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Message Subject Bluebloods: America’s Ruling Class
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes you are correct

Each Channel or frequency of Creation has it's own frequency or "signature"

Each Frequency or "Dimension" in God's Mansion has it's own Biological physical Vessel to expierance that realm.

The Anunnaki exist on a "Slight" higher dimensional level than the 3rd dimentional level.

Since the Anunnaki "frequency" and the 3rd D Human bosy resonate at differnt frequencies, The Anunnaki can't incarnate into a human form, The Anunnaki can visit the 3rd Dimensional realm all they want but could not even press down the key of a piano without their finger passing right through because of their "higher" freaquency.

Let me just say, Just because the Anunnaki are on a higher dimentional realm does not make them any greater than any of the other life forms in all of God's creation, The accorn is no less significant than the giant oak it will one day grow into.

The anunnaki Genetically altered the biology of the Human Bio Suit that would be able to Vibrate at the level nessesary for them to be able to function within the 3rd D realm. This was of Divine will and was permitted by the highest most councils of all of creation.

There was a divine reason for all of this and all will be revealed very soon.
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