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Message Subject Drill Drill Drill - Sarah Palin Nightmare (Video)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don't support Palin and love animals, but I bet the lady making this video has no problem with partial birth abortion which kill children. I guess she values the life of a polar bear more. I'm also tired of these liberals attacking Christians. By the way, O'bama, if he is a Christian is suppose to believe in these things also about evolution and God's protection. But this is what O'bama believes. He think's white people are the root of all evil and will probably make decisions based on helping his people first and formost. While we have poor and jobless people here, he plans to send millionns or billions to his home land. I don't think we should send it to Israel or anywhere else until we take care of our people. We need a President that will uphold all people. Like Reverend Wright said "He's going to say whatever he needs to in order to get elected." Don't believe that he's suddenly changed his beliefs of everything he's been taught for 20 years. Like I said " I don't like McCain and his warmongering, but O'bama isn't much better. Both will finish destroying this country. Neither will get my vote.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 496726

Good thing they voted the mental health insurance in with the bail-out. Looks like you will need it shortly!

Feeling really sorry for you!
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