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Message Subject Blossom Goodchild New Channelling - (October 11th) about First Contact Oct. 14th
Poster Handle Himie
Post Content
However, I do encourage people to remain open-minded and hopeful in the off chance that she is right and the realization that such an event would dramatically alter the course of history for the human race.
 Quoting: Astralis 519155

I just quoted the last bit of your post, Astralis, for the sake of saving space. But very well said overall.

I find the number of people completely unwilling to believe that anything else in the universe besides us on this little planet we have almost totally ravaged in just a couple hundred years, is amazing. What a small existence they must lead. Their arrogance makes it almost impossible to pity them, until I consider myself in their shoes.

I find it truly amusing the number of skeptics that have now changed their view while the day grows ever closer, only to spread hatred and warning of malevolent beings coming to make us a food supply.

If they do actually appear, and come in peace, I am sure they will jump on the band wagon making no apologies for their deplorable behavior, expecting the same as those who kept and open mind, and feeling somehow they deserve it.

I am even more amazed that these small minded individuals think beings who can travel the galaxies and who knows what other amazing things, would waste their time trying to trick us so they can dine on our polluted, cancer ridden, disease infested bodies. As if by secretly luring us to our doom, one in which they probably have the technical capabilities to annihilate and take us by force just as easily, will give them that extra bit of flavor during our last seconds of the "We gotcha moment..."

I mean seriously. Why wouldn't they want to meet a bunch of lamers with the capabilities to destroy this planet 1000 times over in nuclear death, a planet by which our actions over the past 200 years has resulted is in a slow, spiraling death from our own unwillingness to change? I'd want to meet us! But hey, we are killing ourselves most proficiently, why not dole out a little of that death to our galactic neighbors! Lets proclaim them enemies, before we even meet, and eliminate any hope of ever providing a decent life to our children and children's children!

So all you debunkers, allow me to clarify your position for my own sake. It is a hoax, nobody is coming, and if they do, they are just here to eat us and should be shot at on first sight? Does that pretty much sum up your positions?

So death at our own hands, or death from above... With choices like that it is no wonder you people are so miserable.

Your lives must be truly pathetic if you can not wait a day to see what if anything actually happens, and you feel the need to denigrate the beliefs of your fellow man all because they are holding out hope for a third option, one that possibly doesn't end in doom. If you happen to be correct, and nothing happens, I am sure the ability to say I told you so will more than make up for the lack of joy and love in your miserable daily existence.

I pity you. Regardless of whether something happens on the 14th or not. I pity your families, and your children, surely they deserve better than a life with you, and without hope. I pray aliens do actually show up, not for me, but for you and your families. If they don't, you will perpetuate your small miserable existence without learning anything, without hope. A fate I would not wish on my enemies, let alone innocent people who's only fault is being related to you...

I am sure you will try to insult me and make me feel bad now, no matter. To spite all the injustices and crap I have to deal with in life, I have the love of a good woman, and the mental capacity to prosper for years to come. The worst you can do is is nothing in comparison to what others have done to me already, and I am still a happier man than you.
If you want to come by and beat me up or something, I'll be out back in the pool with a beautiful woman who loves me. Come on over, there is room for all of you too...
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