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NJ Dietican Licensing Gags Others' Free Speech, Stifles Nutrition Information - to Make You Sicker Longer, and Help You Die Sooner?

Hanged Man
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10/01/2008 07:21 PM
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NJ Dietican Licensing Gags Others' Free Speech, Stifles Nutrition Information - to Make You Sicker Longer, and Help You Die Sooner?
NJ Dietican Licensing Gags Others' Free Speech, Stifles Nutrition Information - to Make You Sicker Longer, and Help You Die Sooner?

It stands to reason, doesn't it, that if you want people to be sick as long as possible, and as profitably as possible, you would want to make sure that they do not know how to stay well?

If you are Big Pharma, or work for them and do their bidding, you will want to criminalize, that's right, criminalize, telling people about how they can use natural options, like nutrition, to get healthy and stay that way. So what do you do? You convince/buy/rent/bribe state regulators and legislators to do what New Jersey is trying to do right now by passing NJ Assembly Bill A2933 / Senate Bill S1941.

While 46 other states have some sort of Dietitian's licensing law, New Jersey is trying (like Ohio and a few others) to make Registered Dieticians (RDs) the ONLY people, that's right, the ONLY ones who can discuss food, food components, nutrition, health benefits and other food related concepts and practices with anyone at all under just about any circumstances ("with or without compensation..."). RDs are the people responsible for the diets served in hospitals, nursing homes and other similar institutions. The pitiful lack of nutritional support and sophistication, to say nothing of life sustaining nutrition, in those feeding situations should make the point all by itself: Whatever it is that RDs do, it is NOT about the advanced nutrition upon which so many of you rely.

If this bad bill passes the Legislature (it has already passed the Assembly committee), nutrition will belong to these untrained people who will be responsible for something called "Medical nutritional therapy" which, according to the statute, means "nutritional diagnostic, therapeutic and counseling services for the purpose of disease management."

Now, I know that I am only a physician practicing drug free psychiatry and medicine, much of it nutritionally based, for nearly 40- years. I would however, very much appreciate it if someone would please enlighten me what qualifies RDs to practice disease management through nutritional diagnostic, therapeutic or counseling services? Say what? But no one else in a state with this type of law may use the word nutrition, nutritionist, nutrition counselor or similar terms without violating the licensing monoply and provisions of this statue and this profession. Naturopaths, Biochemists, Nutritionists, Environmental and other Physicians, and all others, would be legally prohibited from discussing food or nutrition with people who need or seek this knowledge.

So give nutritional counseling, disease management, diagnostic evalutions and interpretations and therapy to a group of people whose professional activities make it clear that they are deeply ill-suited for this responsibility and you have a guarantee that people will get sicker sooner and stay sicker longer to the abundant profit of the professional illness care industry, created as a distribution system for the left-overs of the Rockefeller oil empire. Remember that when the allopathic medical system was created, most drugs were coal-tar derivatives, that is, chemicals made from the goo left over when petroleum processing was completed. Rockefeller did not believe that the internal combustion engine would consume his output and he wanted to find a productive use for the left-overs.

This is absolutely consistent with Codex and the FDA's persistent attempts to prohibit the dissemination of any information which links food and food components (including supplements) with health. If you are old enough, you will recall that before the unanimous passage by the US Congress of the 1994 Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA), it was literally illegal to combine the words "Food" and "Health" in the same sentence or on a sign like "Health Food Store". FDA Marshals would break down such signs and burned such books. Yes, here in the US.

Well, when special interests in Congress tried to make ALL dietary and food supplements illegal, the American public rose up and roared "NO!" with such force that the Congress did an about face and passed the legislation which treats supplements as foods and, as such, as not subject to close regulation. DSHEA is certainly not perfect legislation, but it did give us the right to have whatever dose of whatever supplements we want.

It also gave us the right, which we also have through the First Amendment of the Constitution of These United States, to truthful information about the impact of food and food components on health and the benefits to be derived from them.

The FDA, however, was not deterred in its determination to make sure that you do not have that information. Both domestically, through regulation of so called "health claims" and in Codex through regulation of "advertising" and "health claims", the FDA still seeks to make it a crime, yes, a crime, for anyone to tell you about the health benefits, supported by science.

47 States (if New Jersey joins their ranks), will also limit speech telling you what helps and what heals. That way, your eating patterns will not reflect healthy choices based on scientific information and you will develop the chronic, preventable epidemic degenerative diseases of under nutrition, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO): cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity.

The same five diseases are the major killers of those of us who live in the US, Europe and other developed parts of the world. The same diseases are becoming endemic wherever the American diet becomes prevalent. And, of course, it will come as no surprise to you that cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity are the five most productive disease conditions for the illness care industry, keeping hospitals and doctors and, most important, drug companies, afloat and very, very economically buoyant.