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Message Subject Evidence for Sumatra Quake Leans towards Meteorite Strike
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I´ll admit right off that I don´t trust or believe anything the government tells us, they´re all liers in my book.

But the last few weeks my skins been crawling with that ´somethings´ up feeling, especially after reading on the same day that we sent a rocket into space, that got virtually no coverage in the US, and an astroid just missed us.

Somethings up for sure.

Huge rocket makes maiden flight

Wednesday, 22 December, 2004
The rocket may carry astronauts one day
Boeing´s new heavy-lift Delta 4 rocket has finally flown from Cape Canaveral, Florida, after several days´ delay.
It was the first outing for the 70m-tall (230ft) vehicle, and it put a dummy payload and two university research satellites into orbit.

The rocket is booked for military use but currently has no commercial orders.

Commentators say the vehicle could eventually be modified to form the basis of the launcher system that succeeds the shuttle when it retires.
[link to news.bbc.co.uk]

Small Asteroid Passes Between Satellites and Earth
22 December 2004
10:24 am ET
Astronomers spotted an asteroid this week after it had flown past Earth on a course that took it so close to the planet it was below the orbits of some satellites.

The space rock was relatively small, however, and would not have posed any danger had it plunged into the atmosphere.
[link to www.space.com]
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