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Meltdown from a Vedic Astrology Perspective

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09/22/2008 03:26 PM
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Meltdown from a Vedic Astrology Perspective
2009 — The Gathering Clouds:
The Coming Financial and Economic Meltdown

By Drew Lawrence

The year 2009 is beginning to appear as the year the financial and economic house of cards is likely to fall. On the heels of the upheaval we are currently experiencing with the cave in and collapse of a number of America's big investment banks, the gathering clouds in troubled skies indicate ominous times to come.

First, let us look to our history, from a Vedic Astrological perspective. The yearly chart or horoscope of any country in the world can be calculated from the moment the Sun and Moon are in exact conjunction in the sky in the sign of Pisces. The latitude and longitude used is that of a particular nation's capital. Why this specific moment? The conjunction of the sun and moon is an inception point or more correctly, a conception point when father Sun and mother Moon conceive the child who will symbolize the karmic reckoning for the coming year.

We will use the United States as our harbinger since what happens there is likely to affect the greatest number of people around the world. In 1929, the stock market crashed. This ushered in the so-called Great Depression. In the US Yearly Chart for 1929, we find Jupiter in conjunction with the North Node, Rahu, in the 8th house of the chart. Jupiter represents finances, cash flow, money, economy, etc. When Rahu and Jupiter are together, it is a yoga or planetary combination for bankruptcy. Rahu's gathering gloom of ruin, collapse and karmic retribution threw its dark shadow on the path of progress. The 8th house of the nation's chart represents failure, undoing, reversal, sabotage and death.

In the USA's Yearly Chart of 1987, Rahu again confronted Jupiter in a dark alley, this time in the 12th house, and made him pay the ultimate price once again. This assault resulted in Black Monday and the markets crashed yet again. The 12th house represents loss, mismanagement and theft.
More recently, in 2001, the US was attacked by foreign terrorists on September 11th, better known as 911. At that time, Jupiter was in conjunction with Saturn in the 8th house of the Yearly Chart of the US. Though not Rahu, Saturn can behave in a similar manner but is more likely to bring a war-like attack from an outside aggressor or comparable devastation. As a result of this seemingly unexpected assault, the economy experienced a near meltdown, which lasted well into the next year. People went nowhere and did nothing.

According to the US Yearly Chart of 2009, the US is heading toward an economic reversal, the likes of which have20never been experienced before. The official date of this chart's inception is March 26, 2009. In this chart, Jupiter, representing finance and economics, is situated in his sign of debilitation, Capricorn, in the 8th house of failure and reversal. And right nearby, also in Capricorn, is his old nemesis, Rahu. This is exactly the conjunction that took place in 1929 but this one is worse since Jupiter is at his weakest disposition in Capricorn.

The details of how this will unfold are anybody's guess. But at this writing, Lehman Brothers Bank has just filed for bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch has been sold off to Bank of America like salvaged remnants in a fire sale. Only two US investment banks remain — Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. The duration of this Yearly Chart's effects is one year beginning March 26, 2009. Within that time frame, Jupiter will go into retrograde or backward motion from June 15 until October 12, 2009. This may result in the increase of economic and financial woes during this four month period.