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Judge grants joint custody of two children to gay woman who has no legal or biological ties to them

She Did Co-habitate though
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10/03/2008 09:39 PM
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Judge grants joint custody of two children to gay woman who has no legal or biological ties to them
This is truly bizzare! A woman paid for the adoption of two children and is the primary care giver to those children - an eight year old boy and a 5 year old girl but because a homosexual woman lived in her house for a while a judge has granted the homosexual woman joint custody of the children. Even though the gay woman has no legal or biological connections to the children!

But the most bizaree twist to this sick tale is the justification the judge gave for his ruling. "To discriminate further against Ms. Kulstad because of her sexual preference in this day and age is no different than telling a person to go to the back of the bus because of her skin color," the wack job judge wrote.

WTF! WTF! When did discriminating against black people have anything to do with parental rights. And when did living with someone grant you right to take their children.

This absurd ruling was done in Montana but the will of the people had already spoken and Montana voters rejected same-sex marriage by a 2-to-1 margin in 2004. Civil unions are also banned in the state.

[link to www.cbn.com]

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10/03/2008 09:46 PM
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Re: Judge grants joint custody of two children to gay woman who has no legal or biological ties to them
So interesting that your biased post does not mention that the "mother" was a homosexual woman as well.

So while the woman had a relationship with Kulstad, it was ok for her to support them and build a relationship with them, act as parent. But when the woman decides she's not gay, all of the sudden Kulstad is to cut all ties with the children? Get a clue jackass. By your definition, whenever parents split up, the other parent can just be cut out of the kids life. It has nothing to do with biology.
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10/03/2008 10:40 PM

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Re: Judge grants joint custody of two children to gay woman who has no legal or biological ties to them
while you might think this is wrong, i see it as follows: the mother had a relationship with (another woman) they
cohabited as a family. the relationship tanked, the significant other demanded 'parental rights'. i applaud this person for wanting to step up as a 'parent'. there is just to many people who walk away from children. while it may set a precedent for single parents who have or adopt children, im trying to look at the positive. kids need stability.

my boyfriend and i have been together almost 5 years. my childrens father moved away during our divorce, doesnt call them, no xmas cards or birthday gifts. hes not involved by his choice. the kids used to call him, but he either wouldnt return their calls or if he did speak with them the call would be short. he pays no child support. my boyfriend has been more of parent than my ex. he is recognized as their 'step father'. i would never deny him rights to my kids, hes been the one constant in their lives. if something should happen to me, my children will stay with him, not their grandparents or my ex. theyre old enough to have a voice in court.
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