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1 Domestic Brigade Deployed May Not Equal Martial Law

Calm Down
User ID: 499185
United States
09/30/2008 09:49 PM
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1 Domestic Brigade Deployed May Not Equal Martial Law
1 brigade is coming to America for domestic operations Oct 1st. Many think this means martial law.....

In June 2006 the United States had 14 deployed brigades in the nation of Iraq for a force of 127,000 troops.

Iraq is roughly the square mile size of the State Of California.

Iraqs estimated 2007 population is about 27 million which is roughly 4 million more than the State of Texas. This is more than the States of New York or Florida. This is roughly 9 million less than California but more than double that of Illinois.

That means it would probably take more than 140 Brigades to occupy the entire nation under total orderly military control. This would be a force of about or more than 1,270,000 troops. As of July 2008 the entire active duty force of the USA numbered about 1,436,00 in 5 different armed services plus another 850,000 in reserves.

It sounds to me like the 1 brigade coming to domestic operations on Oct 1st would be to....

1) Secure a border region (Mexico?),
2) Secure two large cities (like DC or New York?)
3) Or secure a string of scattered financial insitutions accross the nation.

The 1 brigade arriving Oct 1st could probably not do more than 1 of these functions at any one time without more help.

Total national domestic military rule would use almost every availble person already currently stationed in other places around the world from Germany to Japan, to South Korea etc...

The only way it could be done is by drafting all State, local governments and law enforcement services (assuming there would be no regional and local resistance).

Domestic martial law if ever issued might actually instead look more like several small strong-arm secured regions surrounded by larger regions of lawless chaos for months on end.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 514553
United States
09/30/2008 09:52 PM
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Re: 1 Domestic Brigade Deployed May Not Equal Martial Law
No kidding.