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Anonymous Coward
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09/29/2008 05:15 PM
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First it was pure GREED that got them (banks, consumers & investors alike).

Then it is pure SELFISHNESS on the part of those who have (there's plenty of LIQUIDITY all over the place + how many multi billionaires around?)who'll NOT try to help out their own kind in trouble (especially the banks. They can't trust one another when the chips are down?! They can't even work out some sensible arrangements on their own?! Yes, they LIE, HIDE their blood & COOK their own shit...)

FEAR, yes! they FEAR their own kind & try to put the fear of the devil into everybody else!

Even the Devil will not help these kind!!!

"And the "guy" who runs a small business & cannot clear his payroll for his employees next Wednesday...." (or similar cock & bull stuff).

Is this "guy" any different from the one who bought a huge house & now is unable to pay the mortgage?

What kind of business acumen has this "guy"? Is not such a business deemed INSOLVENT & should be allowed to collapse in any event?!......and who are they trying to kid?!....you do not arrange for credit with a bank only when you need it.

Credit lines are always prearranged & banks can be SUED if they simply withdraw such facilities & cause consequential loss in doing so, especially if one has been a good customer.

Anyone who buys into the CRAP being pushed around by the MSM to help get this plan through the next round can only be described as STUPID.

Many things in life can be fixed & rebuilt....STUPIDITY, unfortunately cannot & should not be bailed out!