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Message Subject Anyone else in Charlotte/Concord see the small UFO this morning?
Poster Handle shoester5
Post Content
I live in Gaffney, SC about 40 miles south of Charlotte.

About 3:30 am I was awaken by the barking of the neighbor's dogs. Now, these dogs are usually well behaved but last night something was bothering them.

I went outside to see what was going on and saw three very strange lights to the north. They hoovered for about 5 to 7 minutes before flying off to the north at an incredible speed.

The lights changed colors several times and the light in the middle kept changing in intensity.

I have lived there for several years now and have never seen any lights before. Very Strange!

Something was in my feild last night out back behind my house,dogs were going nuts so i went out with gun in hand,thought it might be another coyote.

As i got closer around the big oaks near the feild my dogs cut tail and ran back toward the house,i thought what the hell then all i could hear was something like a big tarp flappin in the wind.

I couldnt see what it was but followed the sound as it went across the feild and up into the sky

I didnt hang around!
My ass was back in the house very fast!!!
Dogs been going off like this for about a week.
Im out in the country about 40 mins from Dallas.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 537180

My neighbor's dogs have been barking a lot and acting strange for a week now...barking all night. One day last week during the day, I went over for a visit and one of their dogs came over to me and started making a strange noise, almost like he was hurt and would not leave my side. My neighbor had to pull him away from me. After thinking about it, the dog acted like he was very scared. Animals have always been attracted to me and even the most aggressive dogs allow me to just walk right up to them a pet them. Maybe the dog is sensing something in me. I really don't know.
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