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Message Subject Drill Drill Drill - Sarah Palin Nightmare (Video)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why don't you visit Alaska or upper Canada...then you will see that the polar bears aren't endangered. Maybe you don't want to shoot a bear or a wolf but, I bet if the bear malled you child you might have something to say about it. The people in Alaska are starting to see the wildlife move in on them. All it takes is rain at the wrong time and the berries are gone. So the bears come into town. They have mauled people and property. Those bears should be taken out. People think that since something is on the endangered list it should stay there forever. There are few towns and alot of land up there. There is plenty of wildlife. They thought for a long time that bald eagles were terribly endangered. Then they found that they just weren't finding them where they were looking.
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