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Aquarius Rising - A New Age Dawning?

Anonymous Coward
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10/09/2008 04:17 AM
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Aquarius Rising - A New Age Dawning?
Aquarius Rising - A New Age Dawning?


Mankind stands today on the threshold of a new era commonly referred to as the Age of Aquarius. As the spiral of history unfolds and a previous age comes to an end, new possibilities are emerging for the physical, spiritual and political development of humanity. But the effects are dramatic at the close of an age. As it winds down, and its energies wind up, all the issues of the old age become intensified and make a last stand.

The concept of an imminent new age have been popularised (and commercialised) since the 1960s. Nevertheless, few people consciously understand what the transition to the Age of Aquarius actually implies. To most people, the “Age of Aquarius” remains a vague phrase.

The cycle of these cosmic ages traces the spiritual development of humanity’s consciousness. They are based on the astrological circle of the Zodiac (hence, the “Age of Pisces,” the “Age of Aquarius,” etc.). In the same way your personal horoscope reveals your inner self, and the continuing planetary cycles in relation to your chart indicate the actual process of growth, so do these long-term, cosmic cycles reveal the collective spiritual state of mankind.

Here, we are not so much concerned with individual development but with the response of humanity in general to these Zodiacal ages. The subtle metaphysical variations effecting mankind over thousands of years can be examined through a study of these ages. Each period in our history has a corresponding influence on humanity’s consciousness and is revealed in the political and sociological structure of civilisations, sciences, religions, philosophies, myths, music and arts.

These eras have a pattern of formation synchronous to the state of human consciousness and its resultant civilisation. Present humanity attempts to see life in terms of a limited and clouded historical perspective, but knows little about its unfolding in terms of metaphysics.

These astrological ages – handed down to us by our ancient ancestors who had a superior understanding of reality – provide a framework that allows us to formulate both the metaphysical and mundane history of mankind. The study of esoteric wisdom helps us to gear our understanding to the structure of the larger cycles at work in the cosmos.

The Great Year

One of the largest and most important cosmic cycles is the 25,920 year period known as the Great Year. The Great Year is the product of several technical astronomical factors.

Like the 360 day year, the 25,920 year cycle of the Great Year is divisible into seasons, months, weeks, days and hours. What concerns us here is its division into twelve months corresponding to the apparent movement of the Sun through the twelve signs of the celestial Zodiac. Each Great Month lasts approximately 2,160 years, while each of its 360 days measures 72 years of our time or, approximately, the seventy years of man’s allotted span of life.

In each month of the common year the Sun appears to be in a different constellation of the celestial Zodiac as the Earth completes her annual or 360 day cycle. Likewise, the Sun, due to the ‘precession of the equinoxes’, appears to remain in each sign of the Zodiac for around 2,160 years, or one ‘month’ of the Great Year.

Interested students will note that, due to the particular direction of the Earth’s wobble (in relation to its path around the Sun), the order of precessional alignment to the Zodiac (Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, etc) is in reverse order to the more familiar sequence of monthly alignments (Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, etc). Thus, the origin of the term ‘precession of the equinoxes’.

Have We Entered the Age of Aquarius?

The social upheaval of the 1960s in the West, coupled with songs announcing the birth of the Age of Aquarius, led many people to believe we entered the new age. Actually, a close study of history shows the first rays of Aquarius have been hitting the Earth for at least 200 years. Possibly the spiritual “seed” of the Aquarian Age was planted as far back as 1781, when astronomers discovered the planet Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius.

Some astrologers put the beginning of the Aquarian Age within the next 50-100 years. Others set the date as far ahead as 2375. Still another group say the Piscean Age began several centuries before Christ’s birth, and therefore the Aquarian Age began early in this century, about the 1920s.

None is positively “right” because not only are the constellations unevenly spaced through the Zodiac, but it is impossible to measure their exact boundaries.

We do know there is a period of transition between the ages which extends over hundreds of years. And we are living during one of these periods between the outgoing Age of Pisces and the incoming Age of Aquarius. As will be shown later, intermingling of the cosmic influences from both star signs has initiated a period of great change and upheaval.

The Zodiac in History

In astrology, each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac symbolise characteristics and subtle cosmic influences impacting on nature. While astrologers interpret these influences on people, there is also an equivalent cosmic effect on whole periods of history.

If we study ancient history and religious custom with regard to the cycles of the Great Year, a curious thing is apparent. Each age has a distinctive flavour or tone of philosophy all its own. Many of the symbols and images of common daily usage found in recorded language for each distinct age reflect the symbols and images connected to the archetype descriptions of the sign naming that age.

Indeed, the fact can be verified from the study of ancient records and times, since around 4500 BCE. This period encompasses three ages prior to the birth of Aquarius. Let’s examine these ages in the light of the Zodiac.

Age of Taurus
(Approx. 4430 BCE – 2270 BCE)

Taurus represents the material establishment of a civilisation. It is a fixed-earth sign and as such, its vibrations produce the need to settle and identify man’s consciousness within a given geographical context. In essence, this entailed merging the resources of the people with the resources of the land. Thus we establish the concept of a national home, transcending tribal differences, the foundation for the creation of a civilisation.

Taurus is the sign associated with the tilling of the soil, the production of an agricultural society, and a sense of determination in the face of obstacles. It is ruled by the planet Venus, the patroness of the arts, an influence which imparts a great sensuality and creative inspiration to the cultures under its rays. Scorpio is the polar opposite to Taurus. It is associated with death, sex, rebirth, occultism, and great secrecy.

These two signs were the primary astrological forces behind the creation of the most fascinating of all ancient civilisations: Egypt. One of the best known traditions of the Egyptians, one that tied together the two signs of the age, was their preoccupation with building gigantic temples and tombs to house the body after death.

Cults of the Bull were the most popular form of religious worship during the Age of Taurus. Taurus is, of course, the sign of the Bull, and the veneration of this animal was extremely important. The statues of the Egyptian Kings invest features of strength and vitality, particularly in the head and shoulders (focus of the Bull’s power). The sacred animal is the Bull known as Mentu, the name being incorporated into royal names like the Mentuhoteps. Around 3200 BCE, the Mastaba of the early dynastic Egyptian King Serpent was constructed at Saqqara, surrounded by 346 bull-heads made of clay, but containing real horns.

In ancient Sumeria at this time the start of spring was ushered in by the Bull of Heaven, their name for the constellation of Taurus. The planet Venus was revered as Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Her story was prominent in Sumerian mythology and precisely reflected the astronomical features of the orbit of Venus, with her cyclic disappearance and reappearance.

Bulls and their veneration were also prevalent in other cultures. The winged bulls of the Chaldeans testify to the prevalent Taurean influence. Pre-Aryan Hinduism, or the Vedic Era, was a flag-bearer of the Taurus Age, with a noticeable agricultural content and devotion to fertility in symbolism.

Students of hidden history have no doubt encountered the mysteries of Egypt in the course of their studies. The national deity was Osiris, god of the Dead and the Underworld. During the Age of Taurus, Osiris was often depicted as a man with a bull’s head. Later this changed to the head of the Ram when the age changed to Aries.

In Egypt the pyramid symbolised the structure of society. The Pharaoh was the capstone of the social edifice, while the people were stratified according to rank. He represented the Spirit of Egypt – the incarnation of the Divinity in the body of man. Pharaoh was the personification of the collective Mind of Egypt, the unifying force of the country (which, by the way, had been divided into Upper and Lower Egypt, a leftover from the duality of the previous Age of Gemini, the ‘twins’).

The power of Taurus gave the people of Earth a long period of stability and peace. As the Taurean era drew to a close, another important concept developed in religious thought – monotheism. In the history of the ancient Hebrews we find the transition period between two ages. The prophet Moses leads the Hebrews out of bondage to the land (Taurus) through the wanderings in the desert of Sinai (the cusp of the ages) to pioneer in a promised land (Aries). Here, Jesus of Nazareth is born some 2000 years later (Pisces).

Age of Aries
(Approx. 2270 BCE – 110 BCE)

The coming Age of Aries was signified by the predominance of Mars over Venus. In other words, an economy and civilisation based on war and the conquest of enemies as opposed to a more peaceful existence based on soil cultivation. The energy stored in the fixed sign of Taurus was activated through the cardinal male sign, Aries (by definition, a sign of immediate and direct self-expression), symbolised by the Ram.

The polarity or opposite of Aries is Libra, the ‘Scales’. Libra brings to this historical period a feeling for justice and the need to codify social behaviour into distinct sets of laws and mores. Libra represents the Law and the prevailing moral structure in any culture. Hammurabi, the King of Babylon, drew up his famous Code of Laws around 1727 BCE, the earliest-known example of a ruler proclaiming publicly to his people an entire body of laws, arranged in orderly groups, so that all men might read and know what was required of them.

The approach of the Age of Aries greatly affected the forms by which the Egyptian gods were represented. The cult of the Bull diminished and Amon-Re (the Sun god) became Ram-headed. The names of many of the major deities changed to illustrate the power of the cosmic forces at work in this new period. Mithra, the Persian solar deity, who used to be called “The Sacred Bull,” now became “The Slayer of the Bull.” Ashur, Sun god of the Assyrians and known as “The Great Bull,” transformed into a Mars-like god of war. In Sumeria changes were made in the calendar and in the lists of the celestial stars, recognising the ascendancy of the Age of the Ram.

The culture of Aries flourished in the warring states of Greece and later Rome. During this period, Apollo, the Greek solar deity, became the patron of shepherds and flocks.

The rise of the Zoroastrian religion in this period is also testament to the influence of Aries. The prophet Zoroaster instructed his followers to pray in the presence of fire, fixing their eyes upon it and thinking of justice and truth. This is symbolic of Aries, a fire sign. Instead of an image, the sacred centrepiece of Zoroastrian temples was an ever-burning fire.

During this period (Exodus 1:8-14) Moses emerged from the house of Pharaoh to lead the Hebrews out of bondage and into the Promised Land. Moses embodied all the qualities of the sign Aries and combined them with the practical influence of Taurus. He not only expressed his desire for his people’s freedom in an idealistic manner, but he also codified principles into what is now known as Mosaic Law. Through Moses the Ten Commandments were revealed. Thus we see the influence of Libra at work with Justice being created so the newly liberated pioneers of the desert would have a structure upon which to base their society.

The story of the Exodus as it is related in the Old Testament clearly illustrates the transition from the Age of the Bull to the Ram. When Moses went up to the Mount, Yahweh appeared to him in the form of a burning bush (Aries is a fiery sign). Moses received the Ten Commandments (Libra) and brought them down the mountain to the people, where he found the Israelites worshiping the golden calf (a symbol of the previous age).

The transition to the next age was personified by the birth of Jesus (the name derived from the Aramaic yeshua, meaning “saviour”, and from the Greek word for “fish”, ICQUS, which spells out an acronym standing for ‘Jesus Christ Son of God Saviour’). Jesus was the Saviour of the Piscean Age but came to Earth through the Israelites, a people of the Age of Aries.

In the Age of Pisces the concept of the conscious merger of Man with God in a spiritual union using love, compassion, and service as the vehicle for unifying peoples, rather than the physical conquests of Mars in Aries, was approached. In the Age of the Ram, man had learned how to come in contact with his own individual ego structure. In the Age of Pisces, this focus was changed into the desire to blend the Self with a greater spiritual reality through an inner, mystical experience.

Age of Pisces
(Approx. 110 BCE – 2050 CE)

During the 500 years before Jesus’ birth, many of the founders of present-day world religions were born. Buddha, Lao-tse and Confucius all appeared within a short time of each other. These Teachers united the various tribal and ethnic groups of the East into larger and more unified wholes.

The transitory phase, or no man’s land, between the Ages of Aries and Pisces, was a time of upheavals and big changes, particularly in the ancient Middle East. This period encompasses the establishment and demise of the Essene Order, an important religious community that firmly believed, based on their detailed study of both prophetic writings and the science of astrology, they were living in the last days of the Age of Aries. The Essenes carefully studied the course of the stars, looking for the sign of the long-awaited Saviour. Also, the approach of the Age of Pisces is reflected in the story of the three Magi who watched the heavens for a sign that would signal the birth of a Saviour, and the beginning of a new historical cycle.

The sign they awaited appeared in the year 7 BCE in an extremely rare triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, that occurs once every nine centuries in Pisces, where the event took place. David Fideler, in Jesus Christ: Sun of God, elaborates:

At one moment the two outermost planets looked as if they were nearly touching in the sky... It must have been a spectacular sight for anyone looking upward... Since the triple conjunction occurred in the constellation of Pisces, it must have been seen as inaugurating the start of the Age of the Fishes. According to gospel accounts, it was at about this time that Jesus, the avatar of the new age, was born in Bethlehem.

The psychologist Carl Jung, in his book Aion, comments:

...the appearance of Christ coincided with the beginning of a new aeon, the age of the Fishes. A synchronicity exists between the life of Christ and the objective astronomical event, the entrance of the spring equinox into the sign of Pisces.

The symbolism inherent in the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus is very important, for it illustrates the relationship between the sign of the Fish and that of its polarity, Virgo. The name Jesus, as we have pointed out, can be traced to “fish.” Mary, His mother, was a virgin (Virgo). The name Mary comes from the Sanskrit word maya, meaning “the sea.” From the sea comes the fish; from Mary came Jesus.

The Christian religion is replete with Piscean symbolism. The Catholic bishop’s miter is representative of a fish head. The custom of eating fish on Friday (the day of the week ruled by Venus, the planet exalted in the sign Pisces) is also a manifestation of the deeper symbolism of the age. The New Testament cites Jesus as having taken His disciples from the ranks of fishermen after saying to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” We can also see in the Scriptures the story of Jesus feeding the multitude with two fishes (Pisces) and five loaves of bread (Virgo, viz. the Virgin holding the shafts of wheat as the emblem of this sign).

Jesus is also known as the sacrificial ‘Lamb of God’. Here, allegory plays a double role. ‘Lamb’ signifies the sign of Aries. Jesus, as sacrificial ‘Lamb’, therefore, closed the Age of Aries.

The change from the Age of Aries to Pisces is also revealed by the fact that the seat of the Roman Empire became, in the early centuries of the age, the centre of the Catholic Church, the Vatican. Through Charlemagne in the ninth century, the basic geographical framework of present-day Europe was formed. The Roman Empire became the Holy Roman Empire and the power struggle between the various heads of state in Europe and the Pope in Rome was firmly established.

The Church reached the height of its influence during the so-called Middle and Dark Ages. The desire to retreat from the world, so much a characteristic of the sign of the Fish, developed into the monastic as well as political life of the period. Huge religious orders such as the monks of Cluny, the Jesuits, the Benedictines, Dominicans, and Franciscans, controlled vast tracts of land and were the source of much of the power and wealth of the Western world. This phenomenon also demonstrates the influence of Jupiter, co-ruler of Pisces. Jupiter rules men and women of religious calling, although Neptune is specifically associated with the cloistered life. Its rays invoke thoughts of philosophy, theology, and canon law. Jupiter expands power but is also known as the preserver and is closely connected to the maintenance of dogma.

We can understand the conflict symbolised by the polarity of Virgo and Pisces. The former represents the desire to serve as a vehicle for the expression of the personal ego structure. The essence of Pisces, however, is service for its own sake and the eventual merger of personal desire into the will of God. Pisces is a vehicle for total surrender to a greater spiritual force, whereas Virgo attempts to structure its services according to a personal concept of right and wrong.

Constant self-examination in order to achieve purity in mind and body and the atonement of “sin” through confession, penance, and absolution are clearly projections of the energy contained within the Pisces-Virgo polarity. The priest functions as a medium, standing as he does between the Holy Spirit and man, administering his duties according to the doctrines of Mother Church. Suffering for one’s sins and repentance through established rituals and thought forms became designations for the road to salvation.

In Luke 22:10, Jesus states He and His followers, at the last Passover, are to go into “the house of the man with the water pitcher.” They are to follow him to the upper room and there prepare for feast which he will share with them.

Esoterically speaking, the man with the water pitcher signifies the coming Age of Aquarius; the upper room refers to a higher state of consciousness and the sharing of food refers to spiritual nourishment which is received from the Christ and shared with His followers.

Cusp of the Ages (Now)

We can expect to witness unprecedented changes of epochal proportions, and events of a magnitude unimaginable by most people. We cannot doubt that our experiences of his ‘interface’ transitional period will be intense, extreme, powerful (both positive and negative) on all levels, because the real global crisis is one of consciousness and ideology.”
– Moira Timms, Beyond Prophecies and Predictions

When the Earth progresses into a new age, there is a precipitation of incoming energies, causing significant variations in terrestrial occurrences. We can expect strange weather patterns, an increase in earthquake activity, and natural disasters unseen on this planet for thousands of years. The possibility of an asteroid hitting the earth is not out of the question.

We are on the threshold of a new era, but the birth of the Age of Aquarius will be attendant with toil and pain. All the prophets and Messengers of Light warn of cataclysmic Earth changes and an immense global catastrophe heralding the advance into Aquarius.

Of course, the ending of one age is also the beginning of a new one, but we should not expect overnight transformations. The supposed ‘dawning of the Age of Aquarius’ in the 60s, like all false dawns, quickly fizzled out. The belief we entered Aquarius and are now in a new era of universal love, peace and brotherhood, is a delusion suffered by many adherents of the ‘New Age’. The grave mistake of believing on a certain date the Earth, along with all humanity, will be automatically transformed to a new level, is a serious misinterpretation of astrological cycles.

However, humanity can expect a new revelation of the divine wisdom, and once the proverbial dust has settled, a new era. Like in the turbulent days of the Essenes, small groups of people are rejecting the dying old age and separating from the world to form underground networks. In touch with the divine wisdom of the ages, the task of this remnant is to survive the coming destruction and establish a New Society, with a truly Aquarian consciousness.

As David Fideler in Jesus Christ: Sun of God explains:

During such periods of cultural renaissance and renewal, a spiritual impulse is released into the world of human affairs. Those visionaries who have long been watching the horizon detect the first rays of light; they are the first to detect the soothing breath of spring’s first breeze, announcing the promise of a new season...

Age of Aquarius (Approx. 2050 – 4210)

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is to be the primary planetary influence for the next 2000 years. What do the vibrations of this planet and its sign indicate?

Aquarius is designated as the sign of “the realm of the organisation and projection of social ambitions and ideals.” Leo, its polarity, is involved with the same sphere of influence but carries out its role in a highly personalised manner. Leo is concerned with the preservation of the one, while Aquarius is preoccupied with the needs and interrelationships of the many.

As an air sign, Aquarius pertains to the mental realms. It formulates ideas from the watery inspirations of Pisces and then proceeds to organise the concepts upon which a new civilisation is to be based. It also provides much of the technology and foresight enabling humanity to plan ahead for the future.

While Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, it is also influenced by Saturn. Saturn is the planet of limitations and represents the grounding force, the need for form, and the channelling of energies into prescribed paths for specific purposes.

Air is the element of the new age and this makes communication and inventiveness two of the most outstanding characteristics of the Aquarian period. The use of electricity, the car, telephone, television, Internet and space exploration – are all related to Aquarius. The advent of psychology and proliferation of ‘New Age’ beliefs have displaced the power of the Church. Religious practices have left the aspects of Earth [Taurus], Fire [Aries], Water [Pisces], and began to turn mental or psychic in essence.

The many UFOs sighted in the last half of this century are aerial phenomena. Carl Jung saw the UFO experience as a symptom of the end of an age. Jung contended that during these periods the psychic changes upon the population as a whole invoked a variety of occurrences like mysterious objects in the sky and apparitions. Jung predicted a transition between Pisces and Aquarius full of violent transformations and harmful effects to the collective psyche. This violence, Jung contended, made for “changes in the constellation of psychic dominants.”

Aquarius is often depicted as a youth with an urn of water placed upon his shoulders. This symbolism often confuses people into thinking Aquarius is a watery sign, but water, in this representation, is symbolic of an even deeper concept. The Water Bearer signifies man is created from the ‘waters’ of life. Water is seen as the stream of universal consciousness, inspiration, and intuition.

The Aquarian Water Bearer, illustrated by its star configuration, pours forth its contents, and conjures up the picture of a vast flow of dynamic spiritual energy spiralling into the ‘fish’ of the closing Age of Pisces.

The great changes being wrought by the rays of Aquarius are dramatically increasing man’s capacity for thinking, but not necessarily understanding or wisdom. Witness the last few decades and the availability of colossal amounts of information. An inability to discriminate, combined with acute naivety, mires transitional humanity in complex illusory traps. In time, the study of the relationships between teachings to find their similarities will bring wisdom and the unification of ideas.

Aquarius as an air sign stimulates the mental bodies of humanity towards brotherhood and the integration of knowledge. We can expect the energy generated by baser worldly desires to be transmuted to a search for gnosis or Soul-Wisdom. The new age will be one of synthesis and cooperation between individuals and groups.

We can assist the transition from the Piscean Age by cooperating with the Divine Plan or we can vainly try to impede the process. Unless our minds are receptive to the ideas of the Aquarian Age there is no avenue for these ideas to reach the Earth.

Dynamic and Destructive Energy of Uranus

Even at this early stage in our transition to Aquarius, the dynamic energy of Uranus is greatly affecting humanity. However, mankind is not ready to tap into these more highly developed powers. In order to properly handle this “increased voltage,” the proper physical, mental, and spiritual vehicles will gradually develop in the Age of Aquarius. You cannot send 500 volts through a conductor capable of handling only 100.

There are increasing numbers of people capable of responding to the rays of Uranus. While still in the minority, they will steadily increase. The first (or grosser) vibrations of Uranus are destructive. Uranus is known as the great ‘destroyer of forms’, but this destruction is only in order that a better form may come into being.

Uranus acts suddenly. It is unconventional, forceful, and often violent in its manner of expression. Instead of the slower processes of reason (Mercury), Uranus acts through bolts of lightning, illuminating one’s mental horizon with great power. Uranus is called the planet of invention and revolution. Invention, because it gives great flashes of light that give birth to creative innovations. Revolution, because it tends to overthrow preconceived or conventional notions with its directness, originality, and intuitive perspective. One of its primary effects is to create a feeling of independence and individuality.

The Dark Side of Aquarius

Our examination would not be complete without a warning about the darker potentials of the Aquarian Age, which is often ignored or denied by its proponents who equate it with the re-emergence of the ‘Golden Age’. (The distinction is the subject of a separate article but, in short, the ‘Golden Age’ occurred at one time on Earth, in the very distant past.)

On this subject, John Hogue in his book The Millennium Book of Prophecy, says the “Aquarian is a blind idealist, optimistic about the future – at all costs. The adherents of New Age thinking glibly encourage this misplaced idealism in others: ‘Don’t give the negative any energy and it won’t happen.’”

Aquarius rules the urge to impersonalise, which might herald a more tolerant mankind that takes and perceives aggression less personally. But used unconsciously, the same potential for impersonalisation could see people lose their souls to a dictatorship of the computer. Hogue adds the authorities of the coming age might, “fashion psycho-weapons out of the Aquarian element of atmosphere and mood... and you may not even feel the repression.”

This scenario is best envisioned by George Orwell’s 1984, in which the Big Brother state dominates and controls every aspect of citizen life. The Aquarian citizen might be seduced into believing the propaganda and even support a corporate police state in which every one is happy because of genetic engineering and virtual reality.

Another characteristic of Aquarius is its icy-cold, distant, critical side. The idealistic part of Aquarius has it loving humanity. But in the personal sense – the human sense – there is a feeling of revulsion for the soft, vulnerable and imperfect natures of actual people.

End of the Current World Order

Reviewing recent events and those over the past century, the forces of destruction are self-evident. These destructive forces can be expected to greatly increase in the coming years. Negative forces are extremely potent at the dawning of a new age, fearing, as it were, the loss of their privileged positions. They sow seeds of confusion, disarray and havoc, attempting to trick humanity into accepting the old age in new forms. The web of social, political and economic control is tightening on a global scale. Evil forces are entrapping people in a subtle world of consumerism, fantasy, escapism, and delusion which destroys lives.

We are entering the initial phase of a time of ‘strong delusions’ and ‘global deception’. All the evil forces and powers of the lower astral worlds are bursting barriers that had hitherto restrained them. Consequently ‘good’ will be called ‘evil’ and ‘evil’ hailed as ‘good’. Negative entities will manifest themselves before humans as aliens, extraterrestrials and ‘angels’. To find a parallel for such a time of false spirituality one must go back to the closing periods of the great Atlantean epoch.

Make no mistake, humanity is given a choice. By clinging to the old age consciousness and falling under the demonic delusions of false spirituality, the majority are doomed and will perish. Nothing we can do will stem this flood of evil that has already passed beyond control.


Nevertheless there is a mission, and that mission is to save the remnant. How is this to be done? A Message of Warning and Awakening must be declared. Those who escape the coming onslaught will accept that declaration. They shall be drawn to it by “spiritual affinity” and will find deliverance. By calling humanity to awaken and separate themselves from the delusions, traps and attachments of the world, the remnant is preparing a way of escape. A modern day ‘Noah’s Ark’. A new community of men and women who have left the old Age behind and are linking their consciousness with the impulses of the Age of Aquarius.

This message of awakening to a new way, a new life, a new consciousness, and ultimately a new age, must be publicly declared. This Work of Awakening and separation is spiritual – not mental and argumentative. If people do not recognise it as Truth intuitively, explanations are wasted. The genuine new age calls for the new Method – the Aquarian Work for the Aquarian Consciousness.

We live in a time unique in the history of the world – a time pregnant with opportunity in proportion to its difficulty, danger and distress. Let us go forward undismayed. Let us proclaim the authentic New Age for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Our future is in our hands.

The Sign of the Man stands on the horizon.

Jason Jeffrey holds an interest in a wide range of subjects including geopolitics, the "New World Order", Big Brother, suppressed technology, psychic/spiritual development, ancient civilisations and esotericism. He can be contacted at jasonjeffrey33@yahoo.com.au

© Copyright New Dawn Magazine, [link to www.newdawnmagazine.com.] Permission granted to freely distribute this article for non-commercial purposes if unedited and copied in full, including this notice.

[link to www.newdawnmagazine.com]

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Re: Aquarius Rising - A New Age Dawning?
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of text my head can't handle now. But to answer your question:

"A strange game. The only winning move is not to play." - 'Wargames'

"This world is more like a mystery, trapped in a conundrum, spun by a paradox." - AC1118155

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10/09/2008 04:25 AM
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Re: Aquarius Rising - A New Age Dawning?
Its all right here, remember this?
[link to www.youtube.com]
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Re: Aquarius Rising - A New Age Dawning?
The Dawn of Aquarius: A New People, A New Consciousness, A New Era


Aquarius will be the new age, the new life. First there will be disastrous events, gigantic upheavals, turmoil and change of all kinds….
– Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (1900-1986)

The transition to a new zodiacal age is altering the political map of the world. For the last two thousand years much of human history has been determined by events in Europe and the near Middle East. From Greece and Rome, the great power centres of two millennia ago, with their inheritance from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, a distinct civilisational impulse spread westward into Europe, eventually reaching North America. Decisions made in the grand capitals of Europe and, for much of the last century in New York and Washington, have impacted the lives of millions of people in every part of the planet.

The advent of the Age of Aquarius coincides with the emergence of new world power centres. Just as old Egypt, Babylon and Sumeria were eclipsed by Greece and Rome, so too the ‘old world’ of Western Europe and North America will be overtaken by new geopolitical alliances and fresh centres of global influence. And this will be accompanied by a dramatic change in consciousness, as the worn-out Western values and Eurocentric rationalist thought prevailing for the last few centuries surrender to the new Aquarian thinking.

The current turmoil and conflict unleashed on the planet by the United States and Britain is only the beginning of the climax of a struggle between cosmic influences of which most people are completely unaware. Today, America and Britain embody atrophied and degraded Piscean energies. The Anglo-Americans, as the standard bearers of bankrupt Western materialism, are trying to reorganise the world, imposing their imbalanced, egoistic approach to life on all societies. Yet their latest brutal and insane actions, witnessed in the tragic invasion of Iraq, are part of a frantic effort to prolong their collapsing system. Despite all their apparent power and wealth, Anglo-American universalism is in a state of rapid decline leading to death.

A new era, a new consciousness and a new people are on the horizon, as the planet goes through a turbulent transitional period paving the way to the Aquarian Age.


Whether the earth is shaken by natural catastrophes, or nuclear warfare, or both, earth and the life upon it does survive. More than that, however: A New Age emerges and the devastating changes that have preceded it are understood to have been necessary purgations effecting the transformation of humanity into a new mode of being. By analogy, just as the individual near death experiencer may have to endure the pain and suffering associated with the trauma of almost dying before positive personal transformation can take place, so the world may need to undergo a “planetary near-death experience” before it can awaken to higher, more spiritual, collective consciousness with universal love at its core.
– Kenneth Ring, Transpersonal Psychologist

Two thousand years ago, at the time of transition from the Age of Aries to that of Pisces, there were secret schools, most notably the Essenes, trained and taught to align themselves with the spiritual impulses of the incoming age. These small communities worked quietly, in retreats; but with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls we now know they were actually the ‘seedbed’ from which came the original Christian revelation.

These separated mystic communities provided the necessary environment for the message of Jesus the Christ. With their unique synthesis of Zoroastrian, Pythagorean, Egyptian and Israelite spirituality, the Essenes acted as a bridge between the ‘old age’ religions and the unfolding new revelation. Above all, they represent the budding of a new consciousness which would impact history for two millennia. The declining Roman Empire’s embrace of Christianity led to the triumph of the new religion in Europe. With the arrival of the Age of Pisces, Christianity became synonymous with ‘Western civilisation’.

Writing a century ago, the gifted Englishman Edward Carpenter speculated about Man’s evolutionary future and the development of a new humanity imbued with a new consciousness. “We do not know,” he observed, “what possible evolutions are to come, or what new forms of permanent place or value, are being already slowly differentiated from the surrounding mass of humanity.” Carpenter noted that “at the present time certain new types of humankind may be emerging, which will have an important part to play in the societies of the future – even though for the moment their appearance is attended by a good deal of confusion and misapprehension.”

Throughout the writings of the 20th century’s most influential spiritual teachers from Charles W. Leadbeater and Rudolf Steiner, to Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, we find numerous references to the immanent emergence of a new human type. With one voice they link this new humanity to the dawn of the Aquarian era, which they warn will be ushered in by a major purging of mankind. In the words of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov: “The Age of Aquarius is fast approaching, and it is going to overturn and shatter all the old forms and values that human beings thought of as permanent.”

According to all the great mystic teachers and seers, the Age of Aquarius is heralded by a time of immense conflict and turmoil never before witnessed in recorded history.
Writing in his book Love and Sexuality, Aivanhov notes:

Human beings need to suffer before they begin to wish for harmony and peace and the splendour of the new life. If they are not ground down by all kinds of sufferings, they will never understand or make up their minds to work for the Kingdom of God.

John White, a respected New Age author, observes in Science and Spirit that if modern civilisation is destroyed, “some people will survive, according to the predictions and prophecies. The great loss of life will open up niches in the environment where new life forms can emerge. Those most deeply attuned to cosmic processes will become the seedbed from which, it is said, a new race, a higher humanity will evolve in accelerated fashion.”

The survivors of this ‘great tribulation’ ushering in the Aquarian Age will be those men and women who have not been ensnared by the ‘strong delusions’ of the dying old order.

A remnant, who like the ancient Essenes before them, renounce the ephemeral fleeting attractions of the old era, will also live on to protect the law of the truth and lead the survivors in the new era.

Most professing Christians are looking for the return of Christ who they expect to establish a new age. But how many Christians are willing to prepare themselves, after the manner of the Essenes and the Gnostic secret schools, for this new era? Christians are fighting each other over dogmas and doctrines. They are like the Pharisees of Christ’s day, searching the Scriptures in vain, unable and unwilling to see the plain truth in front of their eyes! Christians spend their time serving the very System of Money and Power which crucified Jesus the Christ and persecuted his early followers. The True God is not to be found in any of today’s Christian Churches. Christianity, a religion of the Piscean Age, has chosen to stay with the old order and will invariably perish with it.

A new community is now being prepared in response to the first impulses of Aquarius. They are the ‘seedbed’ of the new era, a Noah’s Ark of Safety and Light in a time of turmoil, confusion and chaos.


The Truth of Life descends from the world of Eternal Light to illuminate the minds, regenerate the hearts, raise and renew the souls of all the sons of Truth destined to constitute the nucleus of the new humanity of which the Slavs will be the cradle.
– Peter Deunov, Bulgarian Mystic, 1898

The inspired Gnostic Master Teacher Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno), who lived in Bulgaria from 1864-1944, prophesied the birth of “a new type of man” on Earth to coincide with the astrological Age of Aquarius. According to Deunov, the final stage of the previous Piscean Age, transmitted by the Anglo-Saxons, was passing. In the new aeon the Slavic people are predestined to play a leading role. Speaking to his early Gnostic students, Deunov announced: “You are the chosen children of truth who were preordained to form the seed of the new humanity of which Slavdom as a family, descendants of Judah, will become the hearth.”

The 20th century, in Deunov’s prophetic scheme, was a preparatory period distinguished by the waxing and waning of Anglo-American civilisation. From this perspective the collapse of the British Empire and the rise of the USA at the end of the Second World War marked a key turning point in history. Anglo-American culture having reached its peak is now in its death-throes, and the first light of the new culture is dawning in keeping with the incoming Aquarian influences.

Russia constitutes the largest Slavic nation, and the last hundred years may rightly be said to have been the time of Russia’s ‘Golgotha’ or ‘crucifixion’. A hundred years of incredible human suffering and enormous national sacrifice claimed millions of Russian lives. Within the first five decades of the 20th century the Apocalyptic Horseman of Famine and War ravaged the vast Russian land. Archaic landmarks swept aside and old values overturned only to be replaced by radical new ways which themselves were soon found wanting. Spectacular material triumphs accomplished at the cost of personal liberty and paid for by human sacrifice. Was such collective suffering a preparation for the new era?

Could it be Russia, a land that has endured so much in the 20th century, will finally find its prophetic destiny in this third millennium? Revolutions, civil war, famine, two world wars, political repression…. were these all part of a cleansing process signaling the beginning of a new era in which Russia discovers her true mission?

Alice A. Bailey, who is credited by many as the founder of the contemporary New Age movement, saw a unique role for Russia in ushering in the new era. Writing at a time when Russia was firmly behind the communist iron curtain, she predicted:

Behind the closed borders of that mysterious and magnificent country [Russia], a great and spiritual conflict is proceeding, and the rare mystical spirit and the truly religious orientation of the people is the eternal guarantee that a true and living religion and culture will finally emerge.

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), who established the Anthroposophical society, believed the Slavic “folk soul” would play a major role in the future development of a new humanity. He saw the Slavs as a bridge between the Orient (East) and the Occident (West). According to Steiner, the religious thought of the Orient belongs to the past; the Occident’s philosophical-scientific thought to the present; the Slavic soul will bridge the two and create a pathway to a spiritual future. More than any other national soul, claimed Steiner, the Russian group soul strives to realise the world of the spirit. In Russia the synthesis of the highest features of both Eastern and Western cultures would one day be achieved.

“Its geographic location places Russia between two extreme, monolithic cultures – between the materialist countries of the West and the passive, world-denying countries of the East. It is appropriate that Russia creatively unite these extremes,” wrote Nikolai Belotsvetov, one of Steiner’s leading Russian followers.

“Our country is a peculiar country, placed between the hammer of Europe and the anvil of Asia, destined to reconcile them in one way or another,” wrote the world famous chemist Dmitri Mendeleev. “It is my deep conviction that Russia is called to allay the age-old hostility between Europe and Asia, to reconcile and unite those two different worlds, and find a proper balance between the progressive but proud and inconsequent individualism of Europe and the sense of social and political cohesion of Asia...”

For the last two thousand years of the Piscean Age, civilisation has traveled the course of the Sun from East to West, reaching its apogee in the modern USA. With the end of the Piscean era, history and civilisation is reorienting. We are seeing a return to origins with the emergence of a new power centre at the cross-roads of the East and West, in Eurasia, the great heartland of Russia.

The history of Russia is not the history of a country, but of a world. It is, in fact, the history of a vast organic whole which had for its cradle the immense open spaces of Eurasia. In the words of one author:

The Eurasian world, as such consists of vast plains which extend, broken here and there by low mountain ranges, between the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific, the Black Sea, the Caucasian Range, the Iranian plateau, the heights of the Pamir and the Hindu Kush, and join up, through the tortuous valleys and foothills of the Tian Shan and the Altai ranges, with the plains of Eastern Turkestan and Mongolia.1

According to the Ancient Wisdom teachings, in remote prehistory a spiritual disaster accompanied by a catastrophic shift in the Earth’s axis caused a great migration to Eurasia from the primal northern region of Hyperborea. Theosophical writers believe that millions of years ago Eurasia was the homeland of the people who:

…later descended into the Indian peninsula those peoples who call themselves ‘Aryans,’ the ‘High Caste,’ who later were divided into Four Castes: Brahmanas, Kshattriyas, Vaisyas, and Sudras. From the southeastern parts came later the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Medes and the Persians; and the peoples of Europe, Greeks, Romans, especially.2

Viewed in the light of the Ancient Wisdom teachings, the appearance of Eurasia on the global stage is not only an affirmation of arcane origins but also of the Shambhala influence in our day. Eurasia, the Russian heartland, has long been called “Northern Shambhala” by Buddhist teachers. Having studied Tibetan Buddhism, Nikolai Roerich developed a deep interest in Shambhala and led a scientific expedition through Eurasia to look for traces of the hidden kingdom.3 He later remarked, “The East has said that when the Banner of Shambhala would encircle the world, verily the New Dawn would follow.”

At this crucial period in world history we see the first signs of a Eurasia-oriented geopolitical alliance between Germany, Russia, India and China, as a counter balance to the Anglo-American order. Russia, together with the former Soviet states of Central Asia, constitutes the Eurasian ‘kernel’. In the West this Eurasian alliance reaches to Germany, while in the far East it includes China and north Korea. Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan make up the southern flank of Eurasia. The geopolitical struggles and wars of the first years of the 21st century are the outcome of not only political and economic factors, but of resistance to incoming cosmic energies. All around us we’re confronted with clear proof of the passing of one age and the dawn of a new era in human history.

Britain and the United States represent the final phase of a Western civilisation which succeeded a decaying Rome at the start of the Piscean Age. And like ancient Rome before its collapse, the Anglo-American rulers are desperately seeking to expand what the writer Philip K. Dick termed the ‘Black Iron Prison’. However, the West at its zenith can only be the ‘evening land’, the place where the Sun sets to rise again in the East. To the ancient Egyptians the western lands were, after all, the kingdom of the dead.


For as the lightning cometh out of the East, and shineth even unto the West; so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.
– Jesus, Matthew 24:27

The time in which we now live is charged with cosmic significance as nations and peoples unconsciously struggle to align themselves either with the old aeon influences or the incoming forces of the new Aquarian Age. The prophecies and predictions of so many gifted seers leave us in no doubt – we are right now in a turbulent, even chaotic, transitional period. Nations who cling to the dying old order will fall, to be finally swept away in the coming cataclysm, eclipsed by new global powers, of which Eurasia is preeminent.

Out of this world catastrophe will come a new era attuned to Aquarius. Now is the time of decision, preparation and separation. People who separate from the old order and prepare themselves by harmonising with the rhythm of Aquarius will form the ‘seedbed’ from which develops a new culture and a new consciousness. Those who today place their trust in rampant materialism and the exploitation of the planet, all the while glorying in their wealth, power and might, will be debased.

One hundred years ago the venerable European monarchies looked safe and secure, impervious to change. The British Empire, on which it was said the ‘sun never sets’, straddled the globe triumphant. Less than a century later the British Empire is no more and the traditional European monarchs a vague memory. A similar fate awaits today’s triumphalist powers. The victims of history will soon be the victors as the Earth is bathed in the Great Light of the Aquarian Age.


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