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Message Subject Evidence for Sumatra Quake Leans towards Meteorite Strike
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How do I know, the people running Norad etc wouldn´t tell us shit. lol

I´m just saying- no one has came forward and said they seen a meteor from this instance. Yes, I realize we´re passing through 2 dust/meteor paths. (tail of the last comet and the dust from something else I forget) and I know meteor´s have been plagueing us.

Just saying like I said previously. If a meteor caused this magnitude of devistation, I would think it would be decent size (basketball maybe?) and people would have seen it.

>>>>You would think someone seen a meteor, you
>>>>would think Radar would have picked it up as

>>Reports have been coming from all around the
>>world about them over the past few weeks. As
>>for radar? Well, nobody picked up that astroid
>>last week that just ´happened´ to cruise in
>>under our satelites now did they?
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