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Hyperinflationary Depression Coming

Anonymous Coward
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United States
10/10/2008 12:51 PM
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Hyperinflationary Depression Coming
The Goldsmiths--Part XX

-- Posted Friday, 10 October 2008 | Digg This Article | Source: GoldSeek.com

By R. D. Bradshaw

One of the wisest men who ever lived is thought to be Shlomo (called Solomon by Christian Americans). He lived almost 3,000 years ago and wrote some of the greatest pieces of wisdom one can read and contemplate. In earlier Goldsmiths, I have several times quoted his words at Proverbs 22:7—the rich rule the poor and the borrower is the servant to the lender.

In Ecclesiastes 1:9-10, he wrote: The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.

As Shlomo wrote, history tends to repeat itself, over and over. It’s probably true that it does not repeat itself 100% in all the smallest details and particulars, but it repeats itself in general terms. Of course, perhaps it can also be said that the repetitive nature of history does allow a change in intensity when it repeats itself.

Thus, when something happens that has happened before, perhaps it is not as intense as before and/or perhaps it does not include 100% of all of the smallest details and particulars, as happened before. But the point is that we can be assured that man, in his endeavors, has experienced most or all things before which now happens in modern times.

It is this repetitive nature of man’s activities which opens the door to the need for man to study history and see what happened in before times. Perhaps this need prompts an old saying that experience is a dear school and fools will learn from no other. Yes, the fact that history does repeat itself means that some of us learn from that repetitive reality.

This backdrop then opens the door to the question of the economic collapse now facing America because of the work of the evil plutocratic masters. Obviously, if we can learn from their prior actions, we might get some perspective of what they will do the next time around. Again, history does repeat itself. And in my years of watching the plutocrats, I have found that they do often work the same scams over and over again (to make ever more profits and gain ever more control over people).

The US Great Depression

The role of the Federal Reserve and fat cat banks to cause the Great Depression of the 1930s is well documented and needs no explanation from me. It happened. It is history and one can easily study it. But remember, the student may have to be careful of accepting exactly what the historians wrote because historians tell lies and write lies just like everybody else. So some IQ and hard work may be needed to decipher truth.

While the ruling plutocrats ran a huge risk of things going wrong for them personally in their manipulated Great Depression, FDR saved the day for them as noted in Goldsmiths, Part XVIII. They survived without any rebellion or uprisings from the sheep which would have cost them their positions of power over the nation and people. And they made gobs and gobs of money as they manipulated the crash of 1929 and the subsequent ups and downs in the markets in the 1930s.

And just as they caused the 1929 market fall and deflationary collapse, they planned and brought on WWII to really reap some profits and gains. After all, they have been in the business of wars for profits for vast ages. They are experts at this game of war and profit. So it was about 1941-1945, with WWII, before FDR successfully brought some measure of economic recovery to the nation.

The Present

Seeing how things worked out, the plutocrats seem to be once more planning a repeat of the history of 1929-1945. Likely, their plans include a deflationary collapse, a recession and perhaps even a serious stock market crash. You know, it is easy to make huge profits if you know in advance which way the markets are going to go. You can make almost as much money in a falling bear market as you can in a rising bull market.

Just like they bought everything up in the depressed 1930s, surely they plan on buying everything up on the next serious downturn. And just like they had to wait until 1941 to start reaping their big returns with war, they undoubtedly will follow the same path the next time around, expecting to cash in with WWIII. If there is a difference between the historical event and now the coming one, perhaps they would like to have it take place in a shorter time frame than the 12-16 years as happened before.

Besides reaping huge profits and gaining more control over the population, this scenario is surely expected to rescue the system which is now destined to collapse into a hyperinflationary blow off, as discussed in Goldsmiths, Part X. In other words, if the fat cats handle this thing right, they can kill several birds with one stone.

Of course, they have the ammunition supposedly needed to bring about this scenario if they so choose. They have unlimited sums of money at the Fed and huge insider opportunities to manipulate the markets with their big banks and selected big brokerage firms and their control over the financial exchanges, the media and the government.

But I submit that this projected plutocrat planning, as now seems to be in evidence, will run into some obstacles that they will not be able to manipulate and control. True, my guess is that in general they do plan on proceeding in a manner to duplicate the 1929-1945 events. But there will likely be some particulars and details which will alter their goals and objectives. In other words, when the last pages of this exercise are written, it may not reflect what they are now planning.

Things Which Will Assume Center Stage

The first big thing which very few people grasp in today’s America is that the American people in 1929 were considerably different people than they are today in 2008. They are different in almost all aspects—spiritually, morally, racially, religiously, culturally, politically, socially, economically, psychologically, mentally, philosophically, etc.

I don’t propose putting forth the volumes of writings necessary here to prove and define all of the changes which are manifested in those cited areas. But I will offer several of the major issues which have completely changed the generic Americans of 1929 and those of today.

First, there has been a total change in demographics of the America of 1929 and the America of today. We are simply different people demographically.

Second, the philosophical impact of Sabbatianism (as discussed in Goldsmiths, Part V) was obscure, minor and largely irrelevant in 1929; whereas today it completely dominates the entire American leadership, society and culture. It particularly surfaces in morality issues. For example, today’s American society is basically immoral, depraved and sick and especially from the aspects of sexual matters.

In other words, today’s Americans are sexually similar to the ally cats of 1929 (yes, I have even seen in today’s world homosexual male cats [I have a neighbor living in a rural area with no female cats but a couple of homosexual male cats]; though such aberrations are not what one would expect from ally cats. I hope homosexual ally cats were not to be found in 1929; but maybe they were present in some instances).

Third, there was no US welfare state in 1929. People either had to work or go hungry. There was an inherent work ethic and the people worked willingly and did not expect the state to take care of them.

Fourth, today’s America was totally different economically. Back in 1929, most Americans owned their homes and some land. Most were still on the farms back then. They were independent and had little need beyond their capacity to produce those needs. The nation and its people were not in debt into the sky.

Fifth, the American money system was still based on gold and silver. It was a sound money system. Of course, FDR removed the gold backing in 1933 and the silver came down in the 1960s. Now, we have a fiat currency not backed by anything—except the goodwill of the American people to pay it off. And that option is simply not out there.

And last, the American military has completely changed from 1929 and indeed even from 1941 until today. Ezekiel 7:14-18 describes a people who are weak (morally, spiritually and militarily) and have no defenses. So when the trumpet of war sounds, no one goes out to fight. Could this be the US?

I first became involved with the US military in 1948 and I left it in1969. Despite a break in service in the 1950s, I was in both Korea and Vietnam. I witnessed first hand the deterioration of the US military. True, there have been great technological advances in US war making capabilities with the latest bombs, aircraft, missiles and ships. But otherwise, the US military has deteriorated from 1948 to 1969, as I observed, and certainly until today in 2008.

In 1967-1968, I was in Vietnam and for a time I was in the MACV Chief of Staff’s office and in a position to see what was happening in that war. A couple of the things which has stuck with me was the reality of American soldiers fragging their officers and NCOs (this is where a soldier gets even with Sarge by throwing a hand grenade into his tent or bunker at night while he is asleep) and the incredible drug problems among a huge percentage of US military people, both in Vietnam and stateside.

Of course, the US military ran around in a state of bewilderment trying to correct the problems and take action, de facto. But the truth was always that what was happening was a reflection of the boys back home and the generic US society. Actually, the fragging problem perhaps has largely disappeared as US soldiers became more like paid mercenaries (with the huge payoffs going to GI Joe today). Most of them are making so much money today that they would not risk it by fragging their leaders.

Thus, Problems for the Plutocrats

So, taking all things considered, the plutocrats will have some problems on their hands as they attempt to implement a repeat of 1929 to 1945. This will not be the cake walk it was back then and there is no charismatic FDR on the horizon to rescue things for them if things get out of hand.

While they have seemed to successfully deflate home prices, to contract the over expanded mortgage markets, to start a deflationary fall in commodities, and to achieve a number of bailouts and financial rescues from their controlled Fed and US government, they are not out of the woods yet.

As I have outlined in previous Goldsmiths, there are a number of things which can go wrong to upset their apple cart on the present move to deflate the commodity markets. Of course, in order to deal with the big questions of deflation, they will have to impose price controls. And this is surely on the menu for 2009 or 2010. And as I have suggested, there is a great risk that they will lose control over things and a hyperinflationary depression will set in.

As noted earlier, the US will attack Iran and surely sooner rather than later. While the directing plutocrats may anticipate another shock and awe campaign which will crush the Iranians without any effort, such may not be in the cards. The Iranians may successfully fight back. If so, the commodity deflation scheme will either be stopped cold or be substantially delayed.

In my mind, it is inevitable that they will lose control and a hyperinflationary depression will occur. Thus, they will not achieve the deflationary fall that they now seem to want.

Following the US adventure in Iran, and probably next Syria, the seeds for WWIII will then sprang up to be something greater than just the Muslims. I personally look for it to involve a conflict with Russia, China and much of Asia, Africa and Latin America. And I furthermore look for the US to lose this one.

Therefore, the plutocrat plotting and scheming for an exact repeat of 1929-1945 is not on the horizon. I think the plutocrat masters and indeed the whole world will be in for a shock and awe over the outcome of WWIII. Of course, there are people who disagree with this scenario. And fine, we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out.

But Was Shlomo Correct?

Now back to Shlomo’s words about history repeating itself. Was he right or was he wrong in view of what could happen to the plutocrats and their plans for a repeat of 1929-1945? Actually, I think Shlomo was right and in the end history will repeat itself—maybe not in 100% of all details, but substantially so in the generic sense.

My own feeling is that history will repeat itself in the sense of the US repeating the hyperinflationary blowout in the Weimar Republic in Germany in the 1920s and the military adventurism of Nazi Germany under the famous Jew Adolf Shicklgruber (alias Hitler) in the 1930s and early 1940s. Our government is basically a fascist one today. So it won’t be hard to duplicate the work of Shicklgruber in WWII.

For More Reading/Information

For more reading on this issue, the reader may wish to check these sources:

The bestseller: “None Dare Call It Conspiracy,” by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham, first published in 1971, still available on eBay, Amazon and other book outlets.

“Tragedy and Hope,” by Carroll Quigley. At the 1992 Democrat Convention, Bill Clinton’s acceptance speech cited Quigley as Clinton’s mentor.

An Internet presentation on the Plutocrats, at Volume XXII of “Ezekiel and YHWH’s Judgment for the Good People,” at www.AgeEnd.com on the net.

The author of this article is not involved in the securities or financial market business and has no financial interest in presenting the information herein. Therefore, the preceding information on this subject is presented for general information only and not for purposes of investment advise or recommendations. What the reader does on investments is his own personal decision and responsibility. Finally, the writer of this series is a retired CPA, living in the Idaho Mountains, and still optimistic for the future of gold and silver.