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Message Subject Evidence for Sumatra Quake Leans towards Meteorite Strike
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
>>>Plate tectonics is well established as the major theory, and way predates 1960.

Nope, it doesn´t and it isn´t. It wasn´t even taught in schools until the 1970´s and it´s just a ´theroy´, that´s another way of saying it hasn´t been proved. No matter how ´good´ a theroy may be it´s still not fact...otherwise they´d call it a ´fact´ and not a ´theroy´

"Enter American geophysicist Harry Hess. In the early 1960´s he came up with the theory of SEA-FLOOR SPREADING. Twenty years earlier, the mid-ocean ridge had been discovered in the middle of the Atlantic. This was a place where magma is welling up, creating new sea floor and pushing the old sea floor apart. At last, the mechanism that could push continents apart was discovered.

Within 10 years, scientists combined the theory of sea-floor spreading with Wegener´s old theory of continental drift, and named the process PLATE TECTONICS."
[link to www.scienceweb.org]
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