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Message Subject Blossom Goodchild New Channelling - (October 11th) about First Contact Oct. 14th
Poster Handle Cynical Realist
Post Content
I repeat, channeling is BULLSHIT!

Bullshit isn't the medical term - better are terms like psychosis / multiple personality disorder. If you are hearing voices - that could be a problem. chuckle

More like "ringing in the ears.... as the tills go cha ching

You jumped into every Oct. 14th thread saying that someone is making money off this. I have received all this information for free and your clear intent to disrail this information is becoming obvious. What are you soo afraid of? Perhaps the cha ching you hear is for every paid post of negativity and disinfo that you, yourself is spreading.

I hope this does happen, you sound like you need some love.

 Quoting: JKK7479

TBH come the 15th... all of that love is going to be needed for all those that have been let down, do you think they will be happy. The true cost of this scam STARTS on the 15th and misery will follow... I hope you will have some love for THEM.
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