him and his game. If you wish to get out of his game you must go BEYOND him and into a state which I refer to as *heaven* frequencies and energy, or light matter frequencies.

Today's world leaders have created circumstances which make it difficult even to breath.

Yes, I agree. However his circumstances (fascist government agenda) will make it equally difficult for people to breathe --- certainly difficult to roam and travel as they wish. People will be so relieved and worship him as god they won’t be able to discern it.
People need to discern because they are being sold a bill of goods, lies, by a master deceiver who is playing God. Go in to your heart and soul and know that this which Shiva creates is NOT the heaven state your soul knows. Learn the truth behind it by going BEYOND what he’s taught you. Otherwise you will only resemble his egomaniacal barking god-like possibiliites... if that's what you want then knowck yourself out.

If you are active and hard working, then you can do everything yourselves. Materialism is rising like a great storm and we have to face it.

He has said that he wants people to have riches, (materialism?) but I guess not too much of it. Any attempt to understand him will inevitably mean that you’ll have to bend your mind into a pretzel and do what I call, mental gymnastics. Doing this however will not get you closer to truth; only by going beyond him and his teachings will get you to the real truth.
Materialism can cause a person to desire. Desire can cause a person to want more, or want good. This then can end up splitting people into lower natures of carnal behavior (the kind he can’t control well because it is too rogue and volatile) or people who want more in the way of transcending it all, who recognize that this dark creation isn’t what they want and isn’t *heaven* and that something is wrong here. Of course he has his religious teachings in place to “explain” it all in ways that lead you right back to him. Hence, this Buddhist and hindu teaching to prevent people from desire, because although desire can cause people suffering, it mostly causes the god to suffer as then he has to come down and figure out a way to control the extreme bi-polarism from expanding otherwise he runs the risk of his creation being in ‘dissolution’. On the other hand, he’s a masochistic god and loves this kind of game so I guess to him it’s not suffering. Hence many of the Buddhist teachings surrounding the idea of suffering as a definition of the observer. In any case, It’s all a distraction game and teachings to keep the seeker from getting to the real truths.

I have told you before that through Karma Yoga alone can you attain liberation. Any material
desire you may have can be fulfilled by Karma Yoga, as well. Karma Yoga is Supreme Yoga.
Lord Rama and Lord Krishna taught this, too. Not only did they teach it, they also practiced it and
were successful in it.

He just said that materialism was rising like a great storm (didn’t sound like he was praising it as he has come to destroy). Now he says any material desire you wish can be fulfilled!!!!.
This is the kind of way that he confuses people’s minds so that they don’t know up from down, left from right and have no ability anymore to discern but instead become DEPENEDENT on him and obedient. In this case material enticement is meant to generate seeking through him or his myriad paths, and hope, faith and obedience to his dictates. There is a hook to catch people; because he knows that it is difficult for people not to desire things. He wants to create using dark matter, and his lords applied and practiced his juggling act of destroy, preserve/maintain and create in order to keep it all in place. To do this he has to offer some lies with some manipulations and partial truths so as to entice people and hook them in; otherwise, if they knew who he truly was would they agree to his agenda? Many people love suffering; most do not. His dark matter energy creation cannot offer anything but various levels of suffering and pain, (even his idea of bliss is a fake and manipulates energy centers/chakras within the body) which he then gets people to addict to and continue to seek after through many chakra based teachings and meditations and rituals. However, too much desire can cause the polarization which he doesn’t like. Remember he’s said that he has to try to make the goat lie down with the lion -- to squash the light-matter frequencies and the lower nature frequencies and maintain in a certain range of dark matter frequencies to create and maintain. He has tried many manipulative tactics on me and none have worked.
*note: the goat is highly symbolic of dark evil in satanic symbolism.
Lion is the king of the jungle symbolically = light matter as source.
By making them lay down he’s symbolically trying to get control into the mid-range so lower nature is stopped and light matter nature is stopped. His enticements are all based on keeping his lila/game going instead of changing that game to the heaven way of living. What he proposes is not heaven and is NOTHING like heaven. Jesus, the being from heaven, is the one who comes to heal/change it.
It didn’t work.

revealer of the deceivers
User ID: 752390
08/20/2009 12:13 PM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
The great battle fought in the Mahabharata was an example of Karma Yoga. The tyrant kings of that time came and fought on the battlefield, where they died fighting bravely - doing their Karma Yoga, and thus attained liberation. This is why Karma Yoga is Supreme. By Karma Yoga, Lord Rama lessened the earth's burden.

The tyrant kings fought and died bravely doing karma and thus attained liberation??
It’s clear to see that this is indeed the same god creator coming back over and over in many forms because the base of the words are all the same. Likely these tyrant kings were along the same esteemed heroic examples of Baba’s esteemed Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, etc., etc. He does love the tyrants because their such hard workers and courageously fight for what they want. I thought the meek would inherit the earth? Truth is, in his agenda it’s the tyrant kings that fight and die making room for the meek laborers who willingly accept babaji’s/god program after having gone through such a destructive battle of slaughter. It’s the psychological Stockholm syndrome all over again. This is his formula for LESSENING the earths burden !!!! Whatever happened to healing through his omnipotent power to change hearts and melt the hearts of man?
That’s not his intention and never was. It is however JESUS intention and he heals in a different way to lessen the burden. HE just DOESN’T create using that kind of intention or matter to begin with so there’s NOTHING to lessen in heaven. There is NO destruction intention in heaven.

Those who are lazy, inactive, are a burden to the earth.
So all of you have to go beyond the fear of death and the hope of life and go on doing Karma
Yoga. Karma Yoga is the only type of yoga that gives immediate results. Whatever you do in the
morning, you can see the results in the evening, standing before you like a picture. The seeds
sown in the morning sprout by the evening. The farmer harvests the results of his Karma Yoga
after six months. Everyone does Karma naturally, no one can remain without it. We must perform those actions which will benefit others - and not only other people but the whole of Creation.

Correction: the dark matter creation/creator(s) can not remain without it, and therefore no one can remain in this dark creation without focusing the energy and attention that keeps the illusion and creation alive. His game is over. He knows it which is why he is so full of fear. He fears for the whole creation of the universe, and in his message describes his fear for this universe creation as a whole in general. (science says that the universe is primary dark matter but they don’t know what it is.) If you align in the *other* matter, and ask for truth regarding all these things then you will know for yourself. Shiva/haidkahan baba tried to prevent me from aligning in, opening to those truths but his attempts didn’t work. I now understand what’s going on.

It is of no use to give birth to millions of sheep. One hard working human being is enough to save the world.We must all become hard working and teach coming generations as well.

As long as that one person follows his agenda.
And one human in high light matter truth, clarity and glory is enough to change it all too. Light disperses the dark. Real truth disperses the lies when truth is shone --- the lies are no more in the wake of high light truth. The lies heal and dissolve (his feared dissolution) in the clarity of real truth and love  which is healing. For example, if you have a wart on your hand you can use a specific machine which produces frequencies to dissolve that wart. There are machines that can do that using frequencies. Frequencies through various means are the very thing that creates the intentions. If he really wanted to save the world he’d teach people the truth and how to align in frequencies that would heal it… but he does not because he wants his game/lila MAINTAINED in the way in which he’s laid down. His definition of saving the world is not Jesus definition or mine. How do I know? I’ve experienced heaven and Jesus and their intentions and definitions and way of doing things are very, very different producing different results/outcomes/creations.

Teach generations? I have been mentally and physically manipulated. I was tossed back and forth between Amitakh and Babaji's lies, mind programmed and frozen to even read this message completely at that time... and when i did attempt my soul got disgusted and sick inside like it does now as I read the truth behind all his lies.

It didn’t work. Thier lies cannot stop the truth inevitably and didn't.

All other forms of yoga come second only to Karma Yoga because the whole world is maintained by Karma.

Yes, so he says. Again, I use the ability to discern based on my experience in heaven and his definition of “maintenance” is not as in heaven and is what Jesus came/comes to heal/transform and THAT’S what Shiva DOESN’T want because he likes his little game/lila maintained in a certain way…. And I’ve lived in the results of his cycles of game playing. None of his cycles of game creation are free from suffering and cannot be because he creates with different energy, intentions and matter ratios. All the matter essentially is of the Source/God and yet he creates with different ratios that produce such volatile creations and suffering with gulps of joy brought in from the small amount of light matter which is being diminished more and more. (dark matter is expanding.)

So practice Karma Yoga and progress.

Correction: the truth which of course he won't tell you because he is a diabolilcal liear it:
so practice karma/work and keep his creation focused upn with energy that will maintain his creation INSTEAD of aligning in the truth and going beyond this game of karma yoga, work, obedience to him as God/Creator etc.. I recall in the early stages when I first began to de-programm from Babaji and Amitakh; I tried to find some way to defend his words. Then I had the most life changing experiences when it all came together for me. All the lies I'd been fed by them, and the part truths to hook me in. All the information i'd ever written became clear and you too can align to frequencies of the *other* matter --- light matter frequencies which is JESUS/Heaven and discern their lies. Every question i ever sought was answered through this experience by THAT truth. That is the truth that shall free you. Amitakhs half truths will only take you back to Baba and Baba will keep you locked in hell.... if he doesn't include you as the 75% he'll slaughter in genocide EVEN THOUGH HE CLAIMS TO HAVE THE POWER TO HEAL AND TRANSFORM YOUR HEART, HE WILL NOT BECAUSE HE LOVES BLOOD AND SLAUGHTER AND DESTRUCTION AND SEEING PAIN.

People in the world nowadays have become very
cowardly. That is why we have to be courageous, adventurous..JAI MAHAMAYA KI JAI!

You better be adventurous now while there’s still time. He plans on abolishing that adventurous nature when he brings in his new political agenda which restricts travel and roaming. Or Was that the kind of adventure he had in mind? Adventurous, but not too adventurous?? Not dependent but not too independent?
He’s a liar and deceiver and a manipulator. I know, I spent years being manipulated by him through visions and belief systems and heavy mind controlling which immobilized part of my mind. He would use many methods and in the end tried to hit me with a suicide program.
It didn’t work.
His lying game/lila has ended.

meta student
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08/20/2009 03:43 PM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
to revealer -

this is a long and complex post. To me, out of it all comes a few key simple issues.

1.... If the pollution in the world is great enough, then to clean it, some "babies will be thrown out with the bathwater"
In other words, if enough people are doing things which are wrong, then how is the planet to be cleansed?
Some apparent 'destructiveness' happens. ie
when the body gets old and no longer carries out a useful function - it dies. new ones are born.
What appears as destruction is sometimes for the best and can't be avoided. ie if gangrene sets in you must cut off the leg to save the person.

2...When this planet becomes too polluted, it itself will make a solution with geophysical upheavals - it may even roll on its axis dues to different weight distribution on its surface. Thus it will cleanse itself.

3...It is necessary to work while on this planet because without that we cannot even feed ourselves. You can try the simple act of growing enough food to feed yourself and you will see that to feed a family you must put in at least 6 hours a day on a modest piece of land which has enough water. To be idle is not to help make things right.

what to do?
to put it simply again.
You must know what to do physically if nuclear war and a consequent nuclear winter erupt. If you do not know what to do, and want to know, say so on this thread. For the times coming will not be easy times and decent people must be educated to deal with them.
Anonymous Coward
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08/20/2009 03:48 PM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies

In the Stanthorpe Magistrates Court today, Morgana, in the form of Cheri Fowler, most foul, was shot down in flames to be totally consumed by her rage.

Totally evicted from the court was she, as the magistrate, also a female, saw through her lies and slander, and would not have a bar of her baseless fabrications against Dr Chiappalone.

Indeed, with poorly disguised irritation, the Magistrate asked how it was that Cheri’s action even got near the court, for there was nothing she said in Cheri’s presentation that should ever been presented to the court.

It was a disastrous day for Morgana and the Satan-fords, Amitakh and Steffan.

As they walked the walk of the vanquished, their body language said it all.

Their shoulders drooped, and their eyes were downcast to a focal point three feet underground. They could not lift their heads.

But, in all her maliciousness and stupidity, Cheri Fowler gave one last glance as the doctor drove by in his gleaming BMW.

The doctor was watching the traffic, but I saw her look.

It was a look that was meant to kill.

But she, in all her stupidity, did not realize it was all over.

It was she who was dead. She had been killed by her own wickedness and lies.

And so her spirit will now rot in Hell forevermore.

Indeed, it has been a Final Battle of Good against Evil.

And Evil, in the form of the Satan-fords, Amitakh and Steffan, and Cheri Fowler, in particular, has received what it duly deserves.



 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 752527
Anonymous Coward
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08/20/2009 06:34 PM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
nobody should be leaving anywhere until a judicial enquiry is held into activities of such cults
Anonymous Coward
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08/20/2009 11:39 PM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies

, thankyou again for listening.

I am but a simple man, entwined in complexities I neither understand, nor care to contemplate, however, I am stuck in this nether world of excruciating pain, suppurating lesions and no respite in sight.

The PM has not replied, and I would not expect him to.

However, as I am beholden to live in Australia, I must speak.

It was no mistake that I contacted morgellons; it was infact a deliberate assault which occurred to me whilst in Towwomba in 1999.

I was sent there at the behest of a Uniting Church elder, one ********, who I am told was instructed to tell me to go there on the orders of a local GP's wife who was seen to be a "prophet".

This is why I am so adamant in respect of the seperation of powers.

I am attesting that it was the activities of a cult within the church who have caused me to have morgellons.

I understand this may sound bizzarre, but I assure you it is the truth, even though there will be a cavalcade of 'mental health' experts who would just say I am 'affected'.

In truth, I have been bullied since a young age.

I am not interested in engaging in society in any way, anymore, infact, if I could find a country who wasnt entrenched in this New World Order bullshit, I would gladly seek political asylum.

For me, this has not been a lucky country.

In short , if I may use mixed metaphors; the man of straw seeks the assistance of the spycatcher.

What have we as a country become, when we allow the hidden hand to blacklist then poison innocents?

As I said, I hold little hope of ever recovering from this morgellons; I have become despondant about justice ever being served.

I have been a targetted individual now for years, it is becoming jaded, to the extreme.

People say to me that they think it is funny that I have been inflicted with this.

It is more than my dignity, let alone, my loy of living, can bear.

The purpose of this email is to give you insight into the degree of isolation and fear I suffer.

I read about things such as MK ultra and other such covert programs and I wonder to myself, Is this world a safe place, for one such as me?
User ID: 678337
08/22/2009 03:41 PM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
The PM. will refer you to seek counselling if you get a reply his page at all.

I am wondering whether to convert to this page to text and then take out your text so that I can examine what you say are Babaji's words the better.
Nothing against you personally but you seem to have a problem with yourself.
You see,
it is our responses to experiences - not the experience itself that causes problems. You, like many others, have got hoodwinked - all your attention goes on the situation and not on your own response to it.
You need to work on your own feelings. Start from scratch - assess what you are feeling.

from realising that honest personal truth will come change.
Then you can grow.You are not alone. Most people I know have problems being afraid of the strength of their own feelings. Then they dam them up, rage, sex, fear of attachment.

Explore your feelings, especially your anger, You are angry with your self.

Remember the truth shall set you free - free to love, to be a potent and complete person.
Works for me - good luck.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 752527
08/22/2009 10:13 PM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
Have any of you noticed that as you read Amitakh's material your mind starts to rot?

What she writes is sugar-coated crap.

And what about he assertion the Sun is a cube?

Boy, that gets the cake.

Her followers are zombies, utter idiots, I tell you.

What the hell has happened to them?

Something is just not right with Amitakh Stanford.


Anonymous Coward
User ID: 581118
08/23/2009 04:38 AM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
Have any of you noticed that as you read Amitakh's material your mind starts to rot?

What she writes is sugar-coated crap.

And what about he assertion the Sun is a cube?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 752527

Wouldn't NASA be surprised?!

We are lucky there is someone like Amitakh to inform us on matters astrological.
Doubt cubed
User ID: 595977
08/25/2009 09:08 AM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
Have any of you noticed that as you read Amitakh's material your mind starts to rot?

What she writes is sugar-coated crap.

And what about he assertion the Sun is a cube?

Wouldn't NASA be surprised?!

We are lucky there is someone like Amitakh to inform us on matters astrological.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 581118

While there should be room for spiritual insights, the suggestion that the sun is a cube, if that's true, is absurd.

A number of satellites are either positioned around the sun or on their way to be positioned around it to my knowledge, to be able to view all aspects of the sun at once. If it were a cube I'm sure cameras or other sensors would have picked that up.

The cubical suggestion would seem to go one step beyond viable or believable spiritual information, unless all we know about the sun, including what our own eyes tell us, is wrong and I doubt that.

While some of Amitakh's material I can believe, this I cannot, and I must say it does give reason for doubt about the rest of what she says.

A cubicle sun?! Come on!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 756598
08/25/2009 11:57 PM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
here you go jabroni pie
[link to academysounds.blogspot.com]

[link to]

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 565203
08/31/2009 11:25 AM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 756598

A wheat field with a geometric pattern imprinted on it (I'm sure there's a good technique), and a deleted phantom document that talks about increasing sunspot activity and objects, but I don't see any mention of a cubical sun or some kind of evidence for it.

"our sun is now exhibiting a Superconducting Sonic matrix geometry"

And could you explain what that is? Erm...may I suggest super phenomenological hyper holographic bullshit perhaps?

Feel free to treat yourself to some humble pie.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 520900
09/04/2009 05:34 AM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
Good to see the Dr bashing has ceased. We watch to see if his prophecies come true. sure there was a 7.8.mag. earthquake but this has happened before over time. Only if there is a string of them from japan, across China to Italy and then California might start the earth tipping. Doubt it is going to happen now anyway.

good to see some debate on Amitakh's works and while I can see that some people have no heart or empathy for others, I cannot see that they are actual reptiles.
I tend to think they have had poor upbringing with no example of love to hold in their hearts. those people who know what unselfish love is, and how to treat others skilfully, have a big responsibility. But with this responsibility comes replenishment and we all grow in feeling and intelligence.

Its a good place to be even though everything in nature eats everything else. Now THAT is hard to reconcile with a loving system.

Sun is a cube? must be a metaphor for the 4th Way perhaps? I can't see it! The sun is vital for us. And its raining outside bringing peace to the plants.
Night night
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 763018
09/04/2009 11:40 AM
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Re: Dr Chiappalone and His Failed Prophecies
bwhahaha the sun is dead and many stars have been extinguished.sun is the biological give of life but spiritually it sucks energy and cause war,strife,confrontation.

it is soon going to end!the evil universe will soon cease into nothingness!